Burlap Banners

Continuing my current love for all things burlap – I recently came across these wonderful burlap banners:

burlap banner

burlap pendant banner

burlap banner home-sweet-home

burlap bunting for wedding reception

burlap banner for wedding reception

Wouldn’t banners would be wonderful as entryway decor to help welcome guests to your home?  Or you can get a custom banner with your names or a special phrase to use at a wedding reception!  Check out the full selection right here.

{image credits: funkyshique}

  1. THANK YOU, NOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is PERFECT for my boys’ party. You rock!

  2. Oh how lovely! These area great example of something ordinary transforming into something creative and luxe looking. Great post!

  3. I love this idea! It’s in such beautifully neutral colors it could decorate any gathering perfectly… and so easy to do on your own! Thanks for the idea!

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