2010 Calendar Round-Up, Part I

Okay folks, it's that time of year again — calendar round-ups!  There are tons of great calendars for 2010 and I have no idea how I'm going to choose my own calendars this year, but I've tried to pull together a few of the best calendars from my favorite designers, as well as a couple of new additions for 2010.  Just as a warning, this is a pretty long post, so go ahead and get yourself nice and comfy and ready for some calendar goodness!

Starting things off, Sycamore Street Press released an absolutely gorgeous poster-style letterpress calendar this year:




{Sycamore Street Press calendar available for purchase right here}

On the opposite end of the size spectrum are these pocket calendars from Sandra Juto — available as a set of 8 or individually:


{available for purchase right here}

And as always, Linda + Harriett has produced a lovely letterpress calendar with designs that reflect the feeling of changing seasons from month to month:





{Linda + Harriett calendar available or purchase right here}

For those of you who prefer a more modern look, the SeeSaw Designs 2010 calendar comes letterpress printed in four quarterly seasonal panels:




{SeeSaw letterpress calendar available for purchase right here}

The Ink + Wit 2010 calendar is a super limited edition (only 125!) and will be ready to ship out on October 13.  You can e-mail Tara to pre-order your copy:



{available for pre-order by e-mailing Ink + Wit here}

This is the first year that Suann from simplesong has created a calendar — and I can just about guarantee that her softly beautiful calendars will fly off the shelves:



{2010 simplesong calendars available right here}

Maggie from Campbell Raw Press has created yet another 2010 gorgeous calendar – this time in a hanging, handbound, accordion-fold book with letterpress interior and different cover options:





{the calendars will be available in the Campbell Raw Press shop later in October, but you can pre-order your copy by emailing Maggie here}

Dutch Door Press again went with a poster-size letterpress calendar for 2010, complete with an amazingly bold orange and purple color palette:


{dutch door calendar available right here}

Satsuma Press created one of my favorite letterpress calendars in 2009, and the 2010 version looks as though it's going to be just as beautiful — I just can't get enough of Lynn's feather motif:




{Satsuma Press 2010 letterpress calendar available for pre-order here and here}

The letterpress and screen printed calendars from Ilee are another perennial favorite — I'm really liking the folk art details in several months from the 2010 edition:



{Ilee 2010 calendar available for purchase here}

A new favorite for 2010 is this limited edition letterpress calendar from Missing Q Press:




{Missing Q Press calendar available for purchase right here}

For something a bit more on the whimsical side, try one of these two calendars from Lisa Rupp — each design, "garden" and "circus train," is created by digitally coloring an original illustration and then printing onto upholstery-weight cotton fabric:



{you can find both calendars in Lisa's shop right here}

The Linea Carta 2010 calendars are screen printed onto a natural linen panel, with one featuring a nautical theme and the other with a "love is in the air" seasonal theme:



{available right here}

YeeHaw has really outdone themselves this year — with at least a dozen different mini-calendar designs (I've included only a couple below – check out the rest here) and a larger poster-style calendar:



{YeeHaw calendars available right here}

The Delphine 2010 letterpress calendars come in a couple of options — on an easel or hanging from a ribbon:



{Delphine 2010 letterpress calendar available for purchase here}

I'm loving all the hand-illustrated details in the 2010 calendar, screen printed onto white canvas, from Two Brunettes:


{the calendar will be available for purchase in a couple of weeks right here}

I also love the bright colors and patterns in the Egg Press 2010 offset printed calendar:



{you can find your Egg Press calendar right here}

This color palette calendar from Melissa Design definitely appeals to the design geek in me — and would be so pretty to look at every day!


{available for purchase here}

And of course, I can't forget the a.m.a.z.i.n.g. wood veneer calendars from Night Owl Paper Goods:



{choose your favorite — critters or pattern — right here}

Believe it or not, but there are still a few calendars that aren't quite yet available (and I'm sure I've even missed a few myself), so I'll be doing another calendar round-up a bit later next month.  If you're a designer and would like to submit your calendar for the next round-up installment, please just shoot me an e-mail right here.

{images from their respective sources}

  1. I got my 2010 calendar from Missing Q Press and I LOVE IT! I can’t wait for January 1st to come. Its so hard to choose when there are so many talented stationers in the world.

  2. Love it! Love it! Love it! I adore your round-ups like this… every fall means calendar and holiday cards galore!
    I spotlighted my favorite three calendars of the year already (http://www.freckledcitizen.com/2009/09/next-year-in-letterpress.html), but must comment on the Night Owl wooden calendar, because I gave my mom one last year and she talks about it all the time! Needless to say, she’ll be getting the 2010 version this year.
    Thanks as always for such lovely paper eye candy.

  3. Oh, I LOVE that circus train calendar for my 6 year old, who is obsessed with knowing the date! I’m also a big fan of Night Owl Paper Goods and Egg Press. You didn’t include Snow & Graham – another perennial favorite of mine.

  4. So far, I am loving eggpress all the way. I can’t wait to see more. Getting a new calendar is always so fun!

  5. Loving this round up! Is it possible to have 10 calendars in my office next year? Feel lucky that I already own a few of these since they will be flying off the shelves, I’m sure!

  6. Oh wow! What a lovely post filled with even lovelier calendars. Yeah, its gonna be hard to choose just one this year! Hmm, maybe a calendar in each room? Haha!
    Right now I’m leaning towards the Delphine hanging version, the Satsuma Press and the SeeSaw letterpress calanders. But there really are so many wonderful options to choose from. I’m also a fan of Lisa Rupps’ garden calander. I just love that’s its been printed on fabric – so lovely.
    Great post!

  7. Kate and Maria – you can always have multiple calendars! I usually end up
    with at least five myself – one for each room at the house – and then give
    the rest away as gifts to friends and family.
    Molly – thanks for the reminder on Snow + Graham. I’m saving a few for Part
    2 of my calendar round-up while I wait for a few others to become available.
    On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 1:02 PM, wrote:

  8. So many beautiful selections. It’s so hard to choose just one. I love to buy calendars and then frame the images later- it’s like getting 12 gorgeous prints! Such a treat.

  9. thank you Nole!!!!!! I feel so lucky to be part of your round up especially with so many gorgeous calendars! I have a feeling im going to end up with at least 10 myself.

  10. WOW Nole! Job well done, I am so impressed with all of your finds. Thanks to your post, it looks like 2010 is going to be a very exciting year for everyone!!!

  11. AWESOME post! Thanks for all of the pictures and options. I have added several new shops to my etsy bookmarks.
    I do have to say, though, that Linda and Harriett is my favorite! I ordered that one a few weeks ago as a gift, and I’ve almost convinced myself to keep it. The bottoms detach to be used as postcards! It’s insanely good.

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