Blog Anniversary Giveaway – Linda + Harriett!

The last giveaway of the week!  This giveaway comes to us from another long-time favorite here at OSBP – the amazingly talented team at Linda + Harriett. From gorgeous custom wedding invitations to fun patterned notepads, Linda + Harriett is always one of my go-to resources for beautiful stationery:



For this giveaway, I've got two box sets of these beautiful thank you cards – featuring the gorgeous calligraphy of Jenna Hein – to give away to a couple of lucky readers!

So here's how to enter: Leave a comment below letting me know something that has inspired you recently. It can be anything – from a person to a painting!  You'll have until 11:59 p.m. EST tomorrow, September 12 to enter.  You must include a valid e-mail address in the comment form (not the body of the comment) to qualify.  Bonne chance!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Jaime and Frances – the winners of the letterpress cards from Linda and Harriett! I hope you enjoy your cards!



{image credits: Linda + Harriett}

  1. Great giveaway! My friend who I met for lunch this afternoon inspires me. She is always so positive and uplifting to be around. I really cherish the time we get to spend together and our friendship!

  2. So, so pretty! I’ve been so much in love with Jenna’s calligraphy.
    Recently, I’ve been so inspired by artists/designers who use out of the box media when creating arts. One of them is Amy Ruppel who printed her computer illustrated drawings onto paper that is then layered into beeswax.

  3. I am always inspired when I go to flea markets. It’s great to see old things come to life and it makes me want to go home and just re-do everything. I also love all the vintage patterns.

  4. These cards are gorgeous. My inspiration for today is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The Cheshire Cat is probably going to be my Halloween costume!

  5. I’ve been very inspired lately by Art Deco…from the buildings to the fashion of that era, it’s really captured me to use its influences in everything from my own clothes and jewelry to my wedding.

  6. WOW, those are beautiful.
    as for what has inspired me, i’d have to say the food processor that just arrived… so many recipes to tackle now!

  7. Oh, Linda and Harriet is my absolute fave stationary shop. And I’m always in need of thank you cards.
    Lately I’ve been inspired by wedding blogs. I’m already married, but I love wedding details that can be transformed into an every day party idea.

  8. Honestly, I’ve been inspired by the economy. With it down in the dumps, I’ve started looking at things in a different light–what I might have previously thought was a junky piece of furniture, I now look at it and wonder what I can do with it to fix it up and re-purpose it. It’s been more fun, actually, than buying new stuff!

  9. The thing (or in this case, the person) that has inspired me the most lately is my fiance. His mother and I recently had a falling-out, and she’s refused to talk with me about it. Fiance has stood by my side through the whole ordeal, and by doing that, proven to me that we are truly a partnership. He’s a keeper and I can’t wait to marry him.

  10. Lately i am inspired by Victorian design. I’m a college student and am currently taking a Design History course, and Victorian design is so nuts and full of eclectic typefaces and patterns! On one hand it can be ridiculous (sometimes ugly) and breaking a lot of rules, but on the other hand, there are some truly beautiful things that came out of that era!

  11. I was inspired by the beautiful country/farm scenes at the local Knox Farm State Park. So much so, my fiance and I decided to have our engagement pictures taken there! We haven’t yet seen the results, but I’m expecting something beautiful!

  12. Lately I’ve been inspired by beautiful food. I love that it fills my belly and captivates my attention…it jumpstarts my creative process.

  13. My puppy Mia! We are getting a new dog tonight and she met her last night. She immediatly welcomed her and they became the best of friends! No inhibitions, no judgement, no awkward moments…it was amazing, wonderful and exciting. 🙂

  14. Hey Chris! I couldn’t agree more about Mary Blair’s illustrations – I
    featured some here a couple weeks ago. Sounds like fabulous inspiration for
    a baby announcement.
    On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 4:49 PM, wrote:

  15. Hoping this doesn’t come off as frivolous, but lately I’ve been completely inspired to give wallpaper a try. After seeing some amazing, mod patterns in action on DesignSponge, I checked out Apartment Therapy’s wallpaper source recommendations. Wow. Wallpaper options have really improved these days — I’m so excited to add a healthy dose of pattern and color into my home!

  16. having just moved into a new home I have lots of decorating to do and am finding inspiration everywhere! I really like looking through magazines and catalogs and ads for color combos that give me a mood I want in a room.

  17. Absolutely the new song by Lady Antebellum “Need You Now” sparked something in me this week. The lyrics are exactly what my life is right now. 🙂

  18. i do love Linda & Harriet!!! As odd as it may sound, I have been inspired by kraft paper lately! I just love finding new uses for it.

  19. I’m inspired right now by the rain to have a cup of tea and abandon my schoolwork for the day!

  20. I am new to your blog from Sycamore Street Press. I am recently inspired by the subtle change in the weather. I’ve picked up my knitting needles again, bought heavier fabrics to sew into jackets and skirts, starting planning and dreaming about Christmas, and baking all our fall favorites:)

  21. Oh, they’re beautiful!
    Something that has inspired me lately… hmmm.. I’d have to say my garden. The flowers are so beautiful and the colors are perfect!

  22. Beautiful. I have been inspired by some fun monkey wrapping paper from paper source that I am using for a birth announcement design.

  23. I’ve recently been inspired by the generous soul that is my mother.
    She works forty hours a week, bakes homemade goods for our local farmers market, and still finds time to volunteer for two local charities weekly.
    I hope to continue to grow to be more like her.

  24. I was inspired by the rainy weather today. Rain always makes for great creativity, dont you think?

  25. seeing my kids ride their bikes every day (tbey just learned recently) has inspired me to exercise and get outside more!

  26. Love, love, love Linda & Harriett! Lately i’ve been inspired by Fall… I just want to post pretty fall photos while cosied up in a warm blanket drinking apple cider… sunny fall days make me so happy!

  27. Today, I was inspired by my mom. At the age of 54, she continues to grow wiser, more beautiful, and more loving everyday. I am so lucky to have her.

  28. Goodness, do I ever heart Linda & Harriett’s wares! I feel inspired on a daily basis by all the amazing, talented and resourceful entrepreneurs I work with.

  29. A few weeks ago my home and many others in the surrounding area were threatened by the Station Fire, North of LA. As I watched the flames dance through the forest, ever closer to me, I was awed by their power and beauty. The experience has made me remember to value our precarious balance with nature and to remember the raw strength that it provides.

  30. Lately I’ve been more and more inspired by the intricacies of type and how the letter forms come together. Not even so much what the letter is, but how the shape is formed. Linda and Harriet seem to have an appreciation for letterforms as well and these cards are lovely!

  31. vintage cheese boxes, which you can find on Ebay. they are cute and often have fun logos and graphics. you can do a lot with them (in addition to being inspired) – they made great pencil or notecard holders, you can plant climbing vines in them, they can be nailed sideways to a wall as little shadowbox shelves. and they are so affordable, you can buy a lot and play around, which also inspires your creativity!

  32. I’ve been most recently inspired by vintage signage in Chicago and my trips to antique stores in the St. Louis area! Good stuff.

  33. I’m inspired by two ladies in Weiser, Idaho and one in Vancouver, BC who went to bat for four lovely dogs slated to be euthanized at a Weiser animal shelter on August 21st.
    Lisa and Anita, volunteers with the Canadian rescue group Dogwood Rescue, could only arrange transportation for the dogs to go to a new city ten days after their scheduled execution date. They asked the major of Weiser if he could save the dogs and extend their stay by ten days. He agreed, but only if taxpayers were not on the hook for the extra care required in keeping these dogs alive for another ten days. The women provided a 40 lb bag of food to nourish the unwanted pooches.
    On September 1st, Anita got in her car and drove the 7 hours from Weiser, Idaho to near Bellingham, Washington where she met Lichen, the lady who heads up the Canadian non-profit rescue group in Vancouver, BC. Lichen then brought the dogs across the border and got them into a vet clinic the next day where they were all spayed and neutered.
    The day after that, I got a call from Lichen asking if I would mind fostering one of the dogs. I agreed. And that’s how I came to meet the lovely Iris who I am hoping to formally adopt in the next couple of weeks after we’ve lived together a while. Hopefully she’ll think I’m the right human for her.
    It’s because of the generosity and compassion of people like Anita, Lisa and Lichen who make up, a least a little bit, for the people who abandon animals in the first place.
    Isn’t she a stunner?
    That’s what’s inspiring me right now.

  34. I’ve been inspired by watching my daughter interact with her new horse. To see her teach, train and care for this beautiful, big animal is amazing!

  35. Just today, I stumbled upon the work of Stephanie Dotson, and it was just what I needed! I’m super stoked to go buy a bunch of mylars for printing so I can try out layers like that.
    Check it out –
    Thanks for all the lovely giveaways and happy anniversary!

  36. Lately I’ve been inspired by the string of paper lanterns hanging over my patio. I love their glow and the way they blow in the breeze. It’s made me start thinking about possibilities for mobiles or other hanging decorations inside my home – the ceiling is definitely neglected compared to other surfaces!

  37. The incredible amount of artwork and creativity that is floating online as we speak inspires me! Whenever I feel bored or sad, I simply look through Flickr or Etsy and feel better!

  38. Lovely. I’ve admired Linda & Harriet from afar for a while. Lately I’ve been inspired by my geriatric patients. Is it wrong to want their outfits?

  39. I have been inspired by my mother in the recent weeks. Looking back to my childhood and all that she did, and continues to do, for her 4 children makes me realize how dedicated she was to being a mother and her love for each of us. With a father who worked tremendous hours to provide for us, she was often left to take care of us by herself and she is the true definition of a Home Maker (and I say that in the highest regard). Never doing anything halfheartedly, full of love and always with a sense of poise – she is a true inspiration for me and how I want to live my life.

  40. For many years I have been collecting buttons- mainly the ones that come sewn onto new clothing. As much as I think this is a great gesture by designers, I rarely ever use them. Just recently however, I have come up with a great idea to incorporate them into my wedding invitations.

  41. I’ve been insipred by fall starting to show itself! I always feel the most motivated and creatively inspired when the leaves start changing and the days get cooler!

  42. I was driving home this morning from an appointment and smiled when I saw a small patch of black eyed Susans growing smack in the middle of a construction site. I loved that they were undisturbed, and wondered if they made the workers as happy as I did.

  43. These are lovely! I find myself being inspired a lot lately: through the blogs I read, the encouragement of friends, browsing Etsy, the changing seasons… There is so much inspiration waiting us if we just open our eyes to it!

  44. I was able to listen to the artist Carleton Christy on Thursday. He has some fantastic graphite drawings, illustrating the movement of Gettysburg and other monumental Civil War battles. While his drawings are not of the actual battle, they illustrate the technical movements in aerial view, creating a wonderfully abstract drawing. I was definitely inspired.

  45. Gorgeous Thank You note cards! I’m currently planning a wedding – my background and culture has played a key part in it and it has been a leading inspiration in the planning lately.

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