Bonnie’s Bun in the Oven Baby Shower Invitations

Bonnie from Tenn Hens Design sent over some photos from her recent baby shower, and the entire shower — from the red and blue color palette to the sweet hand-lettering to the mix of old and new stamps — is just so completely adorable that I broke out into a great big smile when I first opened up Bonnie's e-mail.  Let's start with the shower invitations.


From Bonnie: The design inspiration and shower theme all stemmed from my childhood nickname — "Buns."  My friends today still call me that some 20 years later!  So we thought "bun in the oven" was an appropriate theme for my shower.  And since I'm not finding out the gender of our baby, we wanted to keep the colors relatively gender neutral and went with a color palette of red and shades of light blue. 


We illustrated the type and design and made it very loose and imperfect.  We then used a corner cutter and mounted it to a colored sheet of card stock left over from a recent project so that the invitations ranged in border color from light blue to teal.  We also lined the envelopes with paper stock from Michaels. 


Then we tied the bakers twine around the whole card for an extra little touch.  For the envelopes, we addressed them in the same style as the lettering on the invitation.  We also used old stamps I'd collected, mixed with some new ones (we especially love the new abstract art stamps since they're oversize) and created a little collage of stamps on each envelope.


We also found ways to continue the design theme through to the party through custom napkin tags, food tags & a baby quiz — all of which were super easy to make and print in the office.


Thanks so much Bonnie!  Bonnie has posted a bunch of additional photos from the shower on her personal blog, Carolina Postcard.  You can also check out more from Bonnie (and her business partner, Currier) over on the Tenn Hens Design website and blog.

{image credits: tenn hens design}

  1. So cute! These are our wedding colors… I’m bookmarking this for inspiration for our baby shower that we hope will come in a year or two : )

  2. Thanks so much for posting! We had a mighty good time with the whole event and now we’re just anxiously awaiting the bambino to arrive. Such sweet comments too so thank you, thank you!

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