Caitlan + Andrew’s Black Heavy Metal Wedding Invitations

You might remember these awesome book wedding invitations that Lyndsay from It’s A Date Design created last year, and today Lyndsay is back with wedding invitations that are just as fabulous – and definitely different from anything I’ve featured here before!  This time, Lyndsay drew her inspiration from the groom’s love of heavy metal music.


From LyndsayWhen I first spoke to Caitlan, her request for the design was that it celebrate her future husband Andrew’s interests – which were predominantly related to a love of heavy metal music.  One of their first dates was to a concert which she referred to as a “sea of fading black t-shirts!”




My first thought was, “this couple is destined for a fantastic life together” – because it is so rare that a bride will pursue something so unconventional for her wedding stationery in order to respect the groom’s passion!  We talked a lot about having some subtle references to his favourite bands (as well as hers, which included Regina Spektor and Ani DiFranco), but I also decided this would be a challenge: to make skulls cute!



The result is somewhere between Slipknot and Florence and The Machine: a compilation of the couple’s important wedding information, folded like a mini-accordion, with a reply postcard that could be detached via perforation and sent back to the couple, all packaged within their own “LP.”  I modeled their monogram, which is used several times throughout the design, loosely on the Rolling Stone magazine masthead.


Another sweet featured: their request as a “gift” was for guests to write a little note to them in provided cards (decorated with flags of all the countries they plan to visit as a married couple) for them to keep as a memento of their day, which I pre-affixed inside each invitation with little cardboard photo corners inside vellum envelopes.  Each invitation was hand-trimmed, folded and assembled with love.


We also made little button badges out of favourite design elements from the suite for an extra rock-concert reference.  Whilst these invitations don’t scream “wedding”, they are a reflection of a young, unconventional and fun couple who have a very bright future ahead of them.


So cool, Lyndsay!  I love the entire invitation, from the concept to the color palette.  Thanks so much for sharing these with us!

{image credits: it’s a date design}

  1. amazing. just completely amazing. one more time: amazing. this makes me sad for all the boring and awful wedding invitations i’ve gotten. people don’t even know what is possible!

  2. I’m blown away by these invitations! So much thought and effort has gone into them. Lyndsay is quite the clever monkey!

  3. I absolutely love her designs! Between this and the Pulp novel idea from earlier this year, she is SO talented. I just love the creativity of her invitations and how tailored they are to every couple 🙂

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