Tom Sawyer + Huckleberry Finn Birthday Party Invitations

A few weeks ago, event designer Brandi Brown wrote in seeking advice for the invitations for her twin sons’ first birthday party – Brandi’s theme revolved around the story of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, and she wanted something that would mimic the boys’ straw hats.  I suggested that Brandi use burlap as the main element, and did a quick burlap round-up that she could use as inspiration.  Brandi sent over some photos of the invitation and party, and they’re absolutely fantastic!


To create the invitations, Brandi glued a square of burlap to a thin piece of balsa wood.  The invitation details were printed by a local printer onto green card stock and layered on top of the burlap.  A silhouette image of two boys fishing represents both the birthday boys as well as Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer.  So cute, right?!



{a custom burlap banner from funkyshique}


{LOVE the cute little menu cards!}


{more burlap details – a burlap tablecloth above, and burlap sippy cups for littlest party-goers below}



{the perfect favors, a personal hardback copy of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn!}

Brandi worked with fellow event planner Kate Landers, and you can check out additional details from the party on both Brandi’s blog and Kate’s blog.  Congratulations Brandi – I can’t wait to see what you do for the boys’ second birthday!

{image credits: inga finch photography}

  1. This is seriously adorable! I’m not usually a bunting person, but theirs looks fantastic. And I love all the burlap (especially around the sippy cups)!

  2. So cute and such a good idea!

    Although, when I was a kid, I had nightmares about Injun Joe hiding in my closet and under my bed. So hopefully Brandi’s boys aren’t as scared of him as I was!

  3. Amazing! This is so much fun for a kids’ party! I hope there was a lot of barefoot running and ruckus making!

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