NSS 2010 – Part 11

Whew!  Eleven recap installments later and I’m finally ready to wrap up the coverage of this year’s Stationery Show.  I saved the most photo-heavy booths for last, so let’s dive right in!  First up, the Crane booth, where I caught a glimpse of the new Studio collection as well as old stationery and invitation favorites:

Crane-NSS1{love the grosgrain ribbon lamp and fold-out folio for seating card displays at a wedding!}

Crane-NSS2{cards from the new Studio collection}


Crane-NSS4{gorgeous embossing details on this wedding invitation}

Crane-NSS5{crane & co.}

Did you know that every single card from Crane’s bordered stationery collection is hand painted?  This year, Crane brought two hand-bordering artisans down to the Stationery Show to demonstrate their craft:

Crane-NSS-Hand-Bordering2{a bone folder is the only tool used to create a uniform width for each border}

Crane-NSS-Hand-Bordering7{the final product!}

Next up are a couple of what I affectionately refer to as the “mega booths” with several participating exhibitors in one booth area.  First, the Ladies of Letterpress booth, featuring Pistachio Press, Thomas Printers, May Day Studio, Paper Mill Designs, Ink & Iron, Hazel and Violet, Dandy Lion Press, and Flywheel Press!

MayDay-Studio-NSS1{may day studio}

Hazel-Violet-NSS1{hazel and violet}

Thomas-Printers-NSS2{thomas printers}

Pistachio-Press-NSS1{pistachio press}

Ink-Iron-NSS1{ink & iron}

Flywheel-Press-NSS1{flywheel press}

Papermill-Press-NSS1{paper mill designs}

Next, the Let {her} Press booth featuring Bird Dog Press, Paper Stories Letterpress, Paper Parasol Press, Robin Beth, and Lucky Bee Press:

Bird-Dog-Press-NSS2{bird dog press}

Paper-Parasol-Press-NSS2{paper parasol press}

Paper-Stories-Letterpress-NSS1{paper stories letterpress}

Lucky-Bee-Press-NSS1{lucky bee press}

Robin-Beth-Letterpress-NSS1{robin beth}

I also stopped by the Vigo booth to check out the latest from Delphine, as well as cards and gift wrap from 1973 and many others:



Foil-Stamp-Metallic-Cards-NSS{I love the foil stamping details on these cards from sanna annukka}

The-Claudettes-NSS{cute cards from the claudettes}

Vigo-Gift-Wrap-NSS{awesome gift wrap}

So that’s it from this year’s show!  If you missed any of the recaps from the show, you can check them all out right here.  I’m already looking forward to next year’s show!

{all photos by Oh So Beautiful Paper}

*Delphine is one of my fantastic sponsors, for more information about my editorial policy please click here.

  1. This was really interesting and beautiful paper products all through out the show. I can’t wait until someday I may be able to attend.

  2. I swear I must organize my wedding anniversary, just so I will have an excuse to order pretty cards like those in your post!!

  3. To follow and explore this most amazing of shows through your eyes has been wonderful…thank you. Perhaps in the next couple of years I will be able to wander and wonder at these extraordinary stationery exhibits myself…I hope so. Ingrid x

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