Kristy + Adam’s Vintage Book Invitations

You might remember Kristy and Adam’s watercolor invitations and letterpress save the dates for their 10-year vow renewal earlier this year – the combination of Kristy’s amazing watercolor paintings with letterpress is still one of my absolute favorites.  Kristy and Adam decided to throw a party at their home in Pennsylvania for friends and family who couldn’t attend the ceremony out at Zion National Park.  And this time Kristy created the invitations using vintage hardcover books!

From Kristy: After a magical time in Zion National Park renewing our vows we could hardly wait for the big party in Pennsylvania to celebrate with those who were unable to travel.  Bringing a touch of the southwest to our party in PA was really important, so when I found this collection of Zane Grey Novels I knew I had to include them somehow.

Zane Grey was a prolific western adventure author who spent the later years of his life in Pennsylvania.  The historical landmark that once was his home is 45 minutes from ours!  The symbolism was perfect; western writer who spends his later years near our hometown….and the price wasn’t too shabby either; only $0.65 per book at a local vintage shop!

Betsy Dunlap‘s work has been present throughout our renewal invitations and save the dates so I saw it fitting to have her create an image that I could have turned into a rubber stamp.  I knew hand painting 75 books would be a chore but didn’t want to make it an impossible task.

Betsy penned a frame of text that repeated the words “Kristy and Adam 10 Years.”  I then imposed one of my Cosmo illustrations and sent the image off to a stamp maker.  White acrylic was brushed onto the stamp and – voila, our altered book invitations were begun!

Each bloom was then painted with various color inks; four shades of orange and red, a touch of gold, and three shades of green.  Rich, heavy strokes of color were added to each bloom to contrast the rough, water-stained shape the books were in when we found them.

Black velvet ribbon acted as a simple bookmark to discover the page in the book where the actual invitation was adhered.

Betsy also created the calligraphy for the kraft paper address labels, which were adhered to boxes that contained the party invitation and Zane Grey novels.

You can check out Kristy’s watercolor vow renewal invitations and letterpress save the dates here and here, and you can see lots more of her beautiful work over on Momental Designs.  Thank you so much Kristy!

{image credits: photo of kristy and adam from green apple photography, all other images by kristy rice}

  1. wow, these are absolutely gorgeous! i wish i had the ability/funds to have something as unique and beautiful as these!

  2. I think these are beautiful, but I couldn’t help thinking all the time I was looking at them that they seemed quite excessive for an after party vow renewal. I think if I got one in the mail to this party I would think it was over the top, but each to their own I suppose.

  3. Hi Corinne – Please keep in mind that Kristy designs invitations professionally, so I don’t think it’s at all over the top for her to go all out for the invitations celebrating her own vow renewal. And it’s her party, so she can do whatever she wants anyway!

    Also just a friendly reminder for everyone to please keep your comments positive in tone. We’re all here to celebrate paper, so let’s all be nice when leaving our comments! Thank you all so much!

  4. Did you use a font for the “Kristy and Adam” part of the invitation, or was that handwritten? Thank you

  5. These are amazing. And as somebody who loves the idea of a vow renewal, I think they’re perfect! 😉 I plan on being over the top as well…in two years! I eloped the first time and now I’m going to celebrate 10 years with my wonderful husband for all the world to see!

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