Non-traditional Wedding Invitations

I love, love, love this wedding invitation featured today over at iDIY.  This invitation doesn’t have any fancy graphics, just a simple layout that uses typography and newspaper-esque graphics to tell an incredibly sweet story:

non-traditional wedding invitation
{the full nontraditional wedding invitation}

non-traditional wedding invitation rsvp
{its accompanying rsvp card}

This invitation suite is a fabulous source of design inspiration for any couple trying to tell a bit of a story with their wedding invitations.  The suite was designed by the groom, Matt Dorfman, and you can find the full invitation suite right here.  Love it!

{images from Matt Dorfman, via iDIY + Maquette}

  1. This is such a clever invite…and their story is so cute too. Props to them for toughing it out!

  2. um, coolest invite ever! loves it! and hooray for long distance love finding it’s way back together! there should seriously be a club for those of us that have been through it!

  3. oh my, LOVE this. what a creative invitation and I feel like I know them even though I don’t. Love the idea of focusing on the couple’s story rather than imagery, etc. We were long distance (for not as long!) and I can totally relate to the craziness of that.

  4. oh my. i have the hugest smile on my face. thank you for posting! what a sweet and UNIQUE idea.

  5. So unique and fun – loved reading every moment of their story…
    Wish I was getting one of these in the mail

  6. this is freaking awesome. i want some. first a ring. then an invite like this. too bad matts taken 🙂

  7. wow. i feel silly admitting this, but this invite actually made me cry (in a good way). their love story reminds me of my own long distance relationship and happily married ending. beyond clever… it’s absolutly wonderful.

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