New Giveaway! Smock Paper

The only thing better than ending the week with a stationery giveaway is starting the week with a giveaway!  This week's giveaway is sponsored by one of my favorite letterpress studios, Smock Paper.  In addition to a fabulous line of eco-friendly letterpress wedding invitations, Smock Paper has a wonderful line of social stationery, which is the focus of this week's giveaway:

Veranda suite

Pavillion suite

Okay, so here are the rules:  Head on over to the Smock Paper website and browse through the social collection.  The contest includes the boxed sets of note cards, thank you cards, and fill-in party invitations.  Pick out your favorite design (just one design please, not one from each category), then pop back on over here and leave a
comment with telling us which one you picked.  The winner will win three boxed sets of their choice!

You'll have until midnight (EST) on Thursday, April 16th to enter the giveaway, and I'll announce the winner here on Friday.  Bonne chance!

{images via Smock Paper – thanks Cyd!}

  1. I love the paxi (“hi there”) design. Perfect for sending a special note just to say hi! And even better that they are eco-friendly!

  2. Maybe it’s the old French student in me, but I love the “etienne” design with the “merci beaucoup!” So chic!

  3. I’m so pleased that letterpress is seeing as resurgence. There’s nothing like the tactile quality of a letterpress-printed piece, not to mention the appreciation of the hand-work that created the design. It’s difficult to choose a favorite among the many beautiful Smock designs, but I do love Willow. Thanks, Smock, for the giveaway.

  4. I love the beatrix design for the thank you cards… that yellow pop of color is wonderful!

  5. the “april” invites are my favorite – and perfect for the housewarming party i’m about to have!
    PS: love the new header!

  6. I love the Liony petite party invites – so special! They’d be great for a party or dinner or drinks invite. Cute as a button!

  7. I love the design in the derby notes. I’m loving all things letterpress, especially the eco-friendly!

  8. The liony has a character all of its own – my favorite is the liony petite fold card.

  9. Tough decision, but I think my favorite (outside of the children-themed lions, who are adorable, but I have no excuse for ;-)…) is the Beatrix Thank You. The combination of modern design and bright color is fantastic.

  10. I love the “derby” note cards. The design is fun, but still classic. I love the colorway too!

  11. Oh, it’s a toss up between April and Etienne! I think I’ll have to go with April…they remind me of The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.
    …It’s supposed to rain today…perhaps I’ll rent it…

  12. I like the Ellie Fold Over note card. Also, I like the way that the envelopes are embossed with the name of the company. Well done.

  13. I absolutely love “privet”! How exciting it would be to open up the mailbox and receive a thank you card that looked like that! Stunning! (I also drooled when I saw the bamboo wrapping paper! Such a great idea and so pretty!)

  14. Delft is adorable. I can see myself using those cards for so many different occasions. Absolutely beautiful colors too! I hadn’t seen their new designs, thanks for pointing me their way!

  15. Winning this would make me very, very happy! I’ve been admiring Smock cards for some time. Absolutely love the “POPPY” thank you cards.
    Thank you!

  16. This is a really hard choice. I really love “bloom” I think. They are all amazing! Smock is right in my hometown :o).

  17. Love them all, but I think the Poppy suite is so modern and lovely. The colors are wonderful! If chosen, I plan to use these thank you notes in particular to solve world hunger, bring together disparate factions such as cats and dogs, and truly, finally finish my wedding thank you’s.

  18. I love the Poppy thank you cards! My fiance’s last name is Poppy, so these would be perfect to use after our wedding – so subtle and chic!

  19. I like the simplicity and color combination of the APRIL note card the best. Not to mention it is very fitting to the weather we’ve been having in New England this April.

  20. SO HARD to pick a favorite…but I think my favorite was Delft. What an awesome giveaway!

  21. The “Delft” design is truly fabulous! The vibrant colors and motif are so versatile that it can be used for any occasion. Delft really showcases the beauty of traditional letterpress with the modern and complex solid & void of the blooms…and on sustainable paper?? What more could you ask for?! Oh I know, getting a chance to feel this wonderful design myself! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. I’m about to graduate from college, and would love to tell some of my professors how grateful I am for them and what they do using the “Poppy” thank you notes.

  23. my favorite is the bloom folded card. elegant and great color combo! was very lovely to see their whole collection!

  24. that was really hard – partly because I’m so indecisive but mainly because they’re all so beautiful – in the end I decided my favourite were the Derby notecards. I would love to use these to write to people. I think I’d have to buy a nice new fountain pen if I won! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I am loving the Hampton thank you cards – “Thank You (kindly)” is the perfect sentiment to match a wholly charming design.

  26. Their stationary is dreamy! The “Delft” fold card is beautiful because I adore the soft, creamy blue with spicy pops of red. I would use these as notes to family and friends during special occasions or just because :).

  27. my favorite are the “Bloom” social note. Simple enough for any occasion, but i would use them mostly to keep in contact with my best friend! ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. they do such beautiful work. i think the giraffe design is super cute and quirky.

  29. Had to scroll through several times to pick. All are so lovely, but my favorite are the “nouveau” thank you cards.

  30. How can you go wrong with the Scroll style Happy Birthday card? What a classy way to wish someone a happy birthday. The paper looks so rich – who wouldn’t feel special receiving one of these cards?

  31. My favorite is the Butterfly petite social note! They are gorgeous, I would love to write notes to my loved ones on them!

  32. My favorite has to be the Butterfly blank fold note cards. They match their blue to the orange in a couple of them to really nice effect (delft and horsey) but this one just has the right balance of strong orange for the space. And the motif in silhouette on the bottom is just a classy touch.

  33. The bloom note cards are simple and beautiful!!!
    Love all of them though. Would be super cute to sell in my store.
    Thanks for the post!

  34. love the “april” notes. the umbrella illustrations are adorable, and appropriate given the rainstorms we seem to be having lately in the south.

  35. i absolutely adore the April note cards! Very appropriate to the weather in my area! lovely blog!

  36. They are all beautiful; I think my favorite is Poppy. I would love to be able to send someone one of these!

  37. I was torn between ‘blossom’ and the umbrellas in the note section until I saw ‘giraffe’ petite social notes! Those will be perfect to send sweet notes to my young nephews in Canada.

  38. So difficult to choose! I think my favorite would have to be the “Happy Happy Birthday to You” card…

  39. I love that you are located in Syracuse (SU alum here) and that you print on sustainable bamboo paperโ€”very important to me and so many others! I think my fave designs would have to be BLOOM and DELFT but all your work is lovely. Thank you!

  40. I just discovered your website and love love love it!!! The Happy Birthday (#C404T) from Smock is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the other stuff on your blog

  41. Oh I also loveee the Derby print. The vibrant colors and intricate detail really complement each other extremely well. Those bold lines and thick trim at the bottom help balance the card design by adding that extra touch of simplicity. Overall, eye catching and just the right amount of pizazzzz.

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