2010 Holiday Card Round-Up, Part 3

Happy December everyone!  I’ve got about a bazillion holiday cards to share with all of you, so for the next couple of days it’ll be holiday card central around here with round-ups of my favorite cards.  If you missed the first two round-ups, you can find them right here – otherwise let’s get started on Part 3!



{sweet harvey}

Cheree-Berry-Holiday-Cards Cheree-Berry-Holiday-CardsCheree-Berry-Holiday-Cards Cheree-Berry-Holiday-Cards

{cheree berry}



{shanna murray}

Snow-and-Graham-Holiday-Card Snow-and-Graham-Holiday-Card-Christmas Snow-and-Graham-Holiday-Card-Birch-Tree Snow-and-Graham-Hanukah-Card

{snow and graham}


{make your own holiday cards with these stamps from paperfinger}



fugu-fugu-press-holiday-card fugu-fugu-press-holiday-card-peace

{fugu fugu press}



Beau-Ideal-Holiday-doodles-card Beau-Ideal-Holiday-doodles-card

{beau ideal}


{chewing the cud}

foxy-and-winston-holiday-cards foxy-and-winston-holiday-cards foxy-and-winston-holiday-cards foxy-and-winston-holiday-cards

{foxy and winston}


{sugarcube press}

Check back a bit later for Part 4!

{images from their respective sources}

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  1. Love these! The “Make like Confetti” one is my favorite but I also love the handlettering on the cards from Beau Ideal. Thank you for sharing- now I have to decide which ones I can buy!

  2. I especially love Shanna Murray’s collection of cards! Thanks for sharing so many great ones.

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