Kraft Paper Fill-In Moving Announcements

I thought I’d help end the week with these fun fill-in letterpress moving announcements from Spring Olive.  The kraft paper matches perfectly with the moving box illustrations, don’t you think?



So so cute.  Check them out right here!

{image credits: spring olive}

  1. These are perfect! The colour of the paper totally reminds me of all the boxes I packed when moving! People hardly send out written updates of their moving details, this is such a cute reminder that it can be done.

  2. Love these! I wish I had them a few weeks ago- I did my own on kraft paper and they were not as stylish as these. Maybe next time.

  3. The look n feel of it is soo lovely! <3
    it speaks to the viewer
    Thnx 4 sharing, ur blog had been a great inspiration for all time! :)))

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