Pink + Gray Silhouette Invitations

I really don’t think I’ll ever lose my love for silhouettes — particularly not when they’re included in a wedding invitation as lovely as this one from seesaw:


And the color palette of white, blush pink, cream, and gray?  Heavenly.

{image credits: seesaw}

  1. LOVE these invitations! So pretty. Question- when using the pocket with the half moon top, do you put the RSVP card inside the pocket along with the invitation? Or put it outside of the pocket? I love the idea for my own invites but am worried someone may pull out the invitation and miss the shorter pieces.

  2. Hi Katie!  The order of the individual pieces is totally up to you – Ive seen it done both ways, where the smaller pieces are tucked inside the envelope and rest on top of the main invitation, and where the rsvp card goes behind the invitation.  I dont think theres much chance of people missing an element of the invitation since chances are theyll expect an rsvp card or instructions on how to rsvp, but if you feel more comfortable layering everything in order of size, go for it!  -Nole

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