NSS 2010 — Part 1

The first day of the Stationery Show was quite a whirlwind!  Ami and I have been running all over the show trying to visit as many booths as possible, although I feel like I’ve barely even made a dent in my list of booths!  I already have a ton of photos to share with you, but I thought I’d start off with a few booths either new or newly returned to the Stationery Show this year.

First up, the lovely Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co., with an incredibly well designed booth display.  If you look closely, you might even be able to see that her side walls have a woodgrain texture!

Rifle-Paper-Co-NSS-Booth5{rifle paper co.}

I absolutely fell in love with the booth for Mr. Boddington’s Studio.  The hand-crafted details, from the painting and hand-drawn details to the faux window displays, were just incredible — even the roof shingles were made from envelope liners!

Mr-Boddington-NSS5{mr. boddington’s studio}

From there, Ami and I eventually made our way down to Atelier Isabey, where we spent quite a bit of time gazing at gorgeous wedding invitations.  The laser cut invitation immediately below is one of my new favorites!

Atelier-Isabey-NSS5{atelier isabey}

Stay tuned for lots more from the Stationery Show soon!

{all images by Oh So Beautiful Paper}

  1. I do love Mr. Bodington’s envelope liner roof shingles; so colorful.
    And that laser cut invite, gorgeous…I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of that this year (I saw the beginning of that trend last holiday season in illustration form). Great Images!!
    ~ Lizelly

  2. I somehow managed to miss Mr. Boddington’s booth!! Thanks for posting so many great images of it.
    Loving the awnings…

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