Brooklyn Bride Holiday Card Swap!

And speaking of holiday cards… Vané from Brooklyn Bride is once again hosting her annual holiday card swap!  I had a ton of fun participating in this swap last year and can't wait to start swapping again next month!  Here are the directions:

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a6a604c0970b 500wi Brooklyn Bride Holiday Card Swap!
Happy swapping!

{graphics by Courtney Jenzen}

Custom Holiday Card Designs

So far I've been focused on all the yummy holiday stationery collections, but I'm sure there are a bunch of you planning to order custom cards this season.  I've got a fun giveaway coming up on that a bit later today, but in the meantime I thought I'd gather a quick round-up of a few lovely custom holiday cards!

First up, these incredibly detailed die cut letterpress cards printed by Studio on Fire for Eight Hour Day.  I love the typography details and the way the trees can be punched out of the main card to create a desktop Christmas tree:

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a6a4118b970b 500wi Custom Holiday Card Designs{studio on fire}

On the more traditional side, Moontree Letterpress printed these holiday invitations with a beautiful poinsettia illustration by calligrapher Jennifer Nicholson:

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a6a411bf970b 500wi Custom Holiday Card Designs{moontree letterpress}

Of course, if you're looking to include a family photo with your holiday cards, these cards from Wiley Valentine printed on cotton paper maintain a beautiful balance between the photo and holiday design details:  

6a00e554ee8a228833012875a6961c970c 500wi Custom Holiday Card Designs{wiley valentine}

And finally, these custom holiday cards by Smock show how a single-color letterpress holiday card can be both simple and beautiful:

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a6a411de970b 500wi Custom Holiday Card Designs{smock}

Do you have a tradition of custom holiday cards in your family?  Are any of you planning to create your own holiday cards this season?

{images from their respective sources}

{happy weekend!}

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you have a lovely weekend – filled with hot chocolate and peppermint bark if you're somewhere cold, and if you're somewhere warm, well, I'm just jealous.  I'll be back here on Monday with a new giveaway that I am SO excited to announce!  But in the meantime…

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…here are a few links for you to enjoy:

That's it for me this week – happy Friday the 13th and I'll see you back here on Monday!

{gorgeous polaroid collage by Juan Felipe Rubio via coco+kelley

Lovely Labels

I thought I'd take a quick break from holiday stationery to focus on these super-cute envelope labels and gift tags from Olive Manna, found via papernstitch:

6a00e554ee8a228833012875972018970c 500wi Lovely Labels
6a00e554ee8a2288330120a69554c9970b 500wi Lovely Labels
6a00e554ee8a2288330120a69554f6970b 500wi Lovely Labels
6a00e554ee8a2288330120a6955511970b 500wi Lovely Labels
6a00e554ee8a2288330120a6955538970b 500wi Lovely Labels
6a00e554ee8a2288330120a6955573970b 500wi Lovely Labels
6a00e554ee8a2288330120a6955c04970b 500wi Lovely Labels 
Aren't they cute?  And totally appropriate for any occasion, from birthdays to, well, holidays.  Check out the Olive Manna shops here and here, or via papernstitch.

{image credits: olive manna}

Liberty Print Bridal Shower Invitations

Kelly from Yes, Please sent over these super-sweet bridal shower invitations that she created for a dear friend who is getting married in January and moving off to England.  Inspired in part by her friend's new adopted home-to-be, Kelly went with a fantastic Alice in Wonderland inspired tea party theme with floral design elements:

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a692d91d970b 500wi Liberty Print Bridal Shower Invitations

From Kelly: With a modern and whimsical approach to the theme, we chose this fabulous reproduction floral print fabric from the 1930/40s as the basis for the design.  I scanned in the fabric to create a printable pattern for the invite, and then backed each invite with the actual fabric for a nice textural effect.  The shower itself will be full of surprising details and that special wonderland brand of whimsy.

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a692d938970b 500wi Liberty Print Bridal Shower Invitations
6a00e554ee8a2288330120a692d94b970b 500wi Liberty Print Bridal Shower Invitations

So cute!  Thanks so much Kelly!

{image credits: yes please design}