Jen + Dan — Wedding Scrapbook + Polaroid Album

Happy Friday!  Jen here from the haystack needle.  It's been such a treat to guest blog on OSBP!  As my final post, I thought I'd share two things I love to do when I have an afternoon or evening to just sit and play with paper: make albums and work on my wedding scrapbook (it's still not done after more than a year, but it's getting there!).

polaroid album

polaroid album 

polaroid album

First, this is a Polaroid album that I pulled together for two of our friends, Kevin and Ali, who got married in the Cayman Islands.  I brought my Polaroid camera down to the wedding, and I've finally found a way to pull together the Polaroids in a special book for them.  I used this Kolo album, bits of paper and cards that captured that island spirit, and Japanese tape.  Oh, and my typewriter came in handy to type little captions.

Japanese tape

polaroid album

And here's a peek at my wedding scrapbook. I took a scrapbook that was the right size (wrong cover) and used some Mod Podge, a photocopy of a map of Maine, ribbon and patterned paper to create the cover you see here.




Two months before we got married, we hosted a spaghetti feed, which basically translates to the largest slow cooker you've ever seen (Hamilton Beach commercial slow cooker circa 1963 — no joke!) filled with homemade sauce, bowls of spaghetti, and the entire family gathered at Dan's family's camp.  It was a great way to bring together Dan's family (which is super big) for a casual (second) wedding celebration, since we went with hosting a small wedding.  The spaghetti feed was so much fun!  For the invites, I used alphabet stamps and Yellow Owl Workshop's landscape stamp set, which reminds me of camp.

Thanks so much, Nole, for letting me share all these paper bits of our wedding!  I had so much fun being a part of OSBP this week.  Have a great weekend everyone!  –Jen

All the photography here (and throughout the week) by Charlotte Jenks Lewis.  Thanks, Charlotte!

  1. I’m so excited that you blogged about this because I saw something similar in the latest Martha Stewart magazine and it totally put a fire under my butt to make a scrapbook. It’s been more than a year since my wedding, but I really have all these bits and bobs from my wedding I wanted to keep but didn’t know what to do with. I would love to see more of your pages inside your wedding scrapbook!! I feel like I need some inspiration because I’m so nervous about making it look ‘right’ I can’t seem to start. Your scrapbook seems so organic and not too stiff.
    What scrapbook did you use?

  2. This is absolutely beautiful, and will be such a treasure to look it down the road. I really admire people who take the time to scrapbook, and this is just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  3. ooh, i adore this. and your use of japanese tape has me swooning. every single details sounds incredible. thank you for inspiring me. off to purchase more pretty tapes. xo.

  4. Hello, I happened to drop by & saw the polaroid album you made for your friends.. I love it! It’s so simple & beautiful.. amazing job. I would definitely like to make my own polaroid themed scrapbook one of these days.. first I’ll need a polaroid camera lol.

  5. I love the idea of a wedding scrapbook. It’s a great way to include all the little details that would get overlooked in a simple photo album. Thanks for sharing the details of your wedding this week!

  6. thanks for all the kind comments, everyone! in answer to Kelly’s question, I covered a scrapbook I’d had for years. I never liked the cover (it was a weird cherry blossom print), but the size of the scrapbook was great and I loved the blank template of the inside paper pages. I think I may have found the album at Paper Source or Kate’s Paperie, but I can’t find it online now. I’m sure any paper store would have a solid paper album to work with — ignore the cover design and pick up some Mod Podge is what I suggest!

  7. These are both SO Beautiful! I’m definitely going to have to get some Japanese tape now. I’ve been holding off…but you swayed me!
    Where did you get the ribbon you used for your scrapbook? I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for ribbon exactly like that!

  8. I love this idea and would really like to do something similar for friends’ weddings this year. I don’t have a polaroid camera and I see I can get one easily secondhand (I am in the UK) but the cartridges/film are really expensive ($60+ for 10), is this the standard rate or anyone know how I can do this on a lesser budget?!

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