Gold Quilled Wedding Anniversary Certificate

I’ve had the pleasure of featuring several of Ann Martin‘s beautiful quilled wedding keepsakes over the years – from ketubahs to framed wedding invitations. Today I have the privilege of sharing a gold and white marriage certificate that Ann created to celebrate a 15th wedding anniversary!


From AnnQuilling is the art of rolling narrow strips of paper to create a variety of shaped coils and scrolls. The technique dates back hundreds of years and has changed very little with the passage of time. For this certificate, the couple’s 15th anniversary is coming up in April. As a celebration of the occasion, I was asked to create a design based on their wedding invitation. Calligrapher Riva Brown of Living Letters Studio did the lettering. She used shimmering gold gouache for the names and also the first letter of each vow.


All of the quilling was done with gilded-edge gold and white quilling paper. The bride carried lilies in her bouquet, so she asked me to include them in the design. I used metallic gold paper to make sculptured peace lilies. The certificate is 15 x 22 inches, about half the size of the Quaker marriage certificates Riva and I often collaborate on, as they require additional space for guest signature lines. A marriage certificate can also function as an alternative guest book that can later be framed as a reminder of the day.





Thanks so much Ann!

Photo Credits: Ann Martin | All Things Paper

Quilled Floral and Calligraphy Ketubah by Ann Martin & Tara Jones

The paper filigree technique (also known as paper quilling) is intricate, delicate, and incredibly beautiful – perfect for an heirloom marriage certificate! Paper filigree artist Ann Martin collaborated with calligrapher Tara Jones on this floral-inspired ketubah for a recent wedding in Chicago. The ketubah features the wedding color palette – charcoal gray and seafoam green – with botanical quilled details alongside the couple’s initials and Tara’s calligraphy.

From AnnThis ketubah was created for a couple whose wedding took place at the Chicago Botanic Garden early in July. Calligrapher Tara Jones of Dallas, Texas had designed the couple’s letterpress wedding invitation. When the bride was looking for ideas for their ketubah, she came across my website and recognized Tara’s unique lettering style on an earlier certificate. The bride then asked if Tara and I would collaborate on their ketubah – of course we would! The 22″ x 30″ document features the bride and groom’s initials in a quilled olive leaf wreath at the top. Their wedding colors were seafoam green and charcoal.

For the area between the text and signature lines, the bride asked me to take inspiration from a botanical print of a camellia that she had printed as the postage stamp for their invitations. I quilled a stylized leafy vine and created a pearlized paper sculpture camellia.

Thanks so much Ann!

Calligraphy: Tara Jones

Quilling: Ann Martin

Photo Credits: Ann Martin

Quilled and Framed Wedding Invitation by Ann Martin

If you’re like me and absolutely love your wedding invitations, you’ll want to find a way of displaying them long after the ceremony.  A thoughtful wedding guest commissioned paper filigree (aka quilling) artist Ann Martin to create a quilled frame around the invitation as a wedding gift for the couple.  Such a fantastic idea!

Quilled and Framed Wedding Invitation by Ann Martin via Oh So Beautiful Paper (1)

From AnnA recent client commissioned a quilled and framed wedding invitation as a wedding gift for the couple.  The invitation was a square charcoal gray Vera Wang invitation – very elegant.  All of the scrollwork was done in white with a few touches of silver-edged white.

Quilled and Framed Wedding Invitation by Ann Martin via Oh So Beautiful Paper (2)

Quilled and Framed Wedding Invitation by Ann Martin via Oh So Beautiful Paper (5)

Thanks Ann!  For more beautiful quilling work by Ann, including some wonderful marriage certificates and ketubahs, check out her blog right here!

Photo Credits: Ann Martin

Quilled Ketubah by Ann Martin

Ann Martin creates the most beautiful paper filigree (aka quilling) pieces.  I’ve had the pleasure of featuring two of her gorgeous quilled marriage certificates (here and here), and today Ann is back with a quilled ketubah!  Calligrapher Tara Jones provided the hand lettering alongside Ann’s quilled design in shades of gray and pale blue.  So pretty for a December wedding!

From AnnThe couple’s wedding palette is smoke gray and pale blue, so I used two shades of gray quilling paper (1/8″ wide) – actually silver and charcoal, along with pale blue for the monogram that they had requested.  The design was my interpretation of a monogram Tara created for all of their wedding stationery.

The ketubah will be signed at the wedding and placed on display in the couple’s home to remind them daily of their vows and responsibilities to one another.  The overall size is 22″ x 30″ – perfect for displaying!

Thanks Ann!  For more beautiful quilling work by Ann, check out her blog right here!

Photo Credits: Ann Martin

Nature-Inspired Quilled Marriage Certificate

Last year, I was thrilled to feature an amazing black and white quilled wedding certificate by paper filigrée artist Ann Martin.  Today I’m thrilled to welcome Ann back with another stunning wedding certificate!  The bride and groom were married last week in the Jurassic Park section of Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.  Given the jungle-like atmosphere of the theme park, the couple asked for autumn colors, leaves, mushrooms, birds – even a few small forest animals!



Ann took on the challenge of creating a non-traditional wedding certificate design for a very unique wedding.  The couple was thrilled with the result, which includes acorns, an owl, blue jay, squirrel, and even a tiny mouse.  Riva Brown of Living Letters Studio did the lovely calligraphy in dark brown ink.


The certificate will be signed by the bride and groom, as well as the wedding guests as a sign of support for the couple in their marriage.  Wedding certificates can be a lovely alternative as a wedding guest book, and of course can be framed and displayed at home after the wedding.


A bit of background from Ann on the art of paper quilling:  Paper quilling is a rolled paper technique that originated several hundred years ago in Europe.  As a DIY aspect, I encourage brides-to-be to quill their own certificates and have posted quite a few tutorials on my blog.  Place cards and favor boxes can be beautifully accented with just a few quilled elements.



So pretty!  Ann has so much more beautiful paper quilling examples over on her blog, which you can check out right here!  Thanks Ann!

{image credits: ann martin}