Simple Blind Emboss Wedding Invitations

I love the quiet during the week between Christmas and New Year’s – it’s the perfect time to look back on the year that was before starting the new year.

This week I’ve been spending quite a bit of time going through my archives and trying to get myself as organized as possible before 2010, and I came across these beautiful blind emboss wedding invitations printed by Studio on Fire:


Designed by Aya Ikegaya for a summer wedding, the serene white and soft gray color palette would also perfect for a winter wedding.  The main invitation is actually the embossed text on the outer sleeve with letterpress enclosures on the inside, including a map and accommodation information:

Studio on Fire also gives a wonderfully concise explanation of the different printing methods for embossing and letterpress, which you can check out along with a few additional photos right here.

{image credits: studio on fire}

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