New Giveaway! Personalized Holiday Cards from Two Brunettes!

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve got a fun surprise for you!  Today we’re kicking off the first of two giveaways that we’ll be doing over the holiday season – a custom illustration and holiday cards from Two Brunettes!

custom illustration portrait christmas cards

I’ve been fortunate to meet so many wonderful, talented, and overall amazing people through this little ol’ blog, but Carolynn from Two Brunettes definitely lands at the top of my list as one of the nicest!  Carolynn creates beautiful stationery (including wedding invitations) through Two Brunettes, but she also does amazing custom illustrations and custom blog designs.  Today she’s offering one lucky reader the chance to win a custom illustration of up to three family members (including pets), along with a set of 15 personalized holiday cards.  Yay!

custom illustration portrait christmas cards

So here’s how to enter:  Head on over to Two Brunettes and browse through Carolynn’s collection of wedding invitations and stationery.  Then come back here and leave a com­ment with your favorite item from the Two Brunettes shop and what family members you would choose for the custom holiday portrait.

You’ll have until 11:59 p.m. EST on Tuesday, November 2 to enter – bonne chance!

{image credits: two brunettes}

  1. Aside from the holiday cards, I love the die cut dandelion card!! If I won the giveaway, I would want me, my husband, and our dogs!

  2. I love the recipe cards… and I would definitely get myself and my boyfriend on the personalized holiday portraite. SO CUTE!

  3. I love the Tea and Crumpets Recipe Cards! I’m always looking for fun ways to share all my different recipes. It’s perfect. If I won the holiday cards, I would definitely have my and my fiance’s portraits on there; we live states away from our families (and we divided Thanksgiving/Christmas between the two families) and this would be the perfect thing to greet them this holiday season.

  4. I LOVE the holiday cards, but a close second are the recipe cards- I love recipe cards and the idea of recipe cards is such a great tradition that very few people still do. If I won the giveaway- I would want me and my fiance!!!

  5. oh my goodness, what beautiful paper products!! I love her Eva collection, as well as the adorable Christmas cards!! crossing my fingers!

  6. The Botanical Print Inspiration poster is definitely my fav–silver and mustard? are you kidding? those were my wedding colors!

    I’m a newlywed, so obviously my husband and I would go on the front of these cards:) so adorable

  7. Such cute stuff! It’s hard to choose, but I really like the design of the 2011 canvas calendar.

    If I won the holiday card, the portrait would be of me, my husband and our pug puppy. It’s our first christmas together as a married pair and our first christmas together as pug parents!

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. What is better than stationery and food? I love the Tea and Crumpets Recipe Cards! My dream Two Brunettes holiday card would be myself, my cowboy and our dog (who everyone loves so it could be just him!)…all in our cowboys hats, of course!

  9. I love the diecut floral notecards…they’re gorgeous! And the canvas calendar…but for 2011. 🙂

  10. I really like the Botanical Print Inspiration Poster!
    I guess I would choose my boyfriend and myself for the holiday portrait.

  11. I am SUCH a sucker for recipe cards…so those are my favorite 🙂 Gorgeous site and fantastic giveaway! I would probably choose myself (hopefully not narcissistic) and my dog for the customized cards. We both have curly hair…so we match!

  12. Oh my goodness, these are all so goodness! I couldn’t pick just one yet! I’m crossing my fingers though – I’d LOVE a custom illustration of my fiance, me, and maybe even a possible future puppy! Thanks for the chance…

  13. I love the die cut fruit notes, and I think a holiday illustration of my adorable little boys would be the best holiday card ever!

  14. oooh! the die cut flowers! apparently i’m not the only one…

    and i’d LOVE the holiday cards for myself and my new husband… our first christmas together 🙂

  15. my favorites are the tea and crumpets recipe cards… soo cute!

    i would love to include my boyfriend and myself in the portrait… or maybe my godson and his two brothers, celebrating the first one’s first xmas!!!

  16. Oh my! I love love love the “Sweet of You” note card. What a perfect way to say thank you to someone special. And as for the Christmas cards, I would choose me, my fiance Troy, and our tiny, lovely dog Murphy. I can just picture them now…so adorable!

  17. so adorable! i would choose the Happy Holidays card – and i’d have to include my whole family: me, my hubby and my two adorable little boys 🙂

  18. It’s a close thing between the die cut cards (love both the floral burst and the dandelion) and the custom holiday cards. I’d love to win and have some great cards with my new husband (we just got married last month!) and my new puppy (we adopted Cappie, a Boston terrier/ Wirehaired terrier mix from the humane society on Friday!) and I. I’m just all kinds of totally gushy, head over heels in love with both my boys!

  19. Oh! I love all of them, but if I had to pick a favorite I would choose the sweet “Watering Girl Spring” note design.

    I also love the personalize holiday cards – what a great idea! – And would include myself, my fiancé and our gorgeous Golden Retriever puppy in the picture! Our first Christmas a little family! 🙂

  20. Oh, I love the die cut cards, but my favorite is the “Die Cut Fruit Card”. It just looks so delicious, and is perfect for fall! Plus the texture inside looks so interesting.
    I’d LOVE to get the custom holiday cards for my family! I would choose my twin sister and mom. We haven’t had a family potrait done in years so this would be a perfect gift for the family!

  21. um everything! especially the botanical print poster – so cute.

    christmas cards of me and my husband would be super fabulous this year!

  22. The cute Happy Birthday notecards– they are great when you’ve forgotten a birthday… or two

  23. GAHHHHHH! I love these! Our baby is due to arrive any day now, and it would be SOOOO cute to have his little head included in our holiday cards.

    These are awesome!

  24. I guess I missed these while I was cruising around Two Brunettes yesterday!

    Since it’s just the two of us and our dysfunctional cat, the portrait would have to say “Annie, Ryan, and Saxapahaw the (lemon) cat”…and it would have a wayward-looking brown tabby.

  25. So darling, I really love the recipe cards! If I won, it would be me and my husband. Darling!

  26. The die cut dandelion card is a-ma-zing!
    And a Christmas card with me and the hubby-to-be would be so amazing, and might call for a future tradition. 🙂

  27. These are so adorable! It would be so fun to have some of these cards made featuring me and my hubs and our two pups! I also love the Thank You Notecards in Carolynn’s shop!

  28. Oh my…so MUCH to love! The “Sweet of You” cards are absolutely too sweet for words…who wouldn’t want to receive such a beautiful card in their mailbox!? As for the holiday card…my husband and I are in the process of adopting a rescue bulldog and he/she would be the perfect third addition to our family portrait. What perfect timing for the holidays!!

  29. The holiday cards are just darling, but my favorite item is the tea & crumpets recipe cards — what a perfect gift! If I am so lucky, I would adore a personalized holiday card featuring my new husband and myself — just married!! So much cuter than a photo card!

  30. I actually really love the Botanical Print! It’s beautiful and simple.

    For the personalized holiday cards I would, of course, do myself and my boyfriend. 😀

  31. I like the die-cut dandelion card.
    If I won, I think my husband and I would make a cute dard 🙂

  32. I like the canvas calendar.
    But the Christmas Cards with custom sketches are sooooooo ah may zing!
    I’d put myself, my hubby and our doggy on our cards if I won.
    fingers crossed!

  33. The ‘sweet of you’ thank you cards are just so perfect. The versitility as well as uniqueness of the saying makes them a perfect addition to my stationary collection. I send out so many thank you cards, from business to personal and the saying is perfect for every occation, being personal and thoughtful while not being chiche.
    As for the holiday cards, I am a single girl living far far from my Florida home to do research on bluefin tuna in Tasmania, Australia. So my Christmas card family members would be me and my fish.

  34. I like the die cut floral burst cards.
    I’d love a custom card featuring me & the DH!

  35. Oh it’s so hard to choose a favorite!! I love sending notes through the mail vs email. Love getting them in the mail, too! I’ve always been a big fan of die cut, so my favorite is a tie between the die cut dandelion and die cut floral burst. I’d put my husband and I on the cover of the holiday card, but as a twist, it would be cool to have our cape house on the cover as it is a new house and our first christmas in it.

  36. I love the aqua thank you cards. So pretty! I would be so excited to receive one of these in the mail. A holiday card with my new husband and I would be perfect.

  37. I love the – LIMITED EDITION – Die Cut Floral Burst ! I hope they do more colors!

    katch05 at gmail dot com

    PS. Could I have all 5 of us in the custom portrait? Hehe That would be the most fun!

  38. I love the die cut dandelion card, adorable! If I won I would get my boyfriend, me and our cat put on the holiday cards!! This is our first year doing christmas cards together so it would be perfect!!

  39. Oh those die cut fruit cards are definitely my favorite! Too cute!

    For the holiday cards, I would want my husband and myself as the illustrations!

  40. Oh my goodness, this would be the best thing ever for my sister, her husband and their cute puppy. It would be such a cute surprise!

  41. my favorite are the custom holiday cards for sure! Followed closely by the Watering Girl Spring Note, die cuts and the Tea and Crumpets Recipe Cards!

    If i were to win the custom holiday cards, i would have me and my brand new husband on it! (we just got married on May 1) It would be the perfect card for us this year.

    *fingers crossed!*

  42. My future husband loves Christmas lights and I love him therefore your “holiday lights” beauties are my fav! I haven’t sent holiday cards for a long time so an illustrations of him and me and a kitty would definitely make it out to our loved ones.
    Thank you and I wish you continued success!

  43. adore the eva collection yellow invite! the holiday cards are so adorable! thank you 🙂

  44. My favorite is the Personalized Framed Banner! What a cute idea to have your family illustrated! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  45. I love the Die Cut Floral Burst. So beautiful!
    As for the custom holiday portrait, I would put my little nieces and nephews!

  46. This is SOOO CUTE! Choosing a favorite is so hard but I really like the tea and crumpet recipe cards, i am a baker so this is just up my ally! I would love to win these cards for my fiance and myself and maybe send them out with our save the dates!

  47. I love the die-cut dandelions! The holiday portrait would include me and my boyfriend.

  48. I love the personalized framed banner card. Instead of an illustration of me and my boyfriend, I would love to have our three adorable cats. As silly as it sounds, I think it sums up “our family” more 🙂

  49. I love the Personalized Framed Banner – would love to have it of myself, my husband and our little baby girl.

  50. First off- love, love, love Two Brunettes! I can already picture the Personalized Framed Holiday Lights card with my husband, myself and our Great Dane Harvey!

  51. I love the die cut floral burst cards. (And the Christmas portraits, of course.) I would love to have the cards of my boyfriend and I, so we could send them out to our families and friends!

  52. I can just imagine myself, my fiance and our beagle in the framed lights! She’d look so cute in antlers, too!

  53. My favorite thing from the shop is the die cut cards, but my favorite of the holiday cards is the lights! I would just have me and the fiance on our cards. Our first cards!

  54. I’d probably just have to do me and the hubs, because we have three pets and I couldn’t pick just one! I’d do the three pets but my mother would give me grief. 😛
    LOVE the framed holiday lights cards!!

  55. The “Sweet Of You” cards are so lovely. I would choose my fiance & our lil’ jack russel, Chaplin.

  56. Such a fun idea! I love the die cut dandelion card. For a holiday card, I would have my husband, myself and my little dog Oakley.
    Thank you!

  57. Hi! I love their website! I would love to send out the holiday framed banner cards, with me, my Fiance Kit, and our 2 cats Jackson and Sierra. We are newly engaged, so this is the first year we are sending out cards:) Thank yo for the chance to win an amazing prize! LOVE the dandelion cards as well. Very cool.

  58. I absolutely love the “Sweet of You” card. So adorable!!! I’d love to have my hubby & I illustrated for the holidays…a great first card to send out as a married couple 🙂 xo

  59. Hello! 🙂 My fav. item from their shop would be the die cut cards. And I would have my parents illustrated. They are moving into a new home soon and this would be a great way to let the world know!

  60. The die cut dandelion set is beautiful! They are crafted so precisely and sweet! I would love to win this for me and my fiance!

  61. The Personalized Framed Border would be so perfect for us! I think everyone would have a huge smile if they received this from us for the holidays!!

  62. These cards are so beautiful and unique! I would love to win any of them but the Personalized Framed Holiday lights one is so warm, I can’t wait for Christmas!!

  63. Oh my gosh I love these so much! The hand painted aesthetic is something I really admire from those that do it so well, like Two Brinettes and Rifle. My favorite design onthe two brunettes website is he blue Eva invite. Its so playful but still very elegant. I would loveto have a set if cards with my hubby, my dog Oscar, and myself!

  64. WOW! What a great giveaway! I love the die cut dan­de­lion card. For a hol­i­day card, I would have my wife, myself and our dog Sammy.

  65. The Sweet of You Cards are simply adorable. I would LOVE to win the holiday collection set. I would have my husband, our two shaggy dogs and myself on it.

  66. The Per­son­al­ized Framed Ban­ner is adorable! I would love to have the personalized cards of my fiance and I as we are celebrating our first Christmas together as an engaged couple.

  67. Love the illustrations in the Eva collection – gorgeous and unique! For the holiday portraits, it would be so fun to have a little holiday card with illustrations of my two children!

  68. I just love the die cut dandelion. Reminds me of lazy summer afternoons in the midwest. I just got engaged last wednesday (under a double rainbow in manhattan!) and would just love to send out a personalized holiday card with me and my very new fiance to share with our growing family! Thanks for the opportunity!

  69. I really like the holiday card with the Christmas lights! That one reminds me so much of the colored lights we all grew up with on our trees! All of our friends would certainly smile if they got one of those hand-drawn cards with my new wife and I on it, because it fits my wife’s personality and style to a T!


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