Dude & Chick

You know, sometimes I really just love a card that makes me laugh.  And these letterpress cards from Dude + Chick definitely make me chuckle:

dude-and-chick-typewriter dude-and-chick-lumberjack dude-and-chick-camera dude-and-chick-astronauts

You can check out the full collection of stationery sweetness and comedy over at the Dude & Chick etsy shop.

{image credits: dude + chick}

  1. these are AMAZING! i just got isaiah a card with a jock strap and two hairy legs and it said “thanks for the support.” had me laughing, at least!

  2. I gave my boyfriend the “Rugged & Manly” card for his birthday and it was a hit not only with him, but with all of his guy friends! They were jealous and told me they wished the card had been for them 🙂

  3. LOVE Dude & Chick! Just got them in prior to the holidays. Did you see the “frickety frack your birthday’s back” with a pic of a walker? Hilarious!!!

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