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It seems like summer is always moving season here in DC.  Whether it's recently-graduated college students moving out and on to new jobs and new cities, Capitol Hill staffers moving into or out of the city, or diplomats moving overseas for new assignments or back to DC after a few years' absence, there's always a moving truck making its way up or down our narrow residential streets.  So, in the spirit of moving season, I was absolutely thrilled to find these lovely moving announcement cards from duet letterpress:


Duet letterpress will take a photo of your new house and turn it into a custom drawing, which will then be included with your custom announcements:



Such a wonderful idea!  And believe it or not, these custom letterpress announcements won't break the bank – just check out the duet letterpress etsy shop for more info.

{images via duet letterpress}

  1. I will have to remember customized moving cards when I next change address. Instead of just the sad, plain ones from the post office. Thanks so much for bringing these to my attention!

  2. I love these! My bf and I bought a house late last year and I never sent out announcements – what a shame! In my own defense though, we threw a great surprise party for my mom soon after moving and had her tricked into thinking it was our housewarming, so my lack of new address communication worked out in the end!

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