New Giveaway! Envelopments Roll-o-Deck

Hi again!  How about a little giveaway to brighten your Monday afternoon?  The lovely folks at Envelopments are offering one of these fantastic roll-o-decks, made with some of Envelopments favorite brightly colored and patterned card stocks, to one lucky reader!  Yay!


The roll-o-deck was first introduced by the Envelopments Team as a creative way to capture contact information from the 2010 HOW Design Conference.  Each roll-o-deck (stand not included, fyi) comes with 500 card inserts made from 125 brightly colored and patterned card stocks – from every color in the rainbow! – all custom die cut into the proper shape.  The roll-o-decks can be used as a personalized guest book, to keep your contacts in fashionable order, or even as a designer’s color wheel that enables you to mix and match color stories for new projects.



So here are the rules: To enter, leave a comment below with an idea of how you would use this roll-o-deck in your home, or at a special event like a wedding or baby shower!  Guest book?  Recipe organizer?  We want to hear your most creative ideas!

You’ll have until 11:59 p.m. EST on Friday, August 6 to enter — then we’ll announce a winner next Monday!  Bonne chance!

{image credits: envelopments}

  1. Oooh! I love it! I’ve been wanting to make a project detailing favorite quotes from books as I read them. These would be perfect for that!

  2. Recipe Organizer!!! I have been looking for a creative way to keep up with all my recipes, especially the ones I find online and don’t want to just print it out.

    Oh so fun and festive. LOVE IT!!!

  3. I’m sure this sounds silly, but I love writing haiku’s, so I woudl write all my haikus on the cards and then I could flip thru and read them whenever!

  4. I’ve been looking for a simple and neat way of keeping track of all my paper swatches and samples that I use as a designer. Since this is already color coordinated, this would be perfect!

    I think my attraction to ROYGBIV ordered things came from my childhood nightlight that featured a rainbow. You better believe my closet continues to be in that order today.

  5. I love this because rainbows are my new thing. Hmm… I would kick it old school and use it for contact info, but since there is no way I need 500 cards for that, I would also have to section it off for recipes. I could definitely fill it with new and exciting ways to eat chocolate 🙂

  6. I am constantly keeping a running tab of things my son does…and I’m expecting another baby in September. I’d love to be able to have this displayed to write down firsts, funny quotes, sweet moments, and all the other things that I don’t want to forget as a parent. I think it would be so sweet to have this sitting out, and to refer to when I’m scrapbooking the boys. 🙂

  7. This is so adorable!! It would be great for an engagement party/wedding shower or a going-away party…great way to collect addresses for invitations and thank you notes!!

  8. I have been looking for a lovely way to catalog all of my books! With a nod to the Dewey system of yore, I would use this Roll-o-Decks to keep track of the (tons) of books I keep on my shelves in my own mini-library.

  9. this is super super cool! I would use it as an address book since I’m at a stage where a lot of my friends are still apartment hopping — something flexible like this would be perfect!

  10. I think it would be fun to use it as a ‘100 things I love about you’ thingy bobber, so that I can give it to the one I love. He could flip through it each day that he needed to be encouraged and find a random reason that he is wonderful 🙂

  11. Oh would totally make great use of this!!! Would file every bridal client by the color theme of their wedding! YEEESSSS…love CREATIVE organization. can you tell?

  12. I actually said “Whoa!” out loud after seeing this!

    I would use it for recipes. i could have all of my favorites neatly organized in one location and not have to get food gunk all over them!


  13. The best place for this in beautiful roll-o-deck is as a table card holder for my next big event!

    Then after that to make into a recipe holder for all my grandmothers awesome recipes.

  14. So pretty! I think I would use to try different color palettes and to mix and match colors. It would also be great to use as a recipe holder. It’s so colorful and you could separate different types of food with different colors!

  15. I’d actually use it as my inspiration board! I always find magazine clippings, recipes, pictures, notes, and other small pieces and I have no way of organizing them. This way I can just dial up an idea!

  16. I LOVE this!! The bright colors are so lovely. I would use it to organize my wedding guests. There is going to be over 400 of them, and so on each card I would write their name, contact info, and what parties (ceremony, reception, bridal shower, etc.) they’re invited to, as well as what gift they sent. That way it’s easy when it comes time to do thank yous, and I can continue to use it for family and friends in the future!

  17. Oh My! That’s gorgeous! Being a graphic designer, I think I would have to use it to keep track of my creative ideas. My brain is constantly thinking about layouts, fonts, images and concepts. It would be great to keep a few cards in my purse so I could jot down ideas before losing them to the black hole behind my brain.

  18. I am not sure what I would use this for, maybe something to catalog important information about my students. Or maybe I would use it for business contacts, or maybe to catalog my sewing projects by color. It is such a beautiful piece of office equipment! Maybe I would just look at it.

  19. When my daughter was born, I brought little decorative paper pieces to the hospital for people (our families & friends, midwife & nurses) to write her a message on. We do this same thing at each birthday for her (our family and friends are getting good at writing messages to her!). I would definitely use these beautiful cards for that collection. Might have to do just that for baby #2 so it’d be great to win it and have it ready! 🙂

    Love it!

  20. I LOVE this! There’s so many different things that I could do with this! Recipe organizer, yes. Color wheel, to be admired on my desk. A sign in “roll-a-deck”, guests could write comments, well-wishings instead of a traditional sign in book. The options are limitless really…

  21. There are so many options!
    I always bookmark/collect/save my favorite inspiring quotes but I have no rhyme or reason for displaying them. I’d love to fill up this roll-o-deck with beautiful inspiration and keep on my desk (in my new home office, for my new business) and spin through it whenever I need a pick me up or a reminder to be happy + in the moment.

    Thanks so much for the chance and for sharing such a beautiful find with us!

  22. I would write down ideas for projects I like to do: photography, interior design, jewelry making, painting, drawing, sewing… etc… and then organize (ah! I love to organize my ideas)… I am hoping to get a new house soon and get my own colourful crafting room!! this would be something that could help me organize those ideas first… then the rest!!

  23. Love this! And, it would be the perfect inspiration wheel: literally a piece of artwork on my desk or in my studio to inspire some fresh ideas, color palates, etc. when my brain is not wanting to produce. Gorgeous!

  24. I would love to use this as a escort card system for my wedding with guest names and table numbers on each card. You could also use it for assigning chores to children with a different chore on each card. It’s also beautiful just as it is! Love this! 🙂

  25. i’m a designer and love the idea of being able to mix and match color palettes for project ideas.. but, I’m planning my sister’s bridal shower and think this would be a great idea for her guests/friends/family to leave well wishes, recipes, martial advice, etc. i’m thinking in order to fill it up, we’d have to take it to the wedding rehearsal and reception as well!

  26. This would make a pretty neat seating chart. Let everyone take theirs to their table to use as a place holder. It would be nice to see all the colors at the tables throughout the reception.

  27. What to use it for?!?!?! First it is SO pretty I don’t even want to use it, I just want to stare at it! After I got over that I would use it as a daily journal and photo album. I am on a journaling quest and think it would be a great way to document every day no matter how mundane! I would fill it with little notes, fortunes, receipts, wallet photos, stickers from Sonic (I am obsessed with Watermelon Slushes!), and other fun trinkets that remind me of the fun things in life! I would bring it to work because my office is a little boring and needs more character!

  28. This roll-o-deck is mesmerizing!! It would be fun to make a yearbook-ish going away present. Everyone can write a special message and sign it K.I.T. with contact info. You could also glue on headshots. So much fun!

  29. Oh I just love this! I would use it in my office as an actual rolodex. This sad little white cubby needs some color and spice!

  30. I think I’d use it as a tool to use with brides at a consultation. Have it sectioned into moods, or seasons, or themes to inspire brides and me with fonts, colors, and designs. Plus it’ll be a perfect place to showcase the papers!!

  31. I’m getting married in May 2011 and I would love to use this roll-o-deck to 1) get inspiration and 2) organize guests/seating!

    <3 it!!!

  32. I would love this to catalog on paper contact info (addresses, emails, ect.). I’d love it at my desk, where it is bland, bland and this pop of color would make me smile in the morning instead of just another blah day!

  33. What a beautiful Rolodex! I would definitely use it to organize my clients being a freelance designer. I would probably add in inspiration clippings for each new client I receive to work as a mini-inspiration board. It’s so beautiful and works as inspiration itself!

  34. there are so many things I’d like to use it for 😀
    (but I love keeping it as it is XD)

    I’d like to use this to record the moments with
    loved ones and friends. a little note, a quote, a photo,
    a movie ticket, anything that can be treasured and
    recorded, can be done with this awesome roll-o-deck!

  35. Oh. My. Goodness. The bigger question is what NOT to use it for?! Gorgeous and so fun! I would probably use it to organize my lesson planning and client meetings…not too creative maybe but it sure would add color to daily life activities!!

  36. Ahhhhh! I am totally in love with this! I think I’d use it for my go to dates organizers. Sort each color/design by month and keep birthdays and anniversaries and other important dates in there.

    Hope I win!!

  37. My baby daughter is just starting to say/do silly things. I would use this as a way to make notes of funny + sweet things she says and does. It’s beautiful, so we could keep it out on display and easily flip through and remember!

  38. I love how it looks, all neatly organized in the round roll-o-deck … just looking at it get’s my creative juices whirling!
    I think it would be a great decorative piece for my desk and even better to bring with me when I consult with clients, helping them to get visually inspired if they are feeling stuck … let’s face it, one pop of color can birth the whole direction of an event 😉
    I would also use it to categorize which clients used what. Then at the end of the season put together a blog post of which were the most popular picks.

  39. I would LOVE to put this by my laptop to make notes of cool stuff I find when blogstalking… and then it’s right there to play with when designers-block fatigues me… (what a great pop of color on my white desk!)

  40. love it!!! i think i would use it as my daily “diary” and keep them out on my desk to also serve as colour inspiration and art!

  41. HOW COLORFUL!!! I would totally use this for a recipe book! a great way to display some family favorite meals while making a bold statement in the kitchen! LOVE

  42. I would love to use this roll-o-deck to keep the recipies given to us from an upcoming kichen themed wedding shower we have next month. It’s so pretty. One of those items you would display on the counter.

  43. This is genius!! I spent at least 2 hours last week looking for a unique and beautiful way to organize my unruly drawer of business cards. I think this would make a fabulous addition to our studio, I’ll be the envy of all the neighbors 😉

  44. How cute! This would be a great addition to my desk as I start my new job in the next few weeks 🙂

  45. What a cute way to organize recipes! I’m getting married May 2011 and we’re starting to collect recipes from family members 🙂

  46. I love jotting down notes and little moments…i would love to use this to organize my random quotes, one-liners and opening story lines. What a visually beautiful way to organize my words!

  47. As a graphic designer follow many blogs that inspire me… I would LOVE to have this on my desk to keep track of new ideas and inspiration images, and new techniques or combinations I want to try out.

  48. i would love to use the roll-o deck for my wedding.

    i think it would be a cute way for guests to leave us lil love notes.

  49. I would use this to keep track of random ideas and snacks of inspiration, using the colors to track the different categories: books to read, sites to visit, ideas to try and so on. This is so pretty it would be inspirational in and of iteself!

  50. This is such a beautiful twist on an otherwise ordinary item!

    I love the colors and prints on the cards… As a teacher, I would love to have this in my classroom. Every time one of my students does something kind and “above and beyond,” I could write their thoughtful gesture on one of these cards. At the end of the week, we could “spin the wheel” to choose who gets a larger weekly prize.

  51. I think it would be great to use as a recipe holder, and then to play “recipe roulette” with it, and just spin and pick out a recipe to make that week.

  52. this would be fun to use as a game wheel for a bridal shower game then afterwards to keep all of my guests info in 🙂

  53. I would love to use this as a guest book in my home. I think it would be neat for guests to write a little note when they stop by for a visit.

  54. I would love to bring this little pop of beauty into my home office. My dream is to have my own home business doing graphic design and i know that this little beauty would help to get me there!

  55. In all honesty, I would probably use it as a decoration in my craft room. Whenever I see really pretty things such as this, paper, ribbon, etc. I just like to look at it. I always think that I don’t want to ruin it in case the perfect project comes along for it. I like to keep the edges crisp and looking beautiful. ha ha. Am I the only one like this? I do think it would be wonderful for recipes though or perhaps a great place to jot down ideas and draw doodles for future projects and categorize them. Thanks for the chance to win this. Oddly enough, I have always wanted a roll-o-deck as a child.

  56. I would finally have a way to organize all of my cards from the trade shows! Patterned cards would be mounted onto solid rolodex cards and plain cards onto patterned ones, according to color (because, really, how else should you search for your contacts…).

  57. I would use this to create an artists book, probably incorporating some verse and using collage, and printmaking techniques – lino cut, collagraph and photo intaglio to add to the beauty of the paper.

  58. How completely awesome! I love all of the bright colors. We’ve found ourselves writing stacks and stacks of thank you cards lately, since we just got married, and I’d love to have a way to keep track of our nearest and dearests’ addresses. That way, I might be inspired to send more handwritten notes, even after we’ve sent the thank-yous!

  59. I always use post it notes that end up stuck to every surface of my desk and eventually misplaced. This would be great for jotting down notes and then keeping them organized in an aesthetically pleasing way! Love it!

  60. I didn’t realize how much I needed that until I saw it! One could go with the more obvious projects, like a wedding guest book (I’ve got one of those though…) or a recipe “book” (which I actually decided to start 2 days ago).

    But I think where this little thing would save me years of hassle is as a seating chart! Put everyone’s name on a card in alpha-order and people can yank their card and find their sear, easy-peasy! And because you can get more cards, I could restock and use it to organize some of the many insane areas of my life. Knitting project manager? Or even better, a nice analog record of all my DVDs!

    Oh, man, I really need one of these…

  61. I work with sales reps so I would use these to keep notes about each rep and have them color codied.

  62. I would use this beauty to organize inspirational snippets according to color. Magazine tears, clipped internet images, etc. I am so ridiculously anal retentive about organization…this would be a dream come true for the inspiration folders that are currently on my computer!

  63. I think it would be great to use these as simple place cards for a wedding or any other event!

  64. I would fill this with inspirational quotes and random fortunes or questions to ponder and leave it at my desk to work. Whenever I’m feeling down or need some inspiration, I’ll give it a spin and randomly pick one out to give me a pick-me-up!

  65. I would use it to keep recipes. I think that this would make an incredible place to keep all of my mother’s and grandmother’s recipes, with plenty of room to spare for my own.

  66. As a graduate student, I have to be organized, which is not always the case. As a printmaker I have to mix many many many colors for prints and posters I make. This amazing roll-o deck would be so handy in separating my colors and writing down the amounts of CMYK I use of each color.

  67. Gasp! This is incredible… the people at my office tease me because I keep a paper schedule (I use Outlook too, but only because I have to). I’m sure if I had something this lovely on my desk they’d understand a little about why I’m pulled to paper, ink, and BRIGHT colors.

    I shall keep my fingers crossed!

  68. WOW! What a great giveaway! I would love to use this as a guest book in my home. I think it would be neat for guests to write a lit­tle note when they stop by.

  69. Totally sweet! All I have is a plain, work-issued, ugly one sitting on my desk. This would make my desk feel pretty.

  70. This would be the most incredible recipe organizer ever – I live in a teeny, tiny apartment with about 2 feet of counter space, so it would be wonderful to have a recipe organizer that could be both practical & stylish. This is perfect!

  71. Honestly I’d probably just keep it on my desk as artwork!! I’m sure I’d eventually use it to hold notes and inspiration but for awhile I’d just stare at it… Look how pretty!

  72. This is awesome! I’m an independent invitation and stationery designer still just getting my feet wet. It’s always so hard to show clients all the different colors of paper available, but this would be fun and functional for me!!

  73. i would love to use this for my wedding!! i would love to be able to have something i could flip through and read all the marriage advise my guests give me!!

  74. hi-

    I’d use this to put a art journal prompt or quote on each card and every day, give it a spin for my art journaling! What a way to get inspiration. Thanks Beth

  75. OOOOOOH I love love love a practical piece with some visual spice to it! My sister is throwing me a baby shower, there will be quite a few people and I am so excited…this will be PERFECT for them to fill out their name and address for my safe keeping to send thank you cards. I would use this for an address book…where I can save all my dear friends and familie’s information! Such a cute thing…I hope I win!!!

  76. It would be my roll-o-deck of dreams, wishes and inspiration. The date of entry would be on the tab. If I actually accomplished one of those dreams, I would turn the card around and write “achieved” on the tab!

    It’s so beautiful!

  77. My husband and I are photographers/graphic designers. We’ve always talked about getting one of these for our bedroom. We love the idea of filling it with different bedroom ‘activities’ : ) The colors and patterns also are inspiring!

  78. So beautiful!

    I’d love to use it to keep a record of all the people who have a piece of my jewellery. I love the idea of having a comment or something from everyone who has a piece. I’m so sentimental it’s difficult to part with things I’ve made, but knowing there’s someone out there loving it make it worth it. A comment, name or something, just to keep it in my head that that piece is out there having a life.

    I hate the idea of it being left in a drawer, it’s to be loved…but not by me. But I’d like to know who has it!


  79. I have been looking for a way to organize all my bride and vendor info for my wedding invitation business and haven’t found something that’s cute enough for my desk…but I love this one!

  80. As a wedding planner, I think it would be fun to make a Envelopments Roll-o-Deck desk top portfolio / storyboard for clients to view samples of my work. I would fill it with inspirations, ideas, clips, photos of every wedding I plan. It would make a great visual record at my fingertips and so fun for clients to flip through!

  81. I’d love to have it to keep track of phone numbers, websites, email, and regular addresses. (I know, quite boring!) It would be a great addition to my desk, and maybe help keep my scatterbrained-self a little more organized. 🙂

  82. I would use it for names and addresses – as a planning bride, I need something to keep me organized!!

  83. This is so beautiful!! I would absolutely LOVE to use this as the guest book at our upcoming wedding. We are going with a vintage theme and using an array of colors, so this would be the perfect addition to our day!

  84. My room is pretty bland right now… it needs some color! I have a million cupcake recipes lying around my house right now, and it would be great to organize them in a cute way. And how fun would it be to just flip open to a random cupcake recipe and make it?!

  85. I would love to use this for recipes – or would I use it for a journal – no, wait, for organizing fiber projects? Maybe all three together to make up three of my favorite things into one fabulous resource!

  86. ~ooooooo~ I would use this as GREAT inspiration…on those days when I am feeling empty. I would spin and spin and pull colours that wouldn’t normally visualize together. I would see what I could create, what interesting colour ways I could conjure up with the wonderful wheel of creative colour!!!!! It would be stellar…plus it just looks so damn cute!

  87. I would love to use this to keep track of the events in each month- birthdays, anniversary, etc. It would be a beautiful way to remind me of what’s going on!

  88. being self-employed, i would use the colourful roll-o-deck to index all of the business cards i’ve collected – but not the ones for buisness-y business but rather the pretty ones I save for inspiration. thank you!

  89. I would love to use it as an informal baby journal. My kids are growing up so fast and I hardly have time to enter all of their “firsts” into a baby book. This roll-o-deck would be a beautiful way to jot a daily record of what they’re doing.

  90. i immediately thought this would be a fun guest book at a wedding! how great would it be to have people write notes to you then file them away alphabetically by last name?!? yay!!

  91. I would use this for keeping track of all my favorite things. Restaurants, Boutiques, etc. I would probably organize them by City.

  92. That is wicked lovely!!!

    I think that I would use it to collect superstitions, dirty jokes and too-funny-to-forget stories.
    All the things you need to read when you are feeling uninspired.

    The first superstition comes from my mother, who never lets me put her purse on the floor because “it drains your money.”

    I can’t set mine down without thinking about it.

  93. I would use it for keeping track of business clients’ contact information. It would bring some nice colour into my studio space!

  94. We are getting married next year and are expecting to invite nearly 300 people. I would attach a picture of everyone that is attending along with great moments from the wedding until every sheet is used! A creative way to display pictures from a wedding on the coffee table.

  95. soo adorable. well, i have my own business and this would be a pretty way to organize all my clients info!!! i want it soooo bad. cheers!

  96. While I would use this lovely uber rolodex as it was originally intended, my plan would be to somehow make it mobile so it becomes my proverbial partner in crime on the road when meeting with clients and networking out and about. Impress the masses with my newfound style.

    I’ve been told I’m good at connecting others, so what better way to do so than with my shiny new envelopment rolodex in tow?

    Now the big question is- where can I win a larger purse? 🙂

  97. I would use this to organize my whole life! haha but no really, I would use it as a hard-copy catalog for all my online inspiration. I fully trust my MacBook, but just in case the worst were to happen, I wouldn’t be completely lost in the world.

  98. I was going to use them as a recipe organizer – and color code each food type to keep it nice and organized. Of course, I’d take a picture and attach it to the back 🙂

  99. I’ve been participating in a photo a day project that is solely contained online. I think it would be really fun to print out little thumbnails of these images and file them on the roll-o-deck—either by picking up hues from the photo’s palette, or chronologically. 500 days later this would be a beautiful visual journal.

  100. This. Is. Awesome. I have so many ways I’d want to use it, but the one that sticks out is keeping track of clients. Or friends I want to have over for dinner. Or business cards. Or just to look through and feel pretty. This is seriously awesome. Thanks for the giveaway!

  101. I’ve never seen these but am so glad that I came across this giveaway!
    What I would do is include one card in each wedding invitation that I plan to send out next summer for my June 2011 wedding. I would ask each guest to share the best memory from their own wedding (or marriage) or advice for us for the future! Because there are 500 cards, I would love to take the leftover cards and have my future husband and I both fill one out a month (after we are married) describing the best moment from that month that we have had together. This roll-o-deck would be the most amazing memory builder! 🙂 It would be so great to be able to show these cards to our kids in the future, and to re-read them as we grow old together.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these great products – I just got more excited as I decided what I use it for!

  102. I’ve just graduated and have begun freelancing as a designer. I would definitely use these to keep all my future clients in order!! It’s so beautiful! It would keep my desk very cheery.

  103. I just started my first job last week and it would be so grand to have this GORGEOUS rolodeck on my desk! Not exactly creative, but so completely unique and beautiful!

  104. Oh my gosh. I would use this as a ‘family binder’. Emergency contacts, doctor info, playgroup names and numbers, birthday lists, frequently called numbers, paint colours from the house, weekly meal planning.
    They are beautiful cards.

  105. I NEED this!! I would keep all my wedding inspirations to show my vendors. Then, I would pass onto another bride, with similar visions.

  106. I would jot down a goal or dream on each card and use it as a reminder of all the big and small things I hope to do.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  107. ooh la la, i could probably just use it to spin and look at all the lovely colors all day, but i would also use it to organize my contacts the good ol’fashioned way.

  108. love these colors! I would use the colorful roll-o-deck has a little journal of funny things my kids say or do. I always write them on random pieces of paper & end up losing most of them. This would be p-e-r-f-e-c-t!

  109. I love the idea of using it for seating assignments/escort cards for my wedding….doesn’t take up a lot of space and it is colorful and unique. Then maybe everyone could write a note with a piece of advice or wishes for me and my new husband. love it!

  110. well…i love to bake and cook!! and i’m always buying different journals to keep my recipes, but if i had this wonderful Roll-o-deck i could organize them better and have them handy in the kitchen, plus i LOVE the color and designs <3

  111. I would love to use this as a guest book! Ask everyone to write their well wishes and advice and then put this on your desk and flip through it anytime you need some encouragement!

  112. I would use it to catalog all the books in my “library” at home, which grows by the day with all my used bookstore/thrift store finds. 🙂 I’ve been trying to find a way to keep track of them and organize them, and this is just way too cute and in total line with my paper fetish. 🙂

  113. I would use it to keep track of birthdays and anniversaries! So cute! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  114. from the second i saw this, i knew i had to have it! i love colors and rainbows and could definitely use this as a wedding guestbook!

  115. this is so pretty!!!!
    i’m planning my son’s first birthday party and I would use this as a guestbook at the party, also to double up as part of the decor, it’s just so lovely and i love the pops of color! I’m planning on taking pictures of all our guests as they arrive, and print the pictures on the spot (either using a mini polaroid or a regular digital camera and printing it out on the Zink printer which prints in the mini polaroid size), have guests write a well-wish and tape their picture to it as well so that we can remember everyone’s faces and what their well wishes are. It’ll be a wonderful keepsake for my son!

  116. I’m a graphic designer. I have LOTs of vendors to keep up with and I’m always looking for a great conversation piece to place on my desk. This might be a winner! Hopefully I am too!

  117. I love collecting quotes-from friends, family, strangers, movies, books, music, etc. I would love to use this as a crafty and colorful way to write down all of my favorite little quips and keep in on my desk or coffee table as a great conversation starter!

  118. Lovely!

    I would use it as a inspiration library. Anything that happened in the day that inspired or encouraged you; antics of family and friends, a beautiful picture you came across, good music you stumbled upon, a word of advice from a stranger, etc!

    Would be great to look back at it on a cloudy day and feel inspired that brighter days are on the way!

  119. This would add sass to my boring stack o’ business cards! I know it is not super creative (it would make fab escort cards for a type A couple!) but that is how I would honor this roll-o-deck!

  120. I would totally use this in my personal etsy business to organize my costs, purchases, and ideas! Ooooo, I would love to win!

  121. I would place this pretty wheel on my desk and spin it as a stress reliever! It’s gorgeous, it would be oh so inspiring to stare at all day 🙂

  122. I would use this as a perfect update to the old “Mustard Seed”, either adding a fun quote or a scripture for each day. Or, I might use it as a perpetual calendar, with all my friends’ & family’s birthdays & anniversaries.

    This is gorgeous!

  123. This roll o deck would be a perfect complement to my scrapbooking / card making hobby. I could use the cards to jot down ideas or keep mini layouts. *LOVE* this new product!!

  124. Oh my goodness! This is a college student/Envelopment fanatic’s dream! I would definitely use the colorful cards as study flashcards. The subjects and topics could be pattern or color coordinated and flipped through easily in preparation for an exam.

  125. I would use it as a calendar. On days where there just isn’t much to do I would write and inspirational quote to look at and reminded of throughout the day.

  126. I’m a graphic designer, and I would love to use this as an inspiration wheel. A lot of times clients know they need a product, but they don’t know what they want at all as far as looks so I often ask them to start with a color scheme. This would be a great way to organize inspirations/ideas/past projects by color! This is a beautiful product!

  127. How about a use it as a photo album! Scenic adventures. Fun products. Design trends. Snapshots of friends and family. It could be a year’s album of anything and everything you come across! Kind of like that sketchbook challenge that everyone has been talking about…your own personal art project. LOVE THAT IDEA!! I’d love to take on that assignment.

  128. it would make a wonderful table seat holder! guests can scroll through the roll-o-deck and find their name with their table number and maybe a cute picture too! 🙂

  129. i would probably put little words of love in each and turn it each day and give it to my fiance when we get married so that he can have a little words of love each morning from me!

  130. I’d love to bring this to design client consultations. It would serve both as a color scheme generator and physical portfolio; I’d love to clip out portions of print and web projects (or even photography or illustrations) with a strong use of color and attach them to the color cards as an interactive “browse by color” presentation. It would be a great springboard to talk about the psychology of color and how we each have to know our audience before we know the appropriate palette to use.

  131. I would use it to scribe a sentence of gratitude every day for 500 days.

  132. Love, love, love this from envelopments. I would use it to store ideas for craft projects, staple little pictures on it of things I made and things I’d like to create.

  133. Definitely would use it for my wedding next year. Have guests sign it and then later add pictures from the wedding. It would be better than a photo album!!

  134. This would be lovely to use as a recipe holder! I’d have guests write their favorite recipes during the shower and I’d keep it in my kitchen 🙂

  135. Ok,first of all,I would literally sleep with this thing…that’s how much I love it! 🙂 I have wanted one of these since I first saw them. I would use this with my three daughters and write a prompt on each one for every day of the week so I could one day look back at what they felt at that time.I think it would make a great family treasure…hmm,maybe I could just get a rolodesx for each family member….hmmm,ideas are flowing in now. 🙂

  136. I would use this to catalog my movies and books! It’s so bright and beautiful I’d want to leave it out where people could see it. Of course, that will lead them to ultimately wanting to borrow something, but that’s ok, because I could easily make a “borrowed” section and move the movie or book being taken into this section of the roll-o-deck and not wonder where I left it! I can envision red hues being used for romantic movies, the blues for a good cry, etc. I’m already excited about the idea of this!!

  137. I have a design and art blog that I write to keep me creating…I would use the color wheel to choose my color mood for inspiration and blog how I translate that inspiration….(even if I don’t win, I think I will do this anyways!)

  138. i’d love to use this to organize all the inspiration snippets I grab from magazines, photos, etc. etc. Searching for everything organized by color would be awesome!

  139. Ahhhh! So in love with this! I would use it as a dessert recipe holder. Just spin and pick my recipe of the day! 🙂

  140. I’m starting a new job that requires meeting with people to raise funds. I would love to use this to keep all of my contacts organized!

  141. In my shop there are some products that cannot have a barcode sticker on so I have a tatty plastic card index with the barcodes stuck on. I think this would brighten up my tills, I’d have to buy a second to match though!

  142. I think I would categorize my friends and contacts based on their signature color rather than alphabets.

  143. I would use this deck as a recipe organizer! I am newlywed who is new to the world of cooking. As a single lady, it was dinners out of me, and now as a wifey I am trying to cook more. I keep pulling recipes from all over the place and just stack them in a pile. This would be awesome!

  144. As a designer the Envelopments Roll-o-Deck would be an essential tool in organizing resources. It would be a staple on my desk!

  145. Ok, I know I’m not the first one to say this, but a recipe holder for sure! In fact, I would love to send them out with my wedding invites and ask them to bring them on my wedding day with their favorite recipe written on it, so I’d be ready to go and have great memories of my day every time I cook!

  146. I would give this deck to my wife. She loves fun patterns and great paper. She has been working hard on finishing her studio in our home and I know she would love to have this in there.

  147. I would use this to add some color to my home office and as a recipe roulette! I have been trying to think out a new meal planning system and this looks like it could make it fun! I will probably add some inspirational, happy quotes in there too because I definitely do not have that many recipes!!

  148. Love this! I knit and crochet and while I love ravelry, there’s something to having a physical finished object notebook. How cool would it be to color coordinate the of the projects with a card and store a photo, yarn information, who I gifted it and pattern name. I can’t wait to start rolling through all the finished projects =)

  149. I would use this to consult with clients and to create color combos for new designs. It would also serve as a work of art to beautify my desk. After sitting on my desk for a while it would probably become a pantone book, address book, scrap book, note book, journal, photo album and phone book.

  150. What a fantastic item to bring to design consultations with brides! I am a wedding coordinator and so many times my brides stick with basic colors and ideas because they don’t see with their own eyes the magic of color and design. If I was able to hit them right off the bat with the fabulous design elements that Envelopments offers it would be a great jumping off point. Then that pattern (and any accent patterns) would accompany us to to each appointment. I would design a personalized style/inspiration board for each bride featuring part of their card of choice front and center. We could then order the pattern from Envelopments and use it on everything! Direction Cards, Schedule Cards, Menu Cards, Escort Cards, and Place Cards; this fantastic paper isn’t just for invites! What a fun and inspirational way to open a brides eyes to world of color and design and introduce her to one of the best paper companies out there!!!! I would be thrilled to win this!

  151. Oh heavens and rainbows! How lovely! I would use this as functional art on top of my new desk hutch! What a way to brighten up a room, use the graphic spherical shape for design and keep my dearest friends contact info in the cutest way, so functional! Love, love, love-

  152. I think that the ‘twirl and stare’ what I would do first! Love the colours and would love to get some inspiration as I am going to develop some wedding card ranges!

  153. I think I would just stare at it all day for several days in a row, then be sure to put it somewhere where the girls can’t get to it. Would it look good on the mantle?

  154. I would use the roll-o-deck as inspiration for design projects. I would bring it along to client meetings, especially for brides to get ideas for colors and patterns.

  155. I would use this as endless design and color inspiration. I am just mesmerized by the wheel of color just looking at the pictures!!

  156. This is feeding my inner color monster to no end!! I’d kill to have this on my desk at home…filled with the contact info of my students parents! I’ve never been one to be good at keeping track of addresses on my computer. This would be so perfect for me!

  157. My soon-to-be Mother in Law is going to throw me an afternoon tea party shower, and this roll-o-decks would be a perfect addition. We would ask all of our wonderful guests to bring their favorite recipe, to outfit me with a roll-o-decks full of yummy things to make my new hubby!

  158. I’d love to use this as an inspiration challenge for my design projects. Simply twirling it and flicking through all those gorgeous colours and prints would encourage me to step away from my usual ‘go-to’ combinations!
    Love the idea of this fabulous product!

  159. I love this! The patterns and colors are so adorable. I would love to use this for so many things! A recipe holder would be amazing, and would really add a pop of color(s) to my bland kitchen. And (since I will be getting married in two years) I could use it as escort cards. How adorable to color code the tables instead of just using numbers! wow, I think I need this now..

  160. I would use this catalog for scraps of my favorite fabrics. To keep them forever. And to browse through for new ideas and color combinations.

  161. This would be great for organizing my tons of business cards, clothing tags, etc. that I save for design inspiration!

  162. i’d use them for craft fairs! i’d use my handy stamp to put my website on half of the cards – i’d leave some blank and leave out a pen with a note – “take a card, leave your email!”

  163. Mostly, I will probably stare at it all day… but I may use it to organize fabrics, paint samples, and other color-coordinated goodies currently lying all over my crafting table!

  164. we’re constantly using little scraps of paper to sketch out new art projects. rather than constantly losing track of those, we can carry around stacks of these cards every day, and promptly return them to the roll-o-deck each evening, thus keeping all of our flashes of inspiration in one easy-to-access place. go productivity!

  165. I would use it for photos from our honeymoon and reception (you know the ones that the photographer didn’t get but should have b/c there is a REALLY funny inside joke that goes with it or just plain old funny) and we had people sign vintage postcards we had reproduced to double as a guest book. I would use the colors to highlight the colors in the photos from our trip through Europe and then mix in the lovely notes from our “guest book.”

  166. I love, love, love the bright colors in this. Since my husband and I live 1300 miles from each other, I would use this as a scrapbook to capture the little details of my life that he misses out on every day. Since the cards are small enough carry with me I can clip things, glue things and write things that make me think of him and mail them to him to add to the roll-a-dex. And it will be an ever growing collection of my sentiment for him… his love language is words of affirmation!

  167. I would love to use this to create different palettes. I love color and am an (aspiring) graphic designer. This would definitely be an easy tool to use and fun on top of it.

  168. I’ll use the Envelopments Roll-O-Deck to chase away the Creative Block Monster, feared by all designers. This monster sometimes hangs out in my hobby room, but I’m sure I’ll be able to get rid of him for good if I had this lovely paper treasure on my desk! Feasting my eyes on the beautiful colours, feeling the texture of the paper under my fingers … how much more inspiration could one ask for? And just imagine … I’ll be able to capture all my ideas on the individual cards!

  169. WOW – Its just so beautiful! I would love to have it sitting on my desk for color inspiration. I create custom die cuts and paper embellishments so this would work great to look a new color combination’s.

  170. My idea is not very exotic, but I would love to have this beautiful card deck to keep track of pictures of my seven grandchildren. The shelves of my book case are overwhelmed with picture frames, so putting pictures into this format would be wonderful…and portable, too.

  171. I really need a special “adress book” for my scrap friends so… it would be perfect!!!

  172. I absolutely love this! I would use it for taking an inspirational spin when I have a bit of designers block. It would be great to print different fonts and graphics on the cards and then design based on whatever cards are randomly chosen. Thank you for the giveaway!

  173. I would use it to organize my online account info – right now, each site gets an index card. BORING. Would look great on my desk!

  174. I love this! I know my wife could use a better way to organize her plethora of awesome recipes.

    Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

  175. I would use it as a calendar! You could reorder the color of the cards to match the seasons. (And, you would still have extra cards to jot down to-do lists.)

  176. Oh my… that’s beautiful! I think I would just spin and stare at it all day. Or I would scrapbook with it… maybe by day or by month… how fun! Thanks!

  177. Ohmygosh – the colors and patterns on this wheel are lovely! I have so many ideas, it would be a challenge to pick only one use. My first instinct was a recipe wheel for family recipes and those we receive on recipe cards from the bridal shower / wedding! Another thought I had was to use it as a daily journal to jot down notes on my days.

    It would also make a very colorful photo ‘album’ of sorts – it could be displayed for guests to flip through.

    For a big project, it could be made into a large flip book, with single frames on each card, and when flipped it could look like a movie.

    I am so excited! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  178. Looooove these!

    It is hard to remember names of restaurants and bars, what I had there, etc in NYC. Every time I go out to eat or happy hour I would grab a business card or save the receipt and paste it onto a card along with what I had at each place. Of course also color coordinating by what type of food/place it was!

    This would make recommending places and revisits a snap!

  179. This could be a cute and fun way to encourage young kids to learn new words (flashcards) or even for those studying for tests to use to take notes.

  180. I’d use it for project ideas/notes. I like the idea of putting everything on something I can see every day without paging through a sketchbook.

  181. So many thoughts. I love the way this looks on the giant roller. My husband has a huge collection of busness cards currently sitting around in rubber banded piles – unsightly. Using this would be a great way make the office look better and make it easier for him when he is actually looking for a card. Bonus – inspiration from the beautiful colors. I love paper!

  182. I’m starting a new blog and getting my foot into the door of letterpress and cards. I’ve enjoyed the serenity of making cards, but all my ideas were scattered in my head and jotted down on pieces of paper. Basically, whenever I had a new idea or thought, whatever scraps of paper or post-it was around was were it would be. The roll-o-decks would be a great way to store my ideas and new creations and have it labeled specifically somewhere organized. My new idea-o-decks!!

  183. I’d use it for all my project ideas! It would be a prettier alternative to the little pieces of paper laying in piles

  184. I would use this for our Dirty Hands Project at Oasis Community Church!!!
    Dirty Hands has been in existence for 10 months and the central idea is to give your time, talent/skills/hobbies (i.e. pick up groceries, provide childcare, donate frequent flyer miles, make a wedding cake, provide electrician skills, write thank you notes, etc.)and money in meeting someone’s need.
    When someone has a need they fill out a Dirty Hands request and our team connects them with someone at Oasis to meet their need. By submitting a need, they are committing to serve someone else’s need with their gifts/talents when the perfect time comes! Everybody is good at something and everyone can love no matter their experience level or availability of time.
    I would use this AMAZING roll-o-deck to organize the gifts, talents, resources and abilities that people have submitted so it would be a beautiful, easy-friendly way in getting into contact with someone meeting someone else’s need!!!

  185. I’d totally use it as a guest book/address book for the wedding- except it’d be by our photobooth, so guests could cut out one of their small pics, glue it on a card, and write their address! Best to put a face with the address with all of those friends, family friends, and relatives!

  186. I’ve been searching for a creative unique rolodex to replace mine. I’ve had my old rolodex for years and it’s an eyesore. I would transfer all my business cards and contacts into this new one and use a portion of it for an inspirational catalog. It’s amazing. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  187. I would fill it with my favorite quotes and memories. Each morning, I would give it a spin and be greeted with something that inspires me or makes me smile. (although the sumptuous colors and patterns alone are enough to evoke such response!)

  188. All the colours and patterns and designs – sooo beautiful….almost too beautiful to use!

    A part of me would just want to have it on my desk to see the amazing colours of it and to use it as inspiration for color combinations for design projects.

    I want this!!!

  189. I’d definitely use it for recipes. I have a terribly unorganized recipe cabinet and I’d love to start this and pass it on to family members eventually. I have the worst track record of making something I love and then not keeping the recipe!

  190. Seriously, I want this so bad. Since I’m just starting out as a designer & whatnot, I’d use it for organizing new contacts. I’m in serious need of something like this for that sole purpose. So, while it’s not all that original, it is pretty flipping efficient!

  191. I think it would be wonderful as a revolving scrapbook — quotes, little pictures, fortunes, ticket stubs, clippings, paint chips as inspiration … It would be hard to decide how to use it. So versatile and colorful. Just love it.

  192. In my endless quest to *organize* myself – I think that this might be SO PRETTY that I finally end up USING something (instead of just purchasing and not using!)

  193. So pretty! I would use this to keep track of my client’s preferences, I have a cake decorating company and this would so match my work’s aesthetic!

  194. great patterns!! i think it would be a great organizer for picture, addresses… little odds and ends. def. would be a great place for recipes. how cute!

  195. So, so, so pretty. I’d use this to inject my love of bright color into an office that was painted with my husband’s paint color preference. 🙂

  196. L O V E . L O V E . L O V E .

    I’d display the roll-o-deck on the corner of my desk so all my creative co-workers would glare at me with envy. Later they wouldn’t be so jealous because I plan on making tiny custom greeting cards for each of them using various paper choices! That way everyone can display the colorful paper on their desk, it’ll brighten up the whole creative department!

  197. What a unique way to love paper even more!

    I’d love to use this as a sort of guest book for my friends and family to leave quirky little messages when they come over for dinner or parties. Then I would have a beautiful keepsake to remember that year!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  198. For my mother’s 90th birthday. I would ask each person to write a person note. Mom would love looking at them over and over.

    For myself I would keep card recipes and ideas/notes to jog my creativity.

  199. In my office, it would serve as a catalog of all the brides’ and dates I’ve worked with and their color themes.

  200. This is so gorgeous – I could look at these beautiful papers all day. I think I’d use it as a guest book of sorts for our home. It looks to me like the cards would be the perfect size for Instax photos, too. I save fortunes and little mementos, and this would be perfect for those -an awesome revolving scrapbook!

  201. Great way to record birthday/Holiday gift ideas for friends/family/coworkers or anyone else in your life!

  202. Wow this would be great to use for plain old contact information on my desk (who doesn’t need a little inspiration) or recipes too … it’s such eye candy I wouldn’t even need to actually use it!

  203. I love this!! I think this is great!!! I can’t decide if I would use it to create color palette combos or as something I can sit our on my counter and store recipes!! What a fun addition to a kitchen or office!

  204. I am just addicted to Rolodex cards and have never seen such a pretty set as this one is. I hope I win this- I really NEED one like this to just cheer me up, daily! I’d file my creative contacts in it, magazine info so I can find important magazine articles, and of course, let’s not leave out my special “Pet Psychic’s” contact info! LOL!

  205. So colorful and inspiring. It would be great for recipes or would look gorgeous on a desk. Love it!

  206. I would use it to make my big metal/wood type catalog. I am starting my print shop and I am getting a lot of metal type that need to be organized and have an easy way to show my clients how they look in paper and in “right” reading.

  207. I can’t stop staring at this, how awesome! I think I would just sit it on my desk and dream up new ideas to do with all the beautiful colors!

  208. I LOVE this. I am expecting my second child in December (a BOY!) and I would love to use this to write down all the special moments that will happen in our new family of 4.

  209. Would love to use each of those colored sections to organize my potential wedding vendors…

  210. I would use this as a revolving gratitude journal. I have a journal addiction (several are laying about my desk now) but I’ve been holding off on starting a new one. I guess I’ve been waiting to find the “perfect” thing. How wonderful it would be to casually flip through the cards and remind myself of those quiet observations to myself.

  211. These papers are beautiful… I love Envelopments, they always have the most beautiful patterns and papers!

    I would use these cards as a combination of wall art and organization board… I would take the cards individually and put them up on magnetic board on my wall. I would use them for all sorts of things I need to (or would like to) remember like appointments, quotes, and inspirational ideas. What I like about using the separate cards is that I would be able to move them around, group them, and put them in a different order so I am able to see what is more important for today, tomorrow, etc. Or it could be completely random… depending on my mood!

    These cards look super fun! May the best idea win!

  212. Gosh this is just gorgeous! I would love one of these! SO PRETTY! I would use it to house my never-ending collection of memorable and important quotes. Beautiful words + gorgeous paper = heaven!

  213. I just LOVE your header font! What is it?!?! Drool….

    Anyway, I would do a memory wheel – one memory of the day for 365 days – oh and only use B&W photos if adding a pic – the colors would make the B&W pic pop!…once the wheel was filled, I’d either make it into a little thick book or file them in a decorative box to replace the wheel with new blank pages for the new year. It would be fun to apply a quote to the day depending on your mood or happenings, etc. I could also use it as a cool prop to pin some of the ribbon clips I make for little girls – would be perfect to let people flip through!

    FUN!!! Thanks for the chance!

  214. Oh, that’s lovely!!!
    I could find so many ways to use it, but knowing myself I’d probably use as a sort of an art journal. I’d take those beautiful papers to make my draws, my collages, to write inspiring quotes etc etc…
    It would be amazing to win!

  215. Love this Thing! It makes me so happy just to look at it. At first, it would just sit on my desk and make me happy. After a while, I would feel compelled to find a use for it – most probably collecting ideas, samples, inspirations, etc. Then, whenever I am a little blue or in a creative slump, I would have a fun place to pcik myself up.

  216. I think I’ll be boring and use it for addresses! Though I also love the idea of using it to store photos… watch our daughter grow up!

  217. I would use one of each design/color for card-making and I would also use it to come up with new and exciting color combinations! This is gorgeous!

  218. I have a perfectly good address book, a perfectly good recipe binder, and a perfectly good sketchbook (although none as cute as this). So what excuse do I have for this beauty??? Up until this very moment, I didn’t even know I needed one of these. But now, I realize this would solve a major NEED for me. I am pretty DIY crazy at the moment. Infatuated to say the least. But it has been pretty hard to stay organized enough to implement all that I want to accomplish. Currently my sketchbook is overflowing w/ a list of +50 projects I’ve been dying to try & I have another couple hundred bookmarked on my computer. I could really use this lovely roll-o-deck as a place to store each DIY project, along w/ necessary supplies, a little sample photo, notes of what tried and worked (or what didn’t) along the way…all organized by theme (kids, recipe, wedding, jewelry, etc.) The very best part would be that they are handy little cards which I could remove & take w/ me to the supply store. Oh, & it doesn’t hurt that the gorgeous paper & color palette would be beyond inspirational too! P.S. I found you today for the first time through Paper Crave, & you are so added to my Google Reader for daily reading!

  219. I can not imagine my life without this! It is so cute! I will use to make notes about my baby, day by day, a new word, a new smile, and when the roll-o-deck finishes I will make a little book and start a new one. I am sure that my baby will be grateful to have his life in a book. All the books will be my wedding gift to him. I will incentivate him to do the same…

  220. I’m not sure what I’ll use it for, but one idea is for color combination options for cardmaking and other artistic creations. I can’t imagine WRITING on the cards….maybe just have them to fondle.

  221. I love this! I would use it to organize inspirational quotes and clippings for future projects

  222. In addition to having it sit on my desk as a fun bauble all on its own, I would use it as a love note collection. Since my husband and I work opposite shifts, and barely see each other, we’d leave little notes and doodles on each card as the days rolled by with inspirational messages to each other. Then, whenever we get lonely, we can flip back through the cards and remind ourselves how much we love each other!

  223. I’ve been thinking long and hard about what I would do with such a beautiful roll-o-deck and I finally found a great idea. I’ve been wanting to start recording the stories of my and my husband’s Southern parents and grandparents and I thought it would be such a fun idea to file a small card with each story’s title and a brief description. It would be a great way to remind us of our roots and, when kids come along, provide a fun way to choose a story for them to hear about their past.

  224. I would use the roll-o-decks to keep and organize business cards, that I will be collecting from my first ever trip to Europe. Each country is a color or maybe each color will be a service. All cards from cafe’s in France will go in one section, all antique stores from England in another, a fun way to remember my trip and keep ideas for my next one.

  225. Im going to be attending my first family reunion next year, my mom and dad divorced when I was 2 so I have never met majority of my dads family. This would great to be able to put a picture with there info on the rolodex.

  226. My mother and I collect all German fashion magazines from 30s to 60s (we already own hundreds). The rolodex would be the perfect item to organize our collection and be able to quickly flip through.

  227. I actually gasped and felt a bit giddy when I first saw this, it’s gorgeous!

    I am starting my own wedding stationery business called Fun Fayre and only yesterday was thinking of new ways to show my colour range to customers. I hit upon the idea of a wheel (like a ferris wheel to match my Fun Fayre theme) and then the very next day I see this on your website.
    It’s perfect and must be fate.

  228. I can’t even guess how many times I have overheard my kids saying or doing something hilarious and cute in the playroom while I am busy in the kitchen… All their little cutesy moments get lost because I never have paper handy to record it! The roll-o-decks would be an amazing way to save all their memories neatly and safely… So lovely!!!

  229. I have a small greeting card company it will be a perfect addition to my working table is nut just functional but pretty to.I will be able to add all my clients in there.

  230. This is so cute! I would use it to dream up color palettes for my projects. Maybe I’d play a game with it and spin it 3 times and wherever my finger lands while spinning it, that would be the colors I use in my project!

  231. I would write quotes and messages and add photos for my two children on it, so hopefully a long time in the future they can flick back thru and see how much i love them

  232. I am a graphic designer, but I have a special love of mine: desserts!
    I love cooking them, specially muffins. When I saw the roll deck, I can see myself easily using this colors as a PANTONE GUIDE (color guide for graphic designers), but instead, as a guide to creat lovely muffin color creations! Is just so amazing!

  233. I would use this as the guest book at our wedding, everyone could leave us a message and we could flick through them for years to come and remember our happy day!

    Sarah x

  234. I’ve always loved letterpress printing onto pre-printed stock – I would overprint wood type onto the roll-o-deck cards, creating a brightly colored abecedarian.

  235. I would use it for inspirational and fun quotes to use in my “hand” crafted greeting cards.

  236. I think the guest book idea is a really good one!! I’m planning to use shades of blue as my main color and have lots of bright colored flowers so this would fit in perfectly!! I’m think I would also take some out and put them on tables and ask people to leave notes on them for us so it would serve as a guest book but also a catalog of well wishes. This would be a great addition to any wedding, or any home, I just love it!!

  237. I would use it as a special wedding present that will be packed with a lot of personal vouchers or coupons like “giving you a flower” or “cleaning your window” or “baking some cookies for you”.

  238. some sort of love memory wheel for the boyf & I so we can remember all the little things!! (inside jokes, sweet dinners, cute sayings)

  239. Love the colors! I would use this for contacts. I would also design a new holder for the cards………

  240. Wow – so many colors, so much inspiration! I’m a glass artist and using this roll-o-deck would be lots easier than carrying all those glass samples to my clients…it would also allow me to play with color and design ideas in a safer way!

  241. My boyfriend is a graphic designer so there’s no doubt I would give this absolutely gorgeous giveaway to him as his birthday gift. He could use it as inspiration in his work and I would leave tiny hidden messages in it that he could read while I’m at work…

  242. Fun, sexy, serious….I would love to use it with my brides when we first start the wedding process …have them pick out designs, colors, what a fun way to get to know which direction to go with their designs.

  243. I would marvel at the beautiful colors and use the colors to plan some of my scrapbook pages and quilts that I make! What a wonderful inspirational tool!! This is gorgeous!

  244. so many good ideas…I would probably use these bright designs to incorporate into my scrapbooking and cards, or just use them to organize my ideas or business contacts! I love how color coordinated they are!

  245. Color = Happiness. I would use it in many different ways, but the most important use for it would be to bring a smile to my face and to brighten my day 🙂

  246. I think it would be wonderful to use as a diary to collect quotes and little stories from your children!

  247. I think it’s great as an address book – but what about a recipe keeper for those nights when ya wanna cook and take out library for those that you don’t?

  248. Would fully use it for my office! We’re constantly looking for inspiration and colour options for our clients invites and this would be a wicked way to show case them! Love it!

  249. Im obsessed with anything that comes one in every color! Seriously. Our wedding had ribbon in every color, ties in every color, you get the point. I do a regular blog post with items that come in every color. I would melt if I could own this!

  250. I would make a fun fun game with one!!

    Once I as given a deck of cards and each person would pull a card which would ask you a question you HAD to answer to the crowd. Sometimes they would be potentially embarassing, but they were always interesting and fun. For example, “if you could have one super power… what would it be?”.

    I would create a similar game with the person picking a card for this adorable Roll-a-Deck after I filled half of it with questions. Half I would leave blank, so if someone happened to pick a blank card, they would instead of answering a question, create one for that card. That way everyone can contribute to “Roll-a-Deck, The Game”… haha!! 🙂

  251. So bummed I miss the HOW conference. I was at the AIGA Leadership retreat instead and boy, this would have been a HIT there! What inspiration! I luv luv luv colors, patterns and organization! I am totally drooling. MUST HAVE!

  252. I think this is totally cool! I am a designer love paper & color ! Obsessed with paper! I I think it would be really cool to put little pictures on? Maybe take a pic of your new baby for every day of the year!

  253. I’ll admit, I take lots of pictues but never do anything with them. I would use the roll-o-deck as a venue to showcase the pictures I’ve taken over the years. I live in a small cottage with my boyfriend and our three cats so hanging pictures on our walls is out of the question because it makes our house look smaller. I would love to have the colorful cardstock peaking out from behind my pictures as it sits nicely on our coffee table.

  254. Office. functional and super pretty. I need something pretty to look at every day. This will have a new pattern/color for every day!! Love it!

  255. I have adored this product since it’s inception and would love to add it to my desk at work to keep my spirits up. Fund-raising for a living is hard work and this rainbow of cards would be a great pick-me-up every day.

    If I had 2 I would use the second one for pictures of things I love!

  256. Since I’m a designer and a little OCD, I would love to be able to use this at my office to color code all the different business cards I receive. Since I already love to categorize everything by size, color, alphabetically and by date, thise would fit in lovely with my love for colors and patters and my need for organization.

  257. I might need two: One for traditional filing and the other to coordinate my outfits. I could list pieces that go with a particular color or pattern – even add photos of great combinations!

  258. I would use it to organize all of my events! I like to research different things and the assorted colours could correspond to the types of events (i.e. arts are magenta, concerts are green, annual events are a blue floral, restaurant reviews are goldenrod). This would be a much more fun way of keeping the information and fun to show off to friends!

  259. My little sister will be starting college as a freshman this coming September. She’ll be majoring in ART, with a whole world of information ahead of her as she ventures into the “College Life” I know the Envelopements Roll a Deck would surely inspire her and most definately make her room mate swoon with envy!

  260. I would use this to catalog an alphabetical list of my favorite things! (with drawings.)

  261. this would be a fabulous guest book at a wedding! the guests could write their info and even a sentiment, then, so easy for the bride and groom to continue adding people throughout their lives! the color inspiration for the wedding palette would be endless… think invitations and programs… and not only do the colors look amazing but the patterns are great too!

  262. I scrapbook and this would be a great addition to my scrapbooking room. It’s such a fantastic giveaway I could find may thing to do with it!!!

  263. wow, so cute and pretty! hmmmm, maybe it will be too small to write a whole recipe, but i can put ideas or recipe names because i’ve collected so many recipes that i’ve forgotten about–maybe i can just pull one out spontaneously and cook that meal that week.

    or maybe i can put a life time of things i’d like to do and then when i’ve done them, put the date on the back and a brief description so that i can look back on everything i’ve accomplished.

    i’m excited just thinking of it!

  264. Color inspires me! Whenever I am stuck for ideas in my creative writing, I look at colorful sites such as yours. The roll-o-deck would be perfect for me to keep my ideas for my next novel! The ideas keep popping into my head, and each of the cards would be a perfect place to keep the characters, plot points, and other details of the book in one place. When I’m ready to write the book, I can flip through the roll-o-deck for ideas and get inspired by the colors!

  265. I envision a photo album-any occasion (family reunion, retirement, anniversary, etc.) Guests would have their picture taken and the resulting photos would then become a component of each card in the deck. Great way to remember names and faces!! Name of each person would be stamped or created from alphabet stickers, punches, etc. and then the remainder of the card would be collaged with other embellishments.

  266. As a children’s library volunteer – I would keep track of all the books I have read and would recommend – with the book’s information on the card and a brief description. The genres would be organized by color. Since it would be located on the front desk of the library – patrons could add their comments to the card after reading the book.

  267. I work for the government, and sometimes it can be a gloomy place. I would use this beautiful roll-o-deck firstly to brighten up my desk and all those who come around it. I would also store the names of people who can help me better assist the people of America, whether it be business contacts, fellow government employees, or corporations. Lastly, I would store the information of people who need my help or who I have helped so I may never forget why I go to work each and every day. It’s amazing what a tiny colorful office instrument is capable of and the amount of helpful information it can contain.

  268. Wow, this is so amazing! I love all of the colours, so pretty. I recently started my website up, and I would love to have this to somehow go along with it! I have been writing down every city that people have visited my website from, so maybe I could keep track of it with this!

  269. I am an Art teacher by day, invitation designer and etsy store owner by night. I have a major obsession with color and creating new combinations and this would be the ultimate toy! I think it is way too beautiful to actually use for more than looks and inspiration – I could never write on it and tarnish such a treasure!

  270. As an engineering student, there isn’t much beauty infused into my daily work. Having all of the formulas and equations I need to memorize, especially the programming algorithms, all laid out in a gorgeous fashion might just be the makeover my drab, freecycled desk needs to remind me I’m not just an all-practical engineer, but an artist and a girl as well!

    (Do you give away the courage to write on such a pretty thing along with it?)

  271. I’d love to use it first as a gorgeous decor/inspiration item on my desk. Then I’d fill it with notes about my day, quotes I like, ticket stubs; a journal of sorts!

  272. I’d love to use this Roll-o-deck to make my coworkers jealous. Who wouldn’t love to use the tabs as bookmarks in magazines, as inspiration for design layouts, or post-it holders for brainstorming/organizing processes on a table or wall… The uses for this beautiful roll-o-deck are endless.

  273. Paper and colour what a treat.
    Functionality of course as well but it is all about paper and colour

  274. This is absolutely awesomely designed. It is something I would use this as preparation for our family Indian Wedding

  275. Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration! I think I would often take them out of order to play with them on my desk; I would always put them back in order at the end of the day (or I couldn’t sleep)!

  276. I would use the Roll-O-Deck as a perpetual calendar and include not only the month and days but include odd quirky information and inspiration.

  277. I would use it as a business cards for my clients to pick from. So i would print the business cards on a coordinating colour paper and lay it on the cards and place them on the rolodex. Then all my clients would do is select the colour they like with my business card on it

  278. Must. Have. This!! I’ve been trying to think of a creative way to memorize Bible verses. This would be great to print verses on, maybe even categorize them by color (encouragement, hope, peace, etc) and grab one every day, keep it in my purse or on my desk at work, then put it back at the end of the day. I just might have to get one for my siblings too to use for the same idea. OR (the ideas just keep coming!) to use as a blessing wheel. At the end of each day our family would write down a blessing and then over the Thanksgiving holiday, we’d go through our wheel and see how we’ve been blessed the whole year though. I love, love, love this wheel!

  279. Gorgeous and so inspiring! I would use it to organize and plan for events, and of course, it would sit somewhere completely visible to make all my friends jealous of its gorgeousity.

  280. I would put my friends’ faces on each pieces along with their contacts. And I would give it a spin everyday, that person I stopped at will be the friend of the day for me to be in contact with. Roulette of friendship! ;p

  281. I’m an invitation designer and photographer, often a wedding consultant too – I would love to use this to organize all my vendor and client information. I’m a bit of an organizational freak so the idea that I could color code my rolo-dex is like a dream come true! It would be such a great addition to my office that is currently undergoing a makeover to be cleaner and more colorful. I’m also a total envelopements junky (I have their mini deck that I use with my invitations) and I feel like if I got their beautiful roll-o-deck it would be a good omen for my business! Crossing my fingers.

  282. these are simply beautiful. i would use these as a business card, fill in my contact information and then give these away to my clients. then i would be the one colorful card in their set of plain white cards. a diamond in the rough.

  283. I think this is the perfect way to capture new customer information when they visit my store…what a happy way to do this. It would also be a good way to show party givers and brides a new idea for a guest book. I do believe customers would just want to order one to have for recipes, ideas, info of all kinds that you are happy just looking at!

  284. Wow. I didn’t even think of a wedding guest book, but that’s freaking brilliant! I would WANT to use it for that purpose, but I’d probably want to keep it as pristine as possible. So, I’d either use it for phone numbers, for staring off into space, as colour swatches for projects and it’d be great to use the cards for backdrops in photos.


  285. I think this would be a great addition to my office desk. One of the first things I ask as a coordinator/planner is what the couple’s colors are and this just makes it simple!

  286. Oh, yes please! I love multi-tasking, and I especially love color, so there’s no way this roll-o-decks would have just one function for me. It seems that most people are yearning to give this a good spin, and I’m no exception…

    Spinning, spinning, watching with fascination,
    wherever it lands decides the color for my next illustration!

    Being the illustrator that I am, the primary function of this wheel would be for color palette inspiration. And with so many beautiful colors to inspire me, I’ll be sure to battle any artist block that comes my way! I would also want to fill it with any little tidbit that inspires me… business cards, pieces of paper and fabric, love notes, doodles… and not to mention use it as housing for my movie ticket stub collection I started 15 years ago.

    After it’s filled, what a fun way to give it another good whirl and open it up to see what surprise awaits within!

  287. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I can see it now…Sitting upon my new/old stainless steel desk that I’ve made, with the vintage wire rack storage bin found at a railway museum overhead, spinning through the pinks for my volunteer contacts at Service For Sight. Then switching to the yellows because I need to find one of my professional contacts’ info. Then, I need to make a call to a client so I, of course, reach for the Blues because that’s where they are!

    Oh, the things we find!!! The purples could be vendors for the wedding, the oranges could be the firecrackers I meet at networking events.

    Moving into the delightful prints to not websites and books and articles I must see sometime…

    ..It’s so excitingly overwhelming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ANNNNNNDDDDD…what an extraordinary GIFT!!! I know 3 people off the top of my head that absolutely NEED one of those…gift giving DONE!

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  288. Hi! I am currently planning my wedding for next summer and would use this rolodex to keep track of everything (and all of my guests)! It is gorgeous!!!!! xoxo Melissa aka the future Mrs. Mathis!

  289. I don’t know how I would use this other than to look at the beautiful colors everyday!!! I love it!! Maybe I could set it somewhere in the house to make my company jealous. Maybe I could color coordinate my house or garden. No. I would just love to look at it.

  290. This is so beautiful! I would use it to section the colors into categories and memorialize my favorite things like songs/lyric , movies, quotes, etc. It would be SO fun to add to as life goes on! 🙂

  291. AH! Gorgeous! I’m helping plan my sister’s wedding and LOVE the idea of using this as a guest book and have her THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ISH guests write their addresses and well wishes and words of wisdom! How do I make sure folks keep their BBQ buffet fingers off the pretty paper (or does that add character?) Maybe they could attach a photo from the photobooth to the front? Oh what a lovely (and practical) keepsake!

  292. We are about to start renovating our house so I will use this to keep all the millions of things you need when renovating organised. Michelle

  293. A recipe organizer would be great (love color in my kitchen) but honestly I would just sit it on my desk and enjoy looking at it. Like a cute little piece of art!

  294. I live these beautiful cards and I would love to have them class up my desk at work! I would use them to organize my business cars as well as inspire my creative juices!

  295. wow love the colors and patterns!

    I’d love to use this for all my grandmother’s recipes. We have been nagging her to write them down for us so we don’t loose them and this would be great to display them!

  296. There are so many great ideas up here already! I love the idea of a blessing wheel with Bible verses categorized by color. I am also in the early stages of wedding planning and could see myself using this as a planning tool or as a fantastic guest book as others have suggested. Thank you to the Envelopments Team for making the traditional “roll-o-deck” so much prettier!

  297. my +1(fiance) has recently left(not permanently) me to become a medical officer with the u.s. army. i would use the roll.o.deck to write a single sweet.nothing every day(with date and time) on one side to mail as a pick me up, and to let the +1 know how i am in love, and can not wait until we are back together. my +1 would then write a response to the note with date time and send back. so that we could have an organized and sweet memories of our time apart(3years) thanks.

  298. These are simply gorgeous! I would use it either as a guestbook for our wedding or as a recipe organizer after the wedding! Fingers crossed!

  299. Not that I’m one of the judges, but I think the entry below should win…!

    lanita says:
    August 6, 2010 at 10:21 AM
    my +1(fiance) has recently left(not per­ma­nently) me to become a med­ical offi­cer with the u.s. army. i would use the roll.o.deck to write a sin­gle sweet.nothing every day(with date and time) on one side to mail as a pick me up, and to let the +1 know how i am in love, and can not wait until we are back together. my +1 would then write a response to the note with date time and send back. so that we could have an orga­nized and sweet mem­o­ries of our time apart(3years) thanks.

  300. I work with my church’s children ministry and always in need of an organizer that has 100 plus kids information (parents name, phone number, grade, etc) in one easy reach!

  301. I would use this as an address book! Right now I have addresses (along with birthday, phone numbers, etc) all over the place and it would be amazing to have them all in one spot.

  302. Oh it is so beautiful!…I don’t get to look at anything as pretty as that where I work all day! (Direct Mail)…I would use it as inspiration to get me through the day. I would feel the colors and patterns take me away to a more beautiful place with color and shape and art….I just don’t know what I would do!

  303. Since I just began my Envelopments journey with the creation of my business, may i? design for you I would use this fabulous roll-o-deck as an inspiration to grow. My goal is to design an invitation in each color pallet this year! I would love to journal through the color wheel all of my clients, jobs, inspirations, and lessons learned.

  304. I would use it to track all the wee little bits of paper with ideas floating in my purse.

  305. I would use the bulk of them for recipe cards, since I love-love-love to bake. I envision different families of baked goodies — cookies! cakes! tarts/pies! quick-breads/muffins! — on each of the different colors.

    And the rest? Definitely for sharing. Since I’m a big believer in embracing life with whimsy, this could include (but is obviously not limited to): notes to friends on my typewriters; origami animals; messages like “smile & do something extra special today, ‘mmkay?” strategically placed in random public places for strangers to find; a giant color wall to cheer up my dreary college dorm room; and anything & everything else that strikes my fancy!

  306. With colors like this, I would do it all! Addresses, recipes, little anecdotes, and who doesn’t haven’t a list a mile long of fun things to do and experience? On one of those days where everything is just drab, I could spin my little color wheel and let it brighten my day. Will I call a friend I haven’t seen in years…bake my mom’s amazing pecan pie…start studying for my motorcycle license? This little merry-go-round could be practical and fun!

  307. I’d use it as a history collection – a short quote or story from people in the local area about the town, buildings, or other people.

  308. As an English teacher, I can envision using this as a way to keep track of great quotations from literature, poems, and the perfect phrases and sentences I often find in my students’ writing.

  309. I would give it to my girlfriend. She’d flip over something like this. I’d love to give this to her for her birthday on the 15th!

  310. Organizational system for my personal library… That way I can spread my books in a seemingly random fashion around the house, but always find what I’m looking for. Or maybe just a normal contact list… not sure yet.

  311. I’d use it in my upcoming wedding! My colors are blue & purple and this would look so pretty with all my other decorations.
    It looks like there are enough that I could use half as a guest book and then the other half as place cards and escort cards!

    This would be a lovely thing to win!
    Thank you so much for the chance.

  312. I would use this colorful wheel for recipes. I would color coordinate them with season eating. I LOVE THIS!!! Must, must have!

  313. I love this roll-o. I would use it as a good ole fashion roll-o-deck. Even in this time I would use it to keep track of numbers, passwords and websites!!

  314. Definitely at home with all our family/friends contact info. I love the way my current address book evolves over time as our circle grows.

  315. i would use this at a baby shower. Everyone can add their contact info to offer to babysit, their favorite takeout places, their favorite parenting blogs/websites, their favorite stores to shop for mom and baby

    It ‘s a pretty, one handed resource for a new mom!!

  316. Oh so pretty…. I could think of a few things, but my favourite would be to list all my favourite fonts and their foundries. Or maybe a website compendium, or if my husband had his way a list of of all his movies!!!

    Thanks for the chance to win a beautiful paper prize!!

  317. This is nerdy, but I’d use them for study flashcards – I find it so much easier to learn things when they’re written using gorgeous stationery.

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