{happy weekend!}

Well, hello Friday!  I can't believe that this is the last weekend before Thanksgiving!  Next week I'm heading down to my mom's house in Florida – the first time I've been home in more than 3 years, and the first Thanksgiving that I'll be spending with my mom since meeting my husband.  See, my dad lives just outside of New York City and my husband's family lives in upstate New York, so we mostly end up splitting our holidays between those two sides of the family.  Now, for this year's Thanksgiving holiday, I'm really looking forward to nice weather and sunshine instead of snow!  But in the meantime…


…here are a few favorites from the week:

I'll be here on Monday and Tuesday of next week, and then for the rest of the week I'll be re-running some of my favorite past invitation and save the date features.  So don't forget to stop by next week!

{image credits: cassia via mary ruffle}

  1. I just discovered your blog! 😀
    I’ve always loved paper, and now I have yet another place to be inspired. I’m definitely adding your site to my bookmarks!

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