Romantic Handmade Valentines

The last couple of years I’ve been totally enamored with the beautiful valentines from Hello Handmade Paperie – a collaboration between artist Shanna Murray and calligrapher Betsy Dunlap.  Last year’s valentine featured a regency-style letter (gorgeous!) with one of Shanna’s illustrations and text by Betsy.  Sadly, this will be the last project for Hello Handmade as Shanna and Betsy pursue their own projects, but their final Valentine’s Day project is every bit as romantic as the last two.


Each valentine is printed with Shanna’s lovely ribboned laurel illustration on the front and a customized note penned by Betsy on the inside.  These personalized, customizable valentines are available for purchase through February 4th, and all valentines will be shipped out on February 7th to arrive in time for Valentines Day!



Available for purchase right here.

{image credits: hello handmade paperie}

  1. I just ordered one yesterday but decided against posting about it on the blog so as not to give away any hints! Especially since this is the pair’s last project, I felt it was something I couldn’t pass up!

  2. i adore black envelopes with white calligraphy but I’m told they won’t go through the mail. Is this true?

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