Sailor Tattoo-Inspired Wedding Invitations

Happy Friday everyone!  Before we start to head off for the weekend, I have a fantastic (and definitely unique) wedding invitation suite to share, this time from Diane Faye!  Diane designed this invitation suite for recent clients Jessica and Jared – all around the central inspiration of a sailor tattoo!

Sailor Tattoo Wedding Invitations

Diane sketched out all the entire design herself, from the names of the bride and groom to the nautical elements: The couple really loved my tattoo invitations but wanted their wedding invitations to revolve more around a sailing theme.  So with a little research and a few rounds of sketching, I created the custom lettering of their names, a fun anchor with the rope forming the ampersand, and an accompanying rsvp card and reception card.

Sailor Tattoo Wedding Invitations

Sailor Tattoo Wedding Invitations

The tag and phrase “there’s a wedding on the horizon” came from a sketch I did quite some time ago, but worked so well for Jessica and Jared’s invitation project.  So I sketched out a few tags and they chose the nautical star – fitting for a sailor theme.

Sailor Tattoo Wedding Invitations

Sailor Tattoo Wedding Invitation

With the yellow baker’s twine from Divine Twine it all came together into a wonderful package that the couple loves – and is one my favorite invitations to date!

Gorgeous!  I love how the hand lettering and tattoo details come together for a playful take on a sailing/nautical theme – so much fun!  You can check out more of Diane’s tattoo-inspired wedding invitations right here.  Thanks Diane!

{image credits: faye & co.}

  1. wow, so lovely to find your blog. this is such a unique idea for wedding invitations! who would have thought?

  2. Oh wow, I loved Diane’s original tattoo invites, but I think I love these even more! Great work.

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