Silhouette Telegram Letterpress Wedding Invitations

How adorable are these telegram wedding invitations?  These invitations were printed by Brisbane, Australia-based studio Bespoke Letterpress for the bride, Fiona, a graphic designer who was super-excited to design her own wedding invitations.  Fiona was inspired by her grandmother’s personal telegrams, and from from the kissing silhouettes at the top to the vintage-inspired telegram layout – I’m loving the entire design.



So cute!  Check out more details right here.

{image credits: bespoke letterpress}

  1. Wow, I went to Uni with Fiona, they are gorgeous & unique, just like Fiona. Congratulations, I hope you guys have a beautiful day.

  2. Wow – Thanks for the kind words guys, I didn’t even know my designs were on the Oh so Beautiful website so many thanks to you guys too!! Its so nice to hear comments like that after the work I put in! If anyone needs letterpress jobs done, Alischa at Bespoke is your girl, there studio is an inspiration in itself, make sure you check out her blog too! Much love. x

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