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As I mentioned on twitter earlier today, I’m thinking about trying to do a bit of gardening this spring and summer in the tiny yard in front of our house.  It’s a small area, with just some grass and a couple of trees at the moment, but I think it could be really pretty with a few flowers and shrubs.  This is the first time since living in DC that I’ve had a front yard, so I’m very much a novice gardener.  If you have any gardening resources (blogs, books, websites) that you can recommend, I’d very much appreciate it!

I’m thinking I’ll start off with something relatively low-maintenance, and I’d love to add in a few evergreen elements so that the yard isn’t completely bare next winter.  Any ideas?

{image credits: design is mine and shelter}

  1. My absolute favorite book is A Way to Garden (she also writes a gardening blog of the same name). Both are written by Margaret Roach (who was garden editor at Newsday and garden editor as well as editorial director at Martha Stewart Living). The book is unfortunately out of print now, but I got my copy used on Amazon for a decent price. Her book especially is so beautiful to look at, so inspiring, but is also very informative with good information about when to prune, plant, etc. with a variety of plants listed. I recommend it to any gardener, especially beginners.

  2. Also, one tip is when you’re planning a garden, pick plants that vary when they’re in bloom so that there are a few that are in feature each season. That way you won’t have a garden that is totally in bloom during the summer but is barren by the time fall rolls around. I also like to find out if the plants/shrubs have berries or features that can feed or attract wildlife, since we share our yards with them too. Iit’s lovely to have birds, butterflies, and other “friends” visit your garden.

  3. … that second picture almost made me cry, I am so jealous. I can’t even sustain a rooftop container garden because I am smushed between other small apartment buildings. Enjoy your dirt! in the ground! and I hope you have a flourishing garden. 🙂

  4. You should visit The founder’s name is Gayla Trail, and she’s kinda awesome. She also has a book. VERY informative – especially for a beginner. Good luck!

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