Mike + Emma’s Quirky Portrait Wedding Invitations

My friends Mike and Emma of Michael Fusco Design recently decided to go ahead and make things legal after six years. The wedding took place at Emma’s parents house in New York City. For their wedding stationery, Mike and Emma asked a friend to paint a portrait for the main invitation, and then hand-typed each individual invitation for their small ceremony. The result is a perfect example of a non-traditional wedding invitation – and I love how the entire package is a complete reflection of Mike and Emma’s personalities:

Each invitation contained this hand-type excerpt from Jane Austen’s Emma, which a friend read during the ceremony.  The place cards were also hand-typed and stamped.

They also created an announcement for those who they were unable to invite, and included a copy of the portrait from the invitation.

Congratulations Mike & Emma!

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{images via Michael Fusco Design}

  1. These are the best invitations I have seen. Do you have any advice for those who are inspired by your design and would like to do something similar? Design tips, other tips, anything??? I want to do basically the same thing. I would substitute a cartoon of my fiance and I that my aunt drew in lieu of your lovely drawing, but I love everything else that you’ve done.

  2. Will you please let me know the type of paper that was used to print these invitations on? Thanks!

  3. How did you get the aged look on the edges of the paper? Each piece looks different so if looks as though it was treated after the fact.

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