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There is a separate room in our new apartment that was billed as a 2nd bedroom, but which is really too small to be anything other than a home office.  We’re still getting things settled in the bedroom and living room, so the office is more of an overgrown storage closet at the moment.  Even though it’ll probably be a couple of weeks before I can really focus on getting that room together, I’ve been busy collecting inspiration and ideas.  I’m particularly loving the combination of dark walls with matchstick bamboo shades that Chelsea and Anne both recently featured:

Lonny-Dark-Office {photo from Lonny via frolic!}

Bamboo-shade-canadian-house-home {photo from Canadian House and Home via The City Sage}

As I mentioned, the room is pretty small and has only one window, so I do worry about dark walls making the room feel too cave-like, although as long as the room feels warm and cozy I think it would be okay.  Even if I chicken out on the dark walls, I think the matchstick shades would look pretty good with a lighter wall color, although not necessarily this robin’s egg blue:

Lonny-Bedroom{photo via Lonny}

Also on my list – find a new desk!  I’m hoping to get out of the city for a weekend at some point soon and go antique shopping in the hopes of finding the perfect piece!

{images from their respective sources}

  1. Nole! I love all of this inspiration. I’m working on the same over at my place – although my needs unfortunately lean more toward organization and output since I’m actually working in there 8 hours a day. I adore the idea of a dreamy dark gray workspace. For me, though – a whispy, silvery, light gray that screams, “Produce! Be energetic!” fit the bill. Okay, okay, fine… back to work! 🙂

  2. I love the lighter walls. It would feel springy and warm even on the worst winter days. Make sure to post pictures when you finish (or along the way).

  3. I love the dark walls. Have you thought about a mix? In our Brooklyn apartment it was billed as three bedrooms but the third bedroom was 6×8 feet with a glass door leading to it so it was really just an office too, that or a closet. I painted one wall black with chalkboard paint and placed the desk against it. The rest of the walls I kept white. I’m not normally a fan of one feature wall but it really worked well in such a little space. I can’t wait to see what you do!

  4. as i imagine about your new room. it maybe looks lovely with a white rococo’s desk. i believe white always perfect belong another properties 🙂

  5. it definitely depends upon the color — sometimes a dark color can make a room feel less cell-like and more cozy and warm. Our last place had a bedroom that was so small the bed just fit inside (wall to wall!). We painted the room a rich Moroccan blue and it was the most serene bedroom I’ve had. I think the beauty of rich, dark colors is that they recede, so they can open up a tight space in a different way.

  6. Your decision to use dark colours on walls is very brave. Black and dark colours make the room smaller and they can influence the life in the room. I can imagine dark colours in elegant and sophisticated luxury homes with open spaces and big windows, so the darkness is not so close.
    Actually I like the last inspiring pictures of the bedroom more than the black rooms. This is the way how to create a nice, friendly and cozy area for living a dreaming. Combination of different materials and texture with layered luxury turned this room into fresh and chic bedroom. Thank you for sharing. I hope, that a lot of people will visit your site and see how they can make over their homes into beauty.
    Best regards,

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