Pretty Paper Lanterns

These Waldorf star paper lanterns from Green Baboon Designs are so pretty – and they come in every shade of the rainbow and in both mini and full-size versions!  Just slip a tiny (non-flammable) LED light in the middle and I could easily see them used for some after-sunset lighting for a wedding reception or grouped together in little clusters for a dinner party.




Or, if you happen to be looking for something that makes a bit more of a statement, check out these petal lanters from June Petals – I’m partial to the toile version on the right:

white-paper-petal-lantern toile-paper-petal-lantern

{image credits: green baboon designs and june petals}

  1. Oh my God! Those little lanterns are adorable! They create such a wonderful atmosphere! Love the petal lanterns too! Especially the white one 🙂

  2. How funny! I made an etsy treasury yesterday and included those star paper lanterns!

    Also, the saddest moment I’ve had all week is just now when I realized those paper lanterns by June Petals won’t ship to the US. I already had a location picked out to hang my beautiful new lamp. *sniff*

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