Tea Towel Calendar + Seasonal Recipes


You may remember these food-inspired calendars by Claudia Pearson from my calendar round-ups a few months back, but I was so excited to learn that there is also a 12-month tea towel version!

Color hanging

Also very exciting — starting today, Claudia and chef Sung Uni Lee will be publishing a new seasonal recipe every two weeks over on Claudia's blog.  Each recipe will be accompanied by one of Claudia's illustrations, as well as nutritional information about the recipe.  I'll definitely be checking out Claudia's blog for seasonal cooking ideas!  In the meantime, you can find both the paper and fabric version's of Claudia's calendar right here.

{image credits: claudia pearson}

  1. Tea towel calendars remind me of my Grandma Jessie Mae. If you wash dishes at her house, it’s a foregone conclusion that you will dry them with a calendar towel, and that the calendar year in question will almost certainly be before you were born.
    I have a produce-inspired calendar going up on my blog tomorrow – ’tis the season!

  2. Great idea! Calendar with recipes-Nice concept. I would like to buy this kind of calendar.

  3. I love how each month is decorated by vegetables that are seasonal to that time of year — very smart. love this. nice blog, in general:)

  4. My mother would love this, probably a step up from the calendar she gets from work every year. The vegetables might even inspire some recipes.

  5. My mom bought me Claudia’s 12 month poster for Christmas. I framed it and it’s hanging in my kitchen…I love it!

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