Romantic Calligraphy from Danae Hernandez

There are few things that make me happier than beautiful calligraphy — from place cards to marriage certificates to envelopes, I just can't take my eyes off a talented calligrapher's flourishes and hand lettering.  So I was absolutely thrilled when Danae Hernandez sent over a few examples of her lovely, romantic calligraphy:  


Calligraphy is equally as lovely when letterpress printed as the wedding invitation itself!  Danae recently hand lettered this simple and elegant wedding invitation, which was then letterpress printed by Jazyrain just outside of Portland, Oregon:


From Danae: The laurel wreath design was inspired by the bride — she had sentimental reasons for wanting to use a laurel wreath. From there, I combined the hand drawn leaf design with calligraphic swirls that would tie it in with the lettering style, which I call "Loopy Luxe."  This lettering style is like most copperplate styles of calligraphy with it's even slant and thick-to-thin lines, but I like to throw in some swirls to give the letters more movement — like they are dancing!  Because it is after all, a celebration.


Sigh… so pretty!  For more of Danae's lovely calligraphy, you can check out her etsy shop right here, and her blog here!

{image credits: Danae Hernandez}

  1. Danae’s calligraphy is quite impressive. The map is incredibly gorgeous and I love all the flourishes. Her work is jus so beautifully classic.

  2. Wow, that is beautiful. I get a little bit giddy every time I see calligraphy, too. It looks just fantastic on the hand-drawn map.

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