Halloween Party Invitations

When I was little, my parents loved to plan over-the-top haunted houses in our yard for Halloween.  We’d all dress up in scary costumes, turn a few empty refrigerator boxes into creepy castles, bring out the dry ice and fake cauldrons, and invite friends over.  I’ve always wanted to host my own Halloween party as an adult; and while I’m hoping next year will finally be the year, I’ve already got lots of inspiration for the invitations!

goulish funeral halloween party invitations

{DIY invitations – with tutorial! – via Truly Smitten}


{blood red invitations by duet letterpress}

Martha-Stewart-Skeleton-Halloween-Invitations Martha-Stewart-Mad-Scientist-Halloween-Invitations

{fun DIY invitation ideas via Martha Stewart}

trick or treat halloween party invitations

trick or treat halloween party invitations

{fill-in halloween invitations from Wild Ink Press}

Are any of you hosting a Halloween party?  I’d love to hear what kinds of creative party details you have planned!

{images from their respective sources}

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  1. Oh! My parents used to the same thing for my sister and I!! We used to have “haunted walks” through our back and front yard, leading to a party in our garage! Friends & neighbors would dress-up as Dracula or a grave digger to scare all our friends. Dry ice, strobe lights, chains…you name it, they had it. Halloween is always one of my favorite times of the year.

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