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If you missed out on the giveaways last week, don’t worry, because we have one more giveaway this month – this time from Kim at Paper Lovely!  Kim is celebrating the one year anniversary of Paper Lovely, and she’s decided to bring the celebration over here with a giveaway!

personalized letterpress stationery

personalized letterpress note cards

Kim is generously offering a set of personalized letterpress note cards (the same ones you see above) to one lucky reader!  Thanks Kim!

So here are the rules: Leave a comment below letting us know about an important anniversary in your life and how you commemorated that anniversary.  Kim is also offering readers the opportunity to enter twice by spreading the news via twitter!  So if you tweet about the giveaway, come back here and leave a second comment with a link to your tweet for a second chance to win!You’ll have until 11:59 p.m. EST on Friday, June 11 to enter — we’ll announce a winner on Monday!  Bonne chance!

Update: Congrats to Laura – the winner of custom note cards from Paper Lovely!  And  a huge thanks to Kim from Paper Lovely for sponsoring this giveaway!

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  1. I have my 2 year wedding anniversary just around the corner and we planned ahead and are taking the whole week off for a stay-cation. We are going to stay in a fancy hotel close to the town we live in for two night and are also going to buy eachother fun bikes to tootle around town. We are REALLY looking forward to it!

  2. On our first anniversary we went to Golden Gate Park, one of our favorite outings. On this day though, we stumbled upon the little row boat rentals on Stow Lake, and decided to give it a whirl . It is so cheeky, and touristy, but it turned out totally romantic and fun. That will always be a sentimental place for me.

  3. My favorite anniversary: We weren’t planning on doing anything special that year because money was pretty tight. My guy didn’t know that I’d been putting money aside for a surprise weekend getaway to Traverse City, Michigan. I handmade 3 cards: the first was to surprise him with the location right before we got in the car, the second was for Saturday morning when I surprised him with a golfing day and dinner at a brewery, and the third was a surprise boat ride on a tall ship around the Grand Traverse bay – very romantic!

  4. An important anniversary would have to be my parents wedding anniversary. They have been going strong for over 30 years and are still so much in love… I couldn’t have asked for better role models or friends. I love celebrating that day with them!

  5. We’re 38 days out from our wedding, and instead of dwelling on past dating anniversaries, I can’t help but think of what our anniversaries will be like in the future.

    An important anniversary in our lives will be the one when we’re retired and we decide to finally fulfill our life-long dream of visiting every major league ballpark in America (and Canada) in one summer. On our anniversary, I can see us seated in the stands, popping sunflower seeds and giggling, wrinkled hand in wrinkled hand.

  6. I think my favorite anniversary is with my fiance, July 4. It’s great because there are always fireworks!

  7. on our 10th anniversary of dating (january 2, 2010)…my boyfriend asked me to marry him. it was definitely the best one so far.

  8. My mother passed away three months ago after a long battle with cancer. Every month since, on that date, I’ve planted one additional daisy in my garden. Daisies were always able to make my mother smile so now, on a tough anniversary, daisies make me smile as well.

  9. ooh, i love letterpress. we’re coming up on year nine in october! but a very special anniversary was when my husband had black and white photos taken of our first apartment, the restaurant where we had our first valentine’s, and more. photos of our old ‘stomping grounds’ where the romance began. it was such a sweet and simple gift, yet truly priceless.

  10. Recently when my husband and I celebrated our first anniversary we made it a point to stop in the church in Manhattan we were married in. We plan to try and do it every anniversary

  11. My man and I celebrate our dating anniversary on December 31st. And the best way we celebrated it was on December 31st 2008 when he proposed and we got engaged! It was a great night and I can’t wait to start celebrating a new anniversary on September 26, 2010 when we get married 🙂

  12. my favorite anniversary to date is my fiance and my dating anniversary, dec. 1. we actually picked an easy to remember date because i am horrible at remembering such things.

  13. My husband and I just celebrated our first year anniverary in March. Even after one year we are still very much newlyweds. We were able to have an anniversary photoshoot… and then I surprised my husband who has worked so hard all year long with a trip to Las Vegas which I saved up all year for. It was amazing to get away and spend time with each other to celebrate one year of marriage!

  14. The anniversary of when my husband proposed is so special to me. He the ring in our advent calendar for me to find and proposed just a few days before Christmas. Every year we use that same advent calendar, and every year I get to open December 20th.

  15. After years of insisting to all who would listen that we were “just friends and very happy that way, thank you” my husband and I will finally celebrate our first anniversary next week. My work as a consultant won’t allow for much time away from the office, but my husband, who hates surprises, has actually planned a weekend full of them, since I love being surprised and we’re celebrating my birthday that weekend too. I can’t wait to celebrate with this wonderful man!

  16. The only real anniversaries I celebrate are birthdays! Last year was my son’s first birthday and we had a huge party for him and I made a huge mini cupcake baseball diamond. It was amazing.

  17. that is some seriously yummy paper! what a nice giveaway.

    every year (for the past three years – in february!) my bf and i ride take the staten island ferry and share a piece of chocolate cake and a thermos of hot chocolate while we cross. a recreation of our first date.

  18. At the risk of being a Debbie Downer… Last August, my boyfriend and I were mugged at knifepoint in front of my apartment (upside: aside from me getting a concussion, we’re okay!). I have decided that on the anniversary of this date, we are going to get a couple’s massage. Considering the intense stress of the event, it seems appropriate to do something completely indulgent on that same day, one year later.

  19. i try to take one spontaneous random class every year, and i’ve done some pretty interesting things, from glassblowing, to fencing (with swords!) to polo (the horse kind!), and i got a crazy notion in my head to try something near impossible: to learn a new language. and not just any language, but a dead one with ridiculous grammar rules: ancient greek. i kid you not, nothing was as demanding as this class (not even calculus!) there were four of us, and at the end, we decided we needed to do something memorable to celebrate and after considering several options (including matching tattoos, lol) we decided to treat ourselves to dinner at a fabulous authentic greek restaurant. we translated all the greek on the menu and ate a banquet fit for the gods of olympus. it was a wonderful way to celebrate! Xairete! (translation: Rejoice!)

  20. Our first wedding anniversary was 2 years ago and fell on the same year that my parents had their 25th. We gifted them with a summer family photoshoot, and the outcome was so special for all of us, because it was the first time my parents had had their picture taken by a professional since their wedding (!). I love the shots I have of just the two of them, and I know I’ll treasure them forever.

  21. my favorite anniversary has yet to come. in sept. my fiance and i will celebrate our 8th year of being together, and this one will be the first we will spend together as an engaged couple!! AND we’re going to portland!

  22. On our second anniversary, we were temporarily working in different locations and due to scheduling conflicts, couldn’t celebrate in person until a few weekends later. We were both in graduate school at the time, so our frugal lifestyle prohibited expensive gifts. Thus, I used a sheer-ish paper to create 100s of mini (1 inch by 2 inch) origami envelopes and put a small love note in each envelope. I filled a jar with the envelopes and sent via mail. I was incredibly delighted when the gift that I received was an onslaught of love notes sent to me in the post – for the week before and after our anniversary, I received at least two cards per day. I felt fabulously loved despite that we were apart.

  23. The year of my parents 25th wedding anniversary we found out that our original home, the home they raised their children in, was being torn down. I went to the house and was able to get a brick as a memento. I wrapped the brick with a photo of our house on top and gave it to them on their special day.

    The paper is SO beautiful! Thank you for hosting this fabulous giveaway!

  24. i’ve never really had an important anniversary – not yet, at least! my husband and i will celebrate our first year of marriage in august, and we have been brainstorming how to celebrate it. i can’t wait!

  25. I always celebrate the anniversary of the day my friends and I staged a protest to save the trees at our high school that were being cut down for construction. We didn’t win, but every September 21, I try to be extra “green”!

  26. I am getting married in september, so I don’t have a wedding anniversary to share with you… but what I am hoping is that these cards could serve as something neat at the wedding for us to look back on— on our first anniversary.

  27. For my husband and I, our dating anniversary is just as important to us as our wedding anniversary. We always go and get smoothies on that day, as that’s what we did on our first date 9 years ago. It’s the little things…..

  28. I’m getting married next summer so I don’t have any happy marriage anniversary but an anniversary of sorts that is special to me was for my dad’s birthday (the year after he passed away) my mom, sister and I went to a park and each brought things that made us think of our dad/ husband and told a fond story of him related to the item- I also purchased “happy birthday” balloons and we sang happy birthday and released them. It was bitter sweet but we could all feel his presence there with us that day.

  29. my fiancee and i celebrate, amongst many other dates, the day we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend. the special part is that it was new year’s eve and we were so caught up in the moment — ringing in the new year with champagne, the ball drop and a kiss — that he thinks it was on dec 31 and i think it was jan 1. so now we get to celebrate two days in a row… usually with a gourmet home-cooked meal and a nice bottle of wine. and of course a decadent dessert!



  30. An important anniversary to my family is the anniversary of my husbands injury in Iraq while in the USMC. 6 years ago he was hit by an IED while on a foot patrol. He survived but has many physical and non physical scars to show for it. We celebrate that day each year to remember how lucky we are.

  31. My boyfriend (hopefully soon-to-be-fiancée!) and I recently moved in together. Over the past few weeks, we have been acclimating and merging together our day-to-day lifestyles and, not to mention, all of our stuff. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of everything (and, boxes!), I know that our move-in date will forever hold a special spot in our hearts – I’ll never forget the day we first said “See you at Home”, and it meant our Home.

    Perhaps we’ll get to send out these letterpress note cards, with our ‘We’ve Moved’ info? 🙂

  32. Our anniversary of our parents’ matrimony, we hold mass in our living room and order Chinese food.

  33. one of the most memorable anniversaries i’ve celebrated was not a “year” at all, but a 9 month anniversary. i had just returned from studying abroad 6 months! and we were so excited to see each other. my now fiance took me for a walk across the brooklyn bridge and we ate dinner with a beautiful view of nyc behind us. 🙂

  34. My favorite anniversary was spent with my husband in Brazil. We were living there at the time. It was our 1 year anniversary and we went out for incredible food and rode around on a motorcycle through the streets right along the beach.

  35. This was such a good idea. Reading other peoples comments has been so sweet and life affirming.

    Our 1st wedding anniversary happened to coincide with my In-Laws 40th anniversary. All four of us took a trip to Prague for 8 days. My husband had been several times before but none of the rest of us had. He got to play tour guide and show off to his new (ish) wife and his parents. It was a wonderful trip we will never forget.


  36. My husband and I are about to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary and we will celebrate like we do most anniversaries – by being ALONE!! Live is so busy so to have 2-3 days of alone time to reconnect is great! The kids have a fun time at Nana’s too so everyone is happy!
    I LOVE letterpress – thanks for the chance to win!

  37. Every year I mark the anniversary of my getting expelled from prep school as a freshman, because every year that’s passed since my world was seemingly shattered marks a year of growt:)h, progress and learning – AKA, a year closer to less stupid decisions. I’ve promised myself, for the big 15-year coming up, that I’ll get a cake iced with NOT AS DUMB AS I USED TO BE or SMARTER EVERY YEAR. 🙂

  38. One thing we did for our 25th anniversary: submitted our anniversary announcement to the newspaper’s “Weddings/Anniversaries” page along with one of our favorite wedding photos – a formal pose, bride and groom wearing nose glasses. Why nose glasses? Our photos were scheduled VERY early in the morning and we thought it might help everyone smile naturally if we all had silly photos taken first. It worked! We have a delightful wedding album.

    I work at a library and a LOT of people came in to say they’d seen the photo in the paper and wanted to know the story behind it.

  39. Two weekends ago my husband & I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary. While it may seem lame to some, we decided to spend to stay home, make dinner together, cuddle and watch a movie. It was special to us because that’s what we enjoy doing together, we don’t need fancy hotels and expensive gifts to celebrate our love, we just want to be with one another, enjoying our time together.

  40. Two anniversary stories for you:

    My favorite: my nephew, the cutest 9-month old in the whole entire world, was born on my sister and brother-in-law’s 8th year wedding anniversary. Talk about a wonderful anniversary present!

    Another: When my then-boyfriend (now fiancé) and I celebrated our one-year anniversary of dating, it was the longest relationship I had ever been in. With each passing day, it earns a new milestone. Since then, it feels like we celebrate our love every day as the most unique and wonderful thing either of us has ever had.

  41. When my boyfriend and I celebrated our one year, he proposed! I’m not sure how he can top that next year!

  42. We celebrate our wedding anniversary by eating. Lots and lots of food. Two years ago, we went to one of our favorite restaurants and ordered the entire dessert menu. Our server thought we were nuts but then realized she’d get a bigger tip. Good times.

  43. For our one year wedding anniversary my husband was able to give me one of my favorite parts of our wedding and still stick with tradition. Paper flowers, hydrangea paper flowers to remind me of the flowers I carried in our wedding and still stick with the anniversary rule of paper for the first year.

  44. Mine would be my birthday, or little more original, i made a pact with myself on September 8th to write in my journal every day for one year, so it will be one year on Sept. 8 and i might celebrate by reading all of my entries again, today is day 274!!

    Megan P

  45. My grandparents’ anniversaries were always memorable family events; the highlight of their 50th wedding anniversary was sitting on the beach just after sunset watching old reel-to-reel movies – love and laughter were in abundance that night!

  46. The anniversary I remember is the date of my Great Uncle’s death. For me, this is a time to remember the significant positive influence he had on my life. As I had absent Grandfather’s, he very much filled that void and in many ways heavily influenced the person that I have become. He was a fantastic man, and every year we make sure we pay tribute to him by having a BBQ and some beers with the family, and just have a laugh – just the way he would like it.

  47. 12-31. my girlfriends and i go to the same vacation house in vermont and ski for the week and bring in the new year together…since high school! we always have the same traditions, and new ones are always getting added on. it used to be just us girls. then it extended to boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses…and now kids!

  48. My fiance and I celebrated our 7th anniversary of saying those three little words by going to Kauai. After spending some time scouting out waterfalls, we decided we’d splurge on a nice dinner. We had some time to call, so we enjoyed watching the surfers take on the waves against the backdrop of the setting sun. When he pulled out the ring, that’s when I realized we weren’t just going to be celebrating our anniversary–we were also celebrating our engagement!

  49. My husbands Uncle was killed in Iraq in 2007 the first week in June. His nickname was “Sonny”, every year over Memorial Day weekend we celebrate our hero with a “Sonny Fest” for all of his family and friends (he had lots!) to get together and have fun and celebrate his life.

  50. My parents generally celebrate their anniversaries with a little getaway. We haven’t been married for a full year yet, but we’re already planning a little mini getaway to mark our first year. It won’t be big, but it will be fun to slow down and really appreciate the blessings that we have and the year that we have had. I love those cards – crisp, classic & beautiful.

  51. My husband and I celebrate the anniversary of the day we met, it’s exactly one week after Valentines Day, cupid was a little late that year but he sure was right on target.

  52. It’s the 10 year anniversary with my husband this year! We’ll be camping in the Redwoods with our 3 year-old daughter.

  53. My second wedding anniversary was celebrated with a memorable and lovely trip to Joshua Tree National park.

  54. This May marked our three year anniversary – which was our most special. Its not that we did anything special, just went to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant (I love chips and salsa)…but we have fallen more in love with each other with each day that passes. And!! I am eight months pregnant so the gravity of the situation really hit us on our anniversary. We knew that it was going to be the last one with “just us”. And as much as I am going to miss it being “just us” – we are really looking forward to meeting our baby this July.

  55. My big anniversary will be happening soon – my thirtieth birthday. I am planning a big soiree with friends and family to celebrate the rest of my life that is to come. I hear that your thirties are even better than your twenties!

  56. My very first wedding anniversary is less than 2 weeks away. We’re planning a mini-vacation to Bar Harbor, ME where we got engaged.

  57. My now husband and I celebrate the first time we ever kissed, Super Bowl Sunday! We consider it our anniversary even though now we are married and have a different day to celebrate as well. It rotates on the calendar and it is always so much fun to spend the day with friends watching the big game and remembering the first time i finally had the guts to tell him I was secretly in love with him.

  58. My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship. We always try to make the most of our situation and celebrate the smallest of events. That being said, we celebrate each month anniversary like it’s our first. Friday June 11th will be our 28th monthly anniversary and we’re both looking forward to celebrating it. Winning these letterpress cards would be a fun way to add to the celebration 🙂

  59. Each year my husband and I celebrate the anniversary of our first date. It’s always dinner and a movie and a trip to the lake!

  60. When I was 10, my family was throwing a surprise 60th birthday party for my grandma. Two days before the big day, which also happened to be my grandparents wedding anniversary, we all went over to their house to clean the garage to get ready for the party. My older sister was sweeping behind a work bench and found my grandpa’s wedding ring that he had lost years before that. It was such amazing timing!

  61. My fiance and I are HUGE foodies, and so while we celebrate our traditional anniversary, we also celebrate the anniversary of when we first went out on a fine dining date together. So, every year on February 13 (arguably the night before the busiest night of the year) we go out and find a new Michelin-starred restaurant!

  62. Mine’s going to be 8/27, the date of our wedding. We plan on commemorating it with a picnic of ribs and rose. That seems like a worthy tradition!

  63. every year in July (the month we met) my fiance and i start talking and joking about the events leading up to us dating. It’s fun to remember the events and emotions and realize how far we’ve come.

  64. I am looking forward to celebrating our wedding anniversaries! But another anniversary that I love to celebrate and will be doing soon is my birthday 🙂

  65. My boyfriend and I celebrated our one year anniversary by going on a date to Napa, where we went on one of our first dates, and also where he hinted that he might one day propose to me!

  66. My anniversary is wedding of course. We have only had one, but our tradition is to go camping and upgrade the location each year. 🙂

  67. My husband and I went on a picnic on our first date, so we commemorate that date every year with another picnic.

  68. right now, the most important anniversary in my life is July 24. That is my parents anniversary, but it is also the day 18 years ago my mother had a full mastectomy as apart of her breast cancer treatment.

    We as a family go out of town that week to celebrate her life and our family.

    Although, I’m about to have a new favorite anniversary, on August 8, I will marry my best friend.

  69. My college graduation is May 10th. Every May 10, I go online and look at how far my student loans have come down, reflect on how appreciative I am of my education, and buy a new Moleskin Notebook.

  70. My (now) husband and I have always celebrated our yearly anniversaries by going back to the little cafe in Baltimore where we had our first date. After dinner, we like to take a walk around the neighborhood and talk about all the fun we’ve had and how much our relationship has progressed since that first awkward, but very sweet, date (hahaha we were both very shy back then). And now we have our one year wedding anniversary to look forward to this September! 🙂 Yay!

  71. Although my husband and I have been together for almost 7 years, we never could remember our first date and have never celebrated an anniversary…until this year! We’ll get to toast to our first year of marriage together in October.

  72. 10/31. Halloween – my favorite holiday for it’s call-for-self-expression and celebration of whimsy. It will also mark my second anniversary with my boyfriend – after 4 years of watching each other from afar on our undergraduate campus!

  73. for our “five year anniversary” (he and i just came together, so about a year later we just picked a day that felt right to celebrate as our anniversary) we went to vermont for a long weekend. the plan was to stay at my aunt’s cabin on lake champlain, but renovations weren’t completed so a bed and breakfast it was! when we arrived, it was terrible! dirty, cluster flies, we just couldn’t stay! so we ended up at a motel for the night. we found another bed and breakfast the next day, better, but odd- it felt like staying in someone’s crazy grandma’s house! we went for a nice dinner that night with my aunt and uncle, after which he brought me to the cabin, and in the back yard my aunt had a campfire ready for us. i sat being warmed by the fire, looking at the stars, listening to the little lake waves lapping on the shore, just in complete joy and peace. the next thing i know, he is telling me how much he loves me, and taking a ring out of his pocket! it was amazing! needless to say, i said yes! it is my most cherished anniversary… yet! we are getting married this october- two years to the day of that amazing night!

  74. Our important anniversary is the day Jason got his skin cancer removed- June 3rd. We celebrate it often by telling others to wear sunscreen and get their skin checked by a doctor. Nothing makes us happier than getting the word out and preventing cancer from another family.

  75. Last weekend was the 2 year anniversary of my first date with my now-fiance — we met in Baltimore (halfway between our respective cities, Phila and DC) on a 95 degree day after chatting online and on the phone for a couple of months. Have been looking at lots of beautiful paper products in anticipation of the wedding — love Paper Lovely’s things and the ohsobeautifulpaper blog!

  76. Our big anniversary is February 28 – it was the first time we spent time together socially outside of our classes. Luckily enough, we actually have a lovely photo of us together from that evening that was taken candidly – its a wonderful memory. We set aside time that day to celebrate!

    Thanks for such a lovely giveaway – its really beautiful stationary!

  77. I always try to celebrate and commemorate my parents’ wedding anniversary with flowers and a card.

  78. Our wedding anniversary is always a big event for us. We usually plan a mini vacation around that time of year and go out for a special dinner. I love hand-making my hubby an anniversary card each year!

  79. Memorial Day! My boyfriend and I started dating on Memorial Day and I am always finished with school by then so I make it a day to celebrate another year of achievement…one less semester until college is over!

  80. This year my husband and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary. It seems as though these days, making to year number 10 is a feat in itself. I am very fortunate to have a great husband who I have a greater love for each passing day. I hope to make it 10+ more ♥

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