Honeymoon Photos – Part 2, Iquitos and the Amazon

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday — or at least a wonderful Thursday for those of you outside the United States.  Now on to Part 2 of our Peruvian adventure!


After transiting back through Lima, we hopped on a flight to the jungle town of Iquitos – the largest town in the Peruvian rainforest and considered to be the largest city in the world that can only be accessed by boat or plane:

We only stayed one night before moving on to our intended designation – the Explorama Lodge further down the Amazon River, where we spent the next three days:

{flying sardines! these guys flip themselves dramatically into the air if they sense movement – and this guy flipped himself right into our little boat. we threw him back in, of course.}

{Charlie the Capybara, who squeals when you pet him!}

{these guys make the most ridiculous noises! see them in action here}




I think the monkeys were our favorite part — there was a whole troupe of them! 

Up next… Cuzco and the Sacred Valley!

  1. Cool post. I love the beautiful parrot pictures. Iquitos is a great idea, makes me want to travel south instead of northeast for a honeymoon. Thanks again for the beautiful insider photos. :]

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