For Ever and A Day…

Hi everyone!  Jen has another fantastic post coming up a bit later this morning (thanks Jen!), but I couldn't resist popping in for just a second to let you all know about this beautiful + sweet letterpress print from Enormous Champion:


The quote is a line from George Gershwin's Our Love is Here to Stay — given the time of year this print would make a lovely valentine's day gift, but would be equally appropriate as a wedding or anniversary gift.  I'm totally head over heels for the combination of the sweet quote and gorgeous letterpress and can't wait to hang this print up in our new apartment.  The print is being made available as part of a limited edition of 150 — you can pick up your own copy right here.

I also just wanted to send out a quick last call for anyone who might have been thinking about picking something up from my tag sale.  There are still a couple of things left — but only for a couple more days!

{image credits: enormous champion}

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