Mid Century Modern Wedding Invitations

So I don’t usually post this early, but these invitations by Erin at The Indigo Bunting are so amazing that I just couldn’t wait.  The entire design is totally bananas in the absolute best possible way – I mean, just look at that letterpress houndstooth pattern in the envelope liners!


Indigo-Bunting-Emily-Dan-Mid-Century-Modern-Wedding-Invitation Indigo-Bunting-Emily-Dan-Mid-Century-Modern-Wedding-Invitation-Houndstooth-Pattern


Totally awesome.  Design by Erin, letterpress printing by Coeur Noir Specialty Printers – read and see more over on The Indigo Bunting.  I’ll be back a bit later with more gorgeous wedding invitations!

{image credits: Erin Jang}

  1. Oh, these are GREAT! I’m a mid-century fan but I can’t say I’ve ever seen invites that are mid-century. LOVE them! Great post, I wouldn’t have been able to wait either.

  2. Wow, thanks for featuring Erin Jang’s work. Those were actually the invitations she had done for my wedding, so it’s great to see her work featured on your site. I religiously follow this site, so when I read this today, I was GLOWING!

  3. Wow! I love these! I am in awe when these colors are successfully pulled off. It can be so cheesy sometimes. But these, are amazing and just really, really cute!

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