{rubber stamp business cards}

I'm just about in awe of these business cards made using rubber stamps:

I love everything about this business card design – the bold font, slightly angled text, and particularly the definite handmade vibe that comes from using a wood handle rubber stamp.  I have no idea how the designer got all of these to line up so perfectly (other than lots and lots of practice), but I'm definitely inspired to give this idea a try myself in a future project.  
Learn more about the printing process over at FPO right here.
{images by sassen design via FPO}
  1. i use a rubber stamp for my b-cards too! 🙂 so easy. I use all the scraps of paper from the “oops” pile or cut trimmings. it is a great way to utilize all the paper around you and you NEVER run out of cards. Perfect! I love the wood block look of this one.

  2. i love the rubber stamp idea! so cost effective too. i wonder too how hard it was to align it so perfectly! nice find

  3. I agree with Courtney, it’s such a great way to use scraps or card and paper by using a stamp. And you are always sure to have them on stock.
    I’ve just started getting into using stamps and loving it so much I’m going to order so custom made ones soon!

  4. Wow, those are great. I think that it would be a great idea for someone just starting out in the design business world too, since they’re bold and have a handmade feel, but are a lot more cost effective than letterpress cards (as awesome as letterpress is).

  5. I’ve tried using a rubber stamp for business cards, but with a more standard small font and they always end up looking cheap and chintzy and, well, the “wrong kind” of handmade. If you know what I mean.
    I think part of the genius of this design is that it’s big and bold and designed both to be at an angle and to run off the edges, so perfect alignment isn’t an issue. Brilliant.

  6. these are fantastic! I think a lot of the wow factor comes from the rubber stamp being created to give the logo an exaggerated stamped or distressed imprint.

  7. These are beautiful! I am designing a stamp for my cards as well, and going to print them on used cardboard like cereal boxes, etc.
    I will post them to my blog as soon as they’re done, I’d love some feedback 🙂

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