Love this…

…gorgeous and unbelievably romantic Valentine's Day screenprint from Rob Ryan:

{click to enlarge and read}

When I see you from across a crowded room my heart skips a beat when I
get nearer to the place where I think you might be my heart starts to
thump – will you be there? Will you be there? Will you be there? And
then as if by a miracle, the clouds part and the sun pours out from
behind a curtain of grey and suddenly you are there… my throat goes
dry, my legs turn to jelly and even now as I write this my hands begin
to tremble at merely the memory. I think you have a nice smile. I think
you look kind. I don't want to be alone with my thoughts. Would you?
Could you? Be my Valentine?

{from here}

  1. Really original! Who wouldn’t want to receive that Valentine? Thanks for the lovely blog, I LOVE paper!

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