2011 Calendar Round-Up, Part 6

Now that November is upon us, I’m getting ready to move on from calendars to holiday cards.  But before we wrap up the calendar round-ups for 2011, I’ve got a few more lovely designs to share with you!  If you missed any of the previous round-ups, you can check out Parts 1 – 5 right here!

First up, I love the limited edition 2011 letterpress calendar from Parrott Design Studio – featuring some of Sarah’s favorite vintage illustrations and calligraphy from Li at Fat Orange Cat Studio!



{parrott design studio}

This circus-theme calendar print from illustrator Judy Kaufmann would be perfect for a child’s bedroom!

{judy kaufmann}

The annual calendars from Hello Handmade are always incredibly romantic – and this year is no exception.  The calendars are divided by season, each featuring a quote from Mary Oliver along with Betsy Dunlap’s gorgeous calligraphy and Shanna Murray’s beautiful illustrations:



{hello handmade}

I’m loving the bursts of color in this year’s desktop calendar from Delphine.  In addition to the brightly colored illustrations for each individual month, the back of each month is also printed with a solid ink color for an extra punch. The calendar comes with a magnetic bull clip so you can hang it on your fridge, magnetic bulletin board, or even a filing cabinet:



For those of you from or living in the Pacific Northwest, this calendar from Mossière is the one for you.  Screen printed in four colors, the design features 13 flora and fauna specimens from the region, along with calligraphy from Kathryn Murray.  Bonus – it can be trimmed and framed as a square print at the end of the year!


The 2011 letterpress calendar from Lark Press has a different theme for each month of the year:

{lark press}

Albertine Press has two calendar formats this year, a wall calendar with beautiful illustrations and a star-shaped accordion calendar in an argyle pattern.  The accordion calendar is really cool – it can sit right on your desk or table, spinning around as the year progresses!



{albertine press}

The 2011 calendar collaboration from Bird Dog Press and WonderBound Press features twelve amazing handmade woodcut illustrations of heritage breed farm animals – all designed to pay respect to homesteading. Each month includes a month of days, the phases of the moon, a heritage breed, an heirloom crop, a feedsack-inspired pattern and is handprinted on an antique letterpress on sustainable bamboo paper:

{available for pre-order here}

This colorful 2011 wall calendar from Perideau Designs has plenty of space for keeping track of upcoming appointments, events, and tasks:


{perideau designs}

For bright color in a monthly format, check out this illustrated desktop calendar from Alex Winjen:


{alex winjen}

In addition to other larger-format calendars featured earlier, both Pistachio Press and Blackbird Letterpress are releasing these cool tear-away calendars:

tear away letterpress 2011 calendar

{pistachio press}


{blackbird letterpress}

{all images from their respective sources}

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