Smock Everyday Stationery

It's been a wedding-filled week over here, so I thought I'd help end the week with some gorgeous new stationery from Smock.  These town, country and isle lettersheets are blind deboss printed on the front with beautiful offset patterns on the back, all on Smock's environmentally-friendly bamboo paper:


Smock also recently released a collection of equally beautiful gift tags, also with a blind deboss on the front and patterned back:


On a slightly different note — do you recognize the calligraphy text from the first set of photos?  The "Dearest Fanny" letter is from poet John Keats to Fanny Brawne, which some of you might remember from the movie Bright Star.  I finally saw the movie a few weeks ago and it was everything I had expected it to be — beautiful scenery and cinematography, amazing costumes, and utterly romantic in every sense of the word.  Even my husband, who usually teases me about my penchant for sappy period romances, loved Bright Star.  Definitely worth adding to your netflix queue if you haven't already seen it…

{image credits: Smock}

*Smock is a sponsor on Oh So Beautiful Paper, but this is not a sponsored post.  For more on my editorial policy, please click here.

  1. I love gift tags especially when giving out a bunch of presents at once, like around the holidays. But these are just so special. They might make me stop just writing on the gift paper with a black sharpie!!

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