Happy Weekend!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’re somewhere warmer than DC – it’s only the end of January and this is the coldest winter I’ve experienced since moving here more than 10 years ago! We’re supposed to have a couple of nice days this weekend, which I’m looking forward to enjoying before I head up to New York for NYNOW on Monday. Next week: reports from NYNOW! But in the meantime…

OSBP Alt Travel and Great Transformations Happy Weekend!

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…a few links for your weekend!

This week on Oh So Beautiful Paper:

Check back soon for this week’s cocktail! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you back here next week! xoxo

  1. I know this is only my 3rd winter living here so I don’t have that much to compare it too but boy is it cold! I just wrote a blog this morning about it. :)

    Enjoy NYNOW!

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