Our Polaroid Wedding Guestbook

I realized I’d never really shared photos of our polaroid wedding guestbook – so today I’m correcting that oversight!

We set up our guest book with a stack of polaroid film and two cameras near the front lawn, where our ceremony took place.  The sign in the bottom photo provided brief instructions to our guests, including a note letting them know they could use the fabric backdrop that we’d hung up nearby or find a pretty spot anywhere around the grounds.

We used a lilac + lavender letterpress coptic-stitch guest book from Brooklyn Bookbinder, and words cannot describe how much I adore our guest book.  Here are a couple of detail shots of the front cover and stitching:

After the wedding, we added all the rsvps and wedding cards that we’d received from our guests.  It now has a permanent home on my nightstand, just so I can pull it out any time I feel like it.

{top two photos by Punam Bean, bottom two photos by Brooklyn Bookbinder}

  1. Thanks for the sweet words, Nole! It’s always fun to see these books after they head out in to the world and get filled up with wonderful things – yours looks like it was just the right fit! Congrats again! 😉

  2. I am wanting to do a polaroid guest book as well . . . how did you attach the photos to the book? and how did you make sure people didnt write where the picture was supposed to go?? Thanks for the help. The book is super cute!

  3. We used a mounting tape that comes out of a click-wheel dispenser in little square tabs – we purchased it from Paper Source but I’m sure you could find something similar at any office supply or craft store. We opted not to go with photo corners since we thought it might be too cumbersome for our guests, but in the end I think either would have been fine.
    We just left everything out and let our guests decide where to write and mount the photos. That resulted in a few empty spaces in the book, but since we only had 50 guests it wasn’t a problem.
    I hope that helps!

  4. Mmmm… now I see what you were talking about. I didn’t quite see before. We’ve been playing around with the polaroid idea, and I think this is a really simple way to do it.
    And I love that you keep it on your nightstand too.

  5. Just curious, what size book did you get? I was checking out brooklynbookbinder on etsy and notice a lot of really large sizes mixed in with 5×7. 5×7 seems a little small though…

  6. Hi Elizabeth! I don’t remember the exact measurements, but it was definitely bigger than 5×7 – maybe 8 x 11 or so. I’d go with one of her larger formats if you’re considering one for your guestbook.

  7. What a fantastic way to pull together so many of your wedding memories. We currently have a box of wedding cards sitting next to our guest book and looking at your book inspires me to create some lasting collection of wedding day memories.

  8. this is the silliest request. I am trying to do one of these for a friend getting married this weekend. I want to make a sign instructing guests what to do- but have no idea what to write. would you be willing to share what you wrote??

  9. Hi Katelyn!
    Sure – our wording was pretty simple, but if it helps I’m happy to share. Here it is:
    Please leave us a note… wishes for the future, advice, or just say “hi!” Please use the Polaroid cameras and film to take a photo for the guestbook. You can use the backdrop that we’ve set up under the arbor, or find a scenic spot anywhere around the grounds. Please feel free to take an extra for yourselves!

  10. Huzzah! I love love LOVE this! brooklynbookbinder EVEN has an album in our wedding colour: marigold! Nole I’m totally stealing your idea for our upcoming Cabo wedding!

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