Cleaning Product by its Cover?

Okay, so we all know that every once and a while we buy a book based on its cover (I’m totally raising my hand here), but what about cleaning products?  These home care supplies from JR Watkins are totally charming me with their vintage-inspired packaging:

Well, at least they’re also eco-friendly…

Photo Credits: JR Watkins

  1. We just got some JR Watkins lotion in our bathroom at work! Definitely an upgrade from the economy sized Vaseline lotion we had in there before. I love the packaging.

  2. My grandparents use Watkins Vanil Extract. I have loved the extract labels for years. I never knew they made other things. Awesome.

  3. My boyfriend bought the hand soap from Target because of its lovely packaging. I used it couple times, and I really like its lemon scent. He went back to Target to get a new one but it seems they don’t carry any products from JR Watkins. Anyone knows where I can find one? I am in Los Angeles, by the way 🙂

  4. funny you posted about this – awhile back my mom was over helping us get ready for a party… she reached for our dish soap, and it was JR Watkins. she asked if i had bought the soap for the cute label… guilty as charged =)

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