More lovely calendars… Linda & Harriett

I have been patiently waiting for Linda & Harriett to release their 2009 calendar, and it's finally here!  And it's just gorgeous — the letterpress handwriting, the illustration, the blind stamping on the cover, oh la la…






{images via Linda & Harriett – calendar available for purchase here}

  1. Very nice calendar.
    What is the font in your new banner? As a Jennifer, I am particularly drawn to the f! And I love the swirl on the “er” at the end of “paper” – thanks!

  2. Hi Jennifer! The font is called “Feel Script” and is available from Veer ( It’s actually the same font as my previous banner, but I used some of the alternative letters available in the glyphs section of the blog for both the “f” and all the swirls. It’s a beautiful font, and very popular right now for weddings!

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