Melissa + George’s Save the Date Postcards

My friend Ellie – from the fabulous blog Mint and her equally fabulous stationery shop Hello Tenfold – designed these custom save the date postcard for a couple getting married in California next spring.  Inspired by the trip that their guests would undertake to attend the wedding, Ellie worked with the couple to create a fun and modern double-sided postcard with a map on one side and playful text on the other.



From Ellie: When Melissa and George started planning their spring 2011 wedding in California, they realized that their guests would be traveling from all over the world.  Melissa is from California, George is from Texas, and they met while living in Georgia and Tennesee, respectively.  Since most of their guests would be boarding planes to come to the wedding, they wanted to let them know how much they’d appreciate the west coast trek with a fun, custom save the date postcard.


Melissa had the idea to have a map of the United States showing the locations of her guests with dotted lines from the major cities and airports to Menlo Park, California where the ceremony will be held.  On the back, the couple wrote a cute, tongue-in-cheek note to their guests describing Melissa’s Wankee status and George’s dedication to the Dawg Nation.


Melissa and George were going for a laid-back, fun, and informal feel for their save the dates, so the postcard format was perfect.  For the back of the postcard, they were inspired by the typography-driven Erin invitations from my shop.  Needless to say, these were a lot of fun to create!

So cute!  A big thanks to Ellie for sending these over – for more from Ellie, definitely check out her blog and shop!

{image credits: hello tenfold}

  1. They have quite a way with words!

    The text on the back is unique, playful, and fun.

    I like the design too. I wonder if the stars represent all of the attendees, or just a few of them.

  2. @AJ: Not all of them! We left out the ones who aren’t in the US, because on a small postcard it was hard to show the whole world. We also just used one star in places where there was a large concentration of guests in nearby towns. Thank goodness for Google maps, on this project!

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