Handwriting holds a special kind of allure.  It would be a tough call to decide between using a beautiful font or handwritten calligraphy.  I think I would opt for the latter more times than not.  Nole has certainly featured the very most beautiful calligraphy on paper on this blog.  But, the warmth of the handwritten word is often taken beyond paper too.

I’ve long loved this rug from architect and designer, Joaquim Ruiz Millet who is also a writer, filmmaker and gallery director.  His Manuscrit Rug (2003) is an expression of all of his passions, and features a romantic poem that he wrote in his native Catalan.

Manuscrit Rug from Design Within Reach

There are many more examples of handwriting being transferred to household objects, jewelry and even clothing. Here are a few of my favourites:

1. Human Heart Decoupage by John Derian
2. Jeanine Payer, Edmond necklace from Moondance Jewelry
3. Black Script Large Fabric Thumbtacks by Fabricfarrago
4. Flourish Folio Cushion from Natural History
5. Mr. Darcy Proposal Dish Towel by Brookish
6. Postcup(TM) by Bailey Doesn’t Bark

“Handwritten” is a guest post by Jane Flanagan of Ill Seen, Ill Said.

  1. The font I chose for my business logo (JaneAusten by Pia Frauss) is supposedly based on Jane Austen’s handwriting…I love handwriting, especially on ephemera – lovely post! The John Derian site is incredible!

  2. I just wrote a blog post just like this. I’m totally inspired by calligraphy this new year and going to try and get better at it. After all, what’s better than a beautifully handwritten note?

  3. Those things look lovely. It is always amazing at how we look at the pattern of handwritten letters! They have – I think – just this certain kind of antique and wonderful atmosphere around them. Thanks for sharing!

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