What Inspires Me

If you haven’t already heard of Blog it Forward — here’s the scoop: after the Alt Summit a couple months ago, Victoria from sfgirlbybay had the genius idea to create a blogging chain of inspiration, in which bloggers would talk about what inspires them before passing over to the next blogger in the list.  With more than 300 bloggers participating, we’ve been posting simultaneously on a schedule, and you can find the full list of bloggers and post dates here.  So, taking up from Oh, Mischka, here are a few of the things that inspire me:


1. Family.  That’s me and my Dad on the left — I think I look just like him! — and my Grandma on the right.

Zanzibar{Zanzibar, photos by me}

2.  Travel.  I want to go everywhere!

Flowers{krissy davis photography via the bride’s cafe, kindra clineff}

3. Flowers.  One of the many reasons that Spring is my favorite season.

Papercuts{rob ryan, elizabeth messina}

4. Papercuts.  It’s hard for me to pick just one of the paper arts, since I write every day about how paper inspires me!  But papercut pieces hold a special place in my heart — I’m constantly in awe of the amazing detail and patience that goes into creating each new piece.

5. Music.  I have an ever-changing playlist, but right now Mumford & Sons is in constant rotation.  In addition to the song and video above, I also really like this song.

Tomorrow’s post will be over at Old Sweet Song.  Other bloggers participating today are audzipan anthology, clementine, enhabiten, jennifer wilson, make somethingreading my tea leaves, sonya mac designs, the fairly constant reader, and where women create.

{images from their designated sources}

  1. Family, travels and nature are important for inspiration and happiness. Just have to remember to slow down and enjoy all those things sometimes. Thanks for a lovely post!

  2. What an inspiring post! I love the family photos. My inspirations are very much like yours. I’m finding that people really aren’t that different in this aspect. This is my first visit to your wonderful blog…”Meeting” for the first time by finding out someone’s inspirations is simply grand.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

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