Raffa’s Hand Lettered Birthday Party Invitations

Designer Chloe Marty created the most adorable hand lettered black and white invitations for her son’s first birthday party – and I’m thrilled that she’s sharing the invitations for his 2nd birthday here today! This year’s invitations paired playful hand lettering with illustrations of some of Raffa’s favorite things and a royal blue, pool, and chartreuse color palette!

Raffa's Hand Lettered Birthday Party Invitations with Illustrations of Favorite Things by Shannon Snow and Chloe Marty / Oh So Beautiful Paper

From ChloeFor my son Raffa’s 2nd birthday party invitations, I knew that I wanted to do hand lettered invitations. After sketching and doodling some lettering, the idea suddenly evolved and I decided I wanted to add some illustrations as well. I also decided that I didn’t want to do the lettering and illustration myself; I specifically wanted some one else to bring my ideas to life. So, to accomplish the lettering and illustration, I turned to Shannon Snow. I have worked with Shannon several times and I was confident that she could bring my creative vision to life.

Raffa's Hand Lettered Birthday Party Invitations with Illustrations of Favorite Things by Shannon Snow and Chloe Marty / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Under my creative direction, Shannon created an invitation with lettering on the front and illustrations on the back. The party itself was a park and donut theme, which covered two of Raffa’s favorites. The illustration on the back also included: Raffa’s dump truck, his checkered Vans, his crayons, pancakes + syrup, Asher, Starbucks iced green tea, his Finkelstein kitty, donuts, “coffee” (hot chocolate) from Huckleberry Roasters, his bunny, the park, his red trike, and reading books.

Raffa's Hand Lettered Birthday Party Invitations with Illustrations of Favorite Things by Shannon Snow and Chloe Marty / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Once Shannon sent me the black and white vector lettering and illustrations, I set to work adding a bright color palette to it all. I paired the digitally printed white and royal blue invitation with a small chartreuse business card-sized enclosure with a photo of Raffa and an explanation that the invitation contained his favorite things. The Paper Souce Lake colored envelopes were sealed with a custom return address sticker and some “donut sprinkle” washi tape. I hand addressed the envelopes and went with “From me to you” Forever stamps.

Raffa's Hand Lettered Birthday Party Invitations with Illustrations of Favorite Things by Shannon Snow and Chloe Marty / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Thanks Chloe!

Creative Direction: Chloe Marty
Illustration: Shannon Snow

Photo Credits: Chloe Marty

Hudson’s Hand Lettered Birthday Party Invitations

I love seeing all these wonderful kid birthday party invitations! These 4th birthday party invitations from Grey Snail Press feature a citrus-inspired color palette of orange, yellow, and green, whimsical hand lettering, and a whole lot of balloons!


From JI had so much fun creating these invitations! We came up with the verse “pizza, cake, bouncing & more” to give guests a taste of what to expect at the party, followed by all the important details. Everything was hand-lettered and drawn before adding watercolor accents.



The invitations were printed flat on 110# cotton Lettra paper and paired with a bright green envelope. We created a custom pattern for the envelope liners in orange and white covered in fours. RSVPs weren’t needed, but we included a phone number for which to direct any questions. We played up the balloons and printed the information on lime paper cut in the shape of a balloon and added baker’s twine to each balloon.


We hand lettered the envelopes in white ink while carrying over the balloon motif. One of my favorite parts was the round Batman stamp, perfect for a 4-year-old superhero.



Thanks J!

Grey Snail Press is a member of the Designer Rolodex – you can see more of their beautiful work right here!

Photo Credits: Grey Snail Press

Ben’s Crawfish and Cake Birthday Party Invitations

How fun are these birthday party invitations from designer Lauren Chism? Crawfish and cake? Such a great idea! And total bonus points for a party concept (and invitation!) that appeals to both kids and adults!


From LaurenBen’s mom, Mary, and I worked together last year on a crawfish boil birthday invitation for Ben’s first birthday. The party was such a hit, that she wanted to do it again for his second birthday, but with a little different twist.


She came up with a ‘Crawfish & Cake’ theme and it was a really fun challenge to create something for the same person, with the same theme, but still making it unique for this year’s party. I think I achieved that with the long, skinny format and stacked typography. They are bright and fun and just make you want to be outside celebrating!


From the invitation design, I created coordinating stationery and a logo of sorts, which Mary used on cups and napkins. I love how everything turned out – they are playful for the kids but it’s still a party that adults want to attend. I know I wanted to!


Thanks Lauren!

Lauren Chism Fine Papers is a member of the Designer Rolodex – you can check out more of Lauren’s work right here!

Photo Credits: Lauren Chism Fine Papers

Watercolor Popsicle Birthday Party Invitations

Aaaah! How cute are these calligraphy and watercolor popsicle birthday party invitations?? Created by calligrapher Holly Everett of Maison Everett in collaboration with her client, each invitation is watercolored by hand – so each one is totally unique! Plus the bright color palette and popsicle motif is totally perfect for a first birthday in the middle of summer. Love!


From HollyI wanted to share a recent birthday invitation I created alongside my client, Britney Smith, for her daughter’s first birthday. She wanted something colorful and fun for an outdoor summer party. After sketching out a few ideas, we decided on a popsicle template with a white background. I did the custom calligraphy and lettering on both sides, and she then printed and watercolored them by hand to make each one a little different for each of their guests. She carried the colors from the invitation into the party decor making for a bright, joyful summer celebration!





Thanks Holly!

Calligraphy and Hand Lettering: Maison Everett 

Watercolor: Brittany Smith

Photo Credits: Maison Everett

Zoë’s Hand Lettered First Birthday Party Invitations

Happy Monday everyone! I couldn’t resist starting the week with these bright and happy first birthday party invitations from Viv Jordan of The Eclectic Press. Viv knew she wanted something on the non-traditional side, incorporating her own hand lettering throughout the invitation along with illustrations of birthday candles and doughnuts. So fun!


From Viv: I wasn’t able to create an announcement for my sweet daughter’s birth last year, so I wanted to pour my energy and creativity into making something fun and unique for her first birthday. While drawing out some sketches, I knew I wanted to create something a little less conventional, so I decided to hand letter and illustrate the design for Zoë’s first birthday invitation and coordinating pieces.


I incorporated birthday candles in the design and I also included doughnuts because my husband and I are obsessed with doughnuts and wanted that to be our daughter’s first bite of sugar instead of a smash cake.


Other coordinating pieces included an 11×17″ welcome sign, some small place cards used for signage and food labels, three sticker designs for kiddos and parents to wear and a party favor bookmark with a much loved quote about reading.








Thanks Viv!

Photo Credits: Invitation photos by Heather Hawkins / Party Photos by Lemons and Tea Photography