Business Card Ideas and Inspiration #2

I'm overdue for new business cards, so I've been looking around for layout ideas.  Last year, I went with a one-sided horizontal layout, but this year I'm thinking I'd like to mix things up a bit.  I really love the vertical layout of these business cards from Second World Design Collaborative and Papered Together:

Vertical-letterpress-business-cards{via FPO}

Vertical-letterpress-business-card{via vandelay design}

I also really like the idea of double-sided business cards, like these from Ink + Wit (printed by Boxcar Press) and Thinktopia (printed by Studio on Fire):

Ink-wit-double-sided-letterpress-business-cards{via ink + wit}

Double-sided-letterpress-business-cards{via beast pieces}

I've got a few more business card photos over on my tumblr page.  I'm thinking about a combination of vertical and horizontal layouts on double-sided cards.  I'll be sure to share photos a bit later on!

UPDATE: So I just saw that Sarah from Parrott Design Studio also recently printed new letterpress business cards for herself, using her new calligraphy logo by Grace Edmands – and I'm in love.  Such a gorgeous card, from the vertical layout, to the calligraphy, to the floral border at the top:




{images from their respective sources}

  1. love the double-sided cards. you can be creative and fancy on one side and ‘all business’ on the other for your contact info!

  2. I just redesigned my business card and went for a 1-sided, verticle layout because I always had horizontal. Can’t wait to see yours! 🙂

  3. so pretty! i love vertical cards — they always catch my eye, cause they’re so different. can’t wait to see your new ones!

  4. Well, Why dont you get different papers and have a simple but unique diecut made for yourself (like a paisley or something)??? Then you could print the same contenht on all the cards and make them look like a family of visiting cards. That way, the card talks out your brand, or make people say “oh so beautiful paper” and you will keep all your friends/clients wondering what the others got!

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